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JVC FULL HD 50" $508.95 Delivered Online Only @ Dick Smith


Hey guys, I been doing a lot of research and I believe OLED UHD displays are too new to be invested in. plus a majority of great content only exist in Blu-ray Disc. I doubt streaming through Netflix would also stream DTS audio through to my NAD T765.

Remember to apply for code CHEERS90 to get a further $90 off

Delivery cost is $49.95

Be nice if it was for pickup but for $500 for a branded FHD TV I think those who are looking for a new TV but want to wait till OLED UHD's drop to the 2k mark this should keep you happy for the next 2 years or more.

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  • So what is so good about this TV?

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      it's cheap

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    Digital out is handy

  • $459 for c&c , . anyone had this? i want to buy but not sure about pictures quality .

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    saw this on display, not the best. picture quality. again its 50hz and 50 inch..

    • What do you mean when you say it's 50hz, is that a bad thing?

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        The image will be less smoother when the scene is moving. 100hz would have an image that is less juttery.

        • I mainly watch free to air, will it make it better?

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    Can't find any reviews about this particular model but I've heard from a couple of mates they'd never buy JVC again after much heartache with them and their customer service. But I'm sure others might say opposite

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      JVC 10-15 years ago was respected…. now it is low/ cheap brand as quality dropped badly.

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    UHD too new to invest into so spend $500 on something that is not new instead?

  • The changhong gave a better picture IMO when I was looking at a cheap TV

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    You gotta be mindful at what they are using for outputting video. I saw at Springvale JBHifi they use component which is only 720p and not 1080p

    I ended up putting another order to pickup at Chadstone for $449

    to get a 100hz full HD TV your paying well over double the price for the same real estate.

  • Refresh Rate - 50Hz, for 50" TV is not good? I am looking for a cheap 50" TV and not too sure about the refresh rate.

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    not bad for the price

    It will go great in my bar - after a few drinks I don't think 50hz will bother me :)

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    Bring back plasma!

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    • Need to say anymore?


  • 100hz is apperently pointless. As everything is recorded at 50hz as a standard.

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    Let me put this is English terms.

    Industry standard is 50hz lets just say it's 50 frames per second

    100hz is doing 100 frames per second

    Now the movie or video content is recorded at 50hz it's the countries standard. So the only thing a 100hz TV is doing is display the same frame twice. Now is that going to improve to video content. Your a bloody monkey to still think 100hz makes a difference

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      Different tv manufacturers use different processors etc to 'guess' where the moving object/s/frames will be.
      They are not simply a copy of the previous frame. There is far more involved than that.
      I have a 200hz Bravia and was a TV salesman for 5 years when this technology was introduced.

      I understand what you're trying to say, but decent TV's with proper processors definitely make a smoother picture.

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      Well call me a monkey.

      • Pass me a banana!

    • Wrong. Read about Judder and The Soap Opera Effect.

    • Let me put this is English terms.
      100hz is doing 100 frames per second

      No, you're completely wrong. 100hz means the screen is refreshing 100 times a second. This has nothing to do with the number of frames recorded per second in the source material. The higher the refresh rate, the more faithful the representation of what's in the source material because the screen can get closer to an even multiple of the original frame rate. I think you need to read up on frame rates and refresh rates. Start here:

  • DSE Karingal VIC still has Click and Collect available on this one. If you lived in Melbourne south east you could save $50 delivery. Need a big car though (or ute) and take out the back seat.

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