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Dick Smith's 'One Day Sale' - $1 Batteries, Jeweller's Screwdrivers, Phone Cases etc


yeah I know Dick has done their so-called 'one day sales' like 9001 times, but since today will probably be their last sale, you should check it out…..

I've waited and waited for better sales, but they haven't come, so….

I'm a $1 guy, so…..
What i've purchased:
iPhone 4/4S Cover $1.12 needed a new cover
Fujitsu Alkaline Battery AAA 4pk $0.99 really cheap
Dick Smith AA Alkaline Battery 16pk $5.32very very cheap, was like $27 when i checked yesterday
DSE 6pc Jeweller's Screwdriver Set $1.14 meh
Sennheiser CX150 In-Ear Headphones $26.53 high quality earphones that are pretty cheap

If you search hard enough on the site, you should be able to find something to waste your monies on.

I know you guys are probably bored of Dick Smith already, soz no soz

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    Any specials on Size C/LR14 (1.5v) batteries?

      • Thanks lyl. I am need of 3 batteries actually so which one you recommend?
        - FUJITSU Alkaline Battery C 2 Pack x 2 = $4.20
        - Energizer MAX C Alkaline Battery 4pk = $5.69

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          Since its an online only deal, you have to pay for it online and collect at the store. (they can deliver as well, but delivery costs too much $$ that its not worth it).

          Since not all stores have them in stock, check the store stock of the 2 options. (the button is next to the 'buy now' button)

          If the Fujitsu one is in stock at your local dicksmiths, I think go with the Fujitsu one.

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    No stock though. Old trick.

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      Even worse is that you find items with stock and you add another that has stock, then suddenly thyere's no click n collect availability for any of them…delete all & go to reload the cart but no longer click n collect or they say they are but as soon as in cart they are only delivery now.

      To not be screwed on the 2 most important items (PS4 ctrl & Minecraft) I completed 1 order which suddenly didn't have/had/didn't have stock in various locations on the Gold Coast for the selected colour (tried different colours with same results).

      Wasted 30 mins on that order and over an hour trying to get 4 more items.

      It's Dirty Tricks @ Tricky Dicky yet again.

      Wish first order didn't complete so I wouldn't even be giving them the vapour from my excrement!

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        That's why I don't bother wasting time on dick anymore.

        I rather wait and buy elsewhere

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          That's what my ex-wife said..

        • @uniqualz: And on the saga goes…..
          Received a call a few hours back…..the red controller (because they were out of blue and black) was missing sooooo the only DSE shop on the Gold Coast that had both items on our order had only one and now that's not there either.
          She says (as if it's doing us a favour) "you can cancel the order if you like or if you want it you can pick up the controller at X or Y"

          Which I politely declined and asked them to do the legwork (as I'd already invested hours on this order) and make a 1 shop pick up possible even if that means we have to wait for them to get stock in. She promises to call back shortly.

          90 minutes later no call and I had to go out.
          I just arrived back to find a missed call (again using the landline number instead of my mobile as shown on the order).
          Call back the store and get some moron who repeats the conversation we had 3.5 hours ago because he's totally disregarding my attempts to set him straight. When he shuts up and listens he gets what I had arranged with the girl and proceeds to give me some attitude then hangs up.

          ARE you listening Nicholas Abboud (CEO), this is exactly why Tricky Dickie is finding it hard to make the business profitable. It costs a whole lot more to continually attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones - DSE are the living embodiment of that tenet.

          WE are over it, DSE go and fundamentally finoculate yourself.

  • Why is it going to be their last sale?

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      Making an assumption, as I doubt there will be much sales after june ends, and also it says 'last chance for tax time deals' on their website, though thats what they all say…

      • +16

        I think they are referring to the last sale for FY1415.

        It will soon by followed by a first sale on/after 01/07/2015.

    • Is it that the ACCC is going to kick their arses for misleading conduct and all round poor form???? We can but live in hope.

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    +1 for the description

  • That's over 9000!

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      yeyyy someone got it

      • +9

        We certainly understood what you were 'Saiyan' ;)

        • +7

          I think the joke is 'dragon' on a bit…

        • +5


          You guys have Ballz for coming up with such puns

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          @Neo: OP's fault: Piccolo starting point and that's what you get.

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          Lol want a tissue? OP you'd better gohan him some.

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          Aaarrrrggghhhhhhuuuurrrrggghhhhhhnnnnnaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stares intently

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      Or you can go to BIG W and get a 40 pack Chevron "Hi-Tech Alkaline" for $3.
      (It wasn't tagged on the shelf, but it should scan out at $3, original price $10)

      • +3

        The word hi-tech makes it sound better.

        • Hi-Tech sounds so 90's.

      • +1

        But then you'll get all kinds of recalls for your "Chevron" batteries.

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    Gonna go pickup some dse gift card from coles to go with this purchase.

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    What the! According to Google web cache the AA Batteries were cheaper last Thursday at $4.29.

    • oh wow, nice find, never knew dick smith's sales had variations.

      • They are the worst with price variations. They also run false Google ads, like Phillips cordless dual pack headphones for $69, you click on the link and the link brings you to Dick's site with same headphones at $99.

  • I thought it was an Eneloop for $1! :-(

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    The Juice Up 2200mAh powerbanks are only $6.64. Not a bad price.

    • +1

      though there was a recall for them at big w late last year, so I'd rather not take the risk of it screwing up my phone.

      • +1

        All the faulty ones would have been removed from circulation by now so shouldn't be an issue.

        • I still wouldn't risk it on such an unbranded power bank

        • @Fobsessive: The recalled ones look a bit different to these so i'm pretty sure any problems would have been fixed or DS wouldn't be selling them. Also, Harvey Norman are selling these for $8 but rebadged as Laser (
          & Myer sells a Juice Up powerbank model too so they're not that 'unbranded'

  • So tempted to get the Garmin Vivoactive for like $288. Ugh. But I only bought a Pebble a few months ago not that I use it much.

  • How do you get to the option for Click and Collect? It keeps pushing me through to a delivery address…

    • +1

      It seems for some reason they just disabled click & collect on a number of items right as I was ordering about half an hour ago, however luckily I already had the tabs open with the items I was browsing and was still able to complete the click & collect order despite it being disabled.

      • Thanks mate

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    Be careful if you order a large quantity of items for delivery. My recent order for about 15 items got shipped, one item at a time from various stores and dealing with the courier (Toll) who seems to not want to actually deliver parcels has proven to be so not worth the items….. Next time click & collect for me only!

    • +5

      all my orders get split up too, so when the same bloke from TOLL comes day after day he was pretty annoyed.

      he's a delivery man, he delivers parcels everyday. if it's so bad get a new job ffs

    • I had the same issue with delivery, and still currently have a stack of about ten DSE boxes from the floor to ceiling in the corner of this room…

      Most of the items were small too, in ridiculously over-sized boxes. I really don't think a tiny RCA adaptor requires a 30cm box.

      No more delivery for me either, I've only been click & collecting now. They really need to do something about this.

      • Haha! I was impressed by the $1 or so single button cell battery that came half way across the state in a box the size of a large shoe box only to not be delivered by Toll and then redelivered to the local post office after a phone call. How are they making money on this? Lucky I don't own any shares in DSE….

    • Have had same experience. Ten items shipped separately even though 7 were available from the same store when I checked click and collect options. Insane and such a waste of all sorts of resources.

  • Don't forget to buy some batteries for your car remote controls. Those batteries are on special too at about a third of their normal price.

  • Thanks, bought Type C2032 batteries for garage door remote.

  • The Oregon [email protected] weather stations are about 40% off RRP. Mixed reviews on Amazon. Anyone had any experience of them? All words of wisdom appreciated.

  • Zagg glass screen protector for Galaxy S5 ~$15. Bought 1 in an earlier sale and can confirm it's definitely a Zagg. Goes for $35 at most other places.

  • Check out the Zagg Screen protector, they are like half price for approx $18 including shipping.
    They usually cost over $40.
    I personally swear would never spend more than $12 for screen protector, but given that this is a bargain, I make exception.

    They are expensive because they offer lifetime warranty. The procedure is that you need to pay shipping of the new product, which is about $20.

    Thanks for the post op

    • +1

      Tempered glass protectors from eBay are $5-10 and are almost identical replacement to the original glass. Plastic screen protectors don't hold a candle to it.

      • These are the glass ones. The $5-10 are not worth it, its not completly flat, not smooth, and not comletely transparent, also the edge are rather unsmooth.

        Yes dont buy plastic.

        • My $6 Galaxy S3 one is completely flat, fully smooth for the few months, transparent to me and the edges are blocked by phone case's lip anyway.
          $40 for Zagg is not worth it but $12 is a bargain.

      • I paid $2 for mine months ago from ebay for s5

  • I got over 2000 gift card from coles looking to buy an iMac. But never seems to have stock. How am I going to spend that amount of money with dick?

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    Is it just me or can most items no longer be Click & Collected?

    • +2

      Nope, read my vent above.
      Seems they have flicked the big red F U switch

      • +1

        Brilliant. Not sure I'll be ordering anything anymore. I exclusively use C&C with Dick as I hear they use Toll shipping who I've found to be nothing but trouble.

        • See my latest installment above - the FU switch has gone into warp drive

  • Eneeloops people, eneelooooooooooops!

  • $1 battery…. no click and collect, online only….. $8 delivery… Hmmmmm

  • +2

    They've really given it the dick by killing C&C for everything.

  • +1

    no more cLick for Dick!

  • +4

    Ive never seen so much Dick in my life than i have over the last couple of weeks.

    I keep telling my wife i wont look at Dick anymore and then boom. It pops back up again.

  • +1

    Just went back to the website, yeah C&C gone, what a dick move.

  • pity about the non click and collect

  • Would've bought stuff it click and collect was available. Don't understand why they disabled it.

  • +1

    Today they are also having an "Almost everything's on sale" sale, with a lot of the same sale prices. One day only! Ends today!

    I can't wait for Wednesday's "New Financial Year Sale, one day only!"

    • Nope, nothing is on sale today, the stuff that are on 'sale' have been on sale for the past 10 years. Just some false claims by Dick.

      • The Garmin Vivoactive's are usually dearer than they are still showing at now. Just I refuse to get one since C&C is gone.

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