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iPhone 6 Plus Space Grey 16GB $899 @ JB Hi-Fi


Just got the email: Get into a JB Hi-Fi store and grab the iPhone 6 Plus Space Grey 16GB for only $899*. That's $250 OFF. Limited time only. While stocks last.

Available in store only and while stocks last. Space Grey colour only (SKU 634237). Limit 1 per customer. Limited time only.

Does appear to be order able online despite what the email says!

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    • Awesome, have updated link

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    16GB, pity, but for some it will be fine. Thanks OP. :)

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    iPhone, pity, but for some it will be fine. Thanks OP. :)

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      Not sure why your being downvoted…

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        probably because he is bagging out one of the best phones on the market

        • +2

          careful clarky, your fanboy is showing….

        • -21

          @tomleonhart: its ok, thats why i said 'one of' but it will fuel the Fandroids who like plastic, cluttered devices with no resale value

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          Ok. Good phone, but too expensive for what you get.

          … But if people want an iPhone, that's the only way.

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          @clarky:if by cluttered you mean totally customizable compared to iPhone, then i'm right with ya!

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          @clarky: who even resells their phones these days. they're all designed to be disposable

        • @clarky:
          low resale value since they're not sheep who dont mind getting ripped off.

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          some people like apples, some like oranges
          I like both

        • @clarky:

          It's all relative. It cost me $540 for my note 4, I could resell it around that now. Would I be able to resell this iPhone a few months later for $899? Probably not..

        • @Ronnnie: how can u sell your note 4 for what you bought it for?

          I don't undersatnd

        • @clarky: Cluttered devices? What do you means :S My nexus has everything/only what I need, preinstalled.

        • @mirridon:

          I've a Nexus, and I'm being honest - Nexus devices are bloated too… The come with Google's crap that I don't use.

          E.g. Google books, Google movies, Google calendar.

          The only way to be totally bloat free is to root.

        • @edwinlin88:

          It's still worth at least what I paid for it on 2nd hand market today. If i bought this iPhone it'll be worth less than $899 in few months time. Yes iPhone have higher resale value but they also cost more to begin with.

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          @inose: Ah, I use books and movies regularly. I chromecast my movies and watch them on public transport. I've started buying Google Books as well, rather than kindle. Google calender… rarely, but I rarely use a calendar anyway since my pc's got one. Each to their own xD

        • @Ronnnie:

          So, the previous owner already lost money on it then? :)

        • @gokhanh:

          No, I buy new so no previous owner.

        • -1

          @Ronnnie: oic you bought second hand. yeh I get it now

        • @edwinlin88:

          No, I bought new during sale.

          You can't compare secondhand, that isn't like for like. In a few months though, this phone will probably lose more than what my note 4 will lose in the next 12 months from what I originally paid, because that's how iPhones work. They depreciate a lot after new model phone is released. Samsung depreciate the most in first few months.

        • @Ronnnie: that's what I wanted to know.

        • @edwinlin88:

          Why wouldn't you sell it off when you get a new one? Even for the hundred or two.

        • @diddy50: didnt know that people bought / lazy

      • hehe such controversy

        • He he he >:-D

    • haha, is the 16gb guy gonna something?

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      Change the record, geez!

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    This is a good deal i got one for mum @ $845 on eBay koGan. I'll be happy to pay $50 more and get it straight away.

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    Great price, but 16GB is nowhere near enough storage for a phone of this calibre. A 5-minute 60fps video chews up 1GB.

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      Completely agree. I have an iPhone 6+ and I love it, but 16 Gb would be like buying a speed boat and trying to run it in your bath. My little toy has 128Gb and it is about 1/2 full at the moment.

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      5 minutes is probably more than enough for some… ;)

      • That's a marathon for me!

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    16GB kills this deal. 32GB it would of been a killer awesome deal.

    Some people it will be fine. On my 128GB I already have close to 8GB in my Photos already and its only been 4 months.

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      Doesn't come in 32GB, but I know what you mean. My 128GB iP6 has 11GB of photos and 40GB of video on it already. By the way, update to iOS 8.4 and get your free 3-month Apple Music trial :)

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      iPhone 6/6 Plus only came out in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.

      But I agree with what you're saying. The 16GB phones don't have a lot of space for anything.

      • Better than the 8gb that used to be!

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      Yeah I know the capacities :) Just giving Apple a hint to make the default size 32GB.

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        Why the neg? Perfectly fine reason to get Apple to make the default 32GB.

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      You should like… I don't know, backup your photos and videos?

      That's how you survive with 16 gigs.

      • -1

        I backup and still have to shuffle when I had 32GB. Movies and TV shows take up space.

        Why you giving in to the companies skimping on this?

        • I wouldn't call it skimping… They're giving you choices.

          If you want the cheapest option, there's the choice available.

          (I wouldn't know what to do with 32 gigs, unless I just left my movies and shows on it. Currently I just have them when I need them, not leave them stored.)

        • +2

          It is skimping. Memory costs are bugger all in the whole scheme of things. The extra memory provides convenience. Saves plugging in to sort everything out.

        • Would make sense to allow micro sd expandable memory. Get the cheapest and expand yourself without the terrible price mark up apple charges to go bigger.

        • @inose:
          Giving a true choice would be allowing expandable memory

  • Good price

  • +7

    16gb and no expandable memory is gonna be an issue for many people.

    • +1

      yeah thats the only thing stopping me pulling the trigger.

      What are the chances of buying this and swapping somehow (trading with someone else or even with apple??) for the 6 (non-plus) 64 Gb model? (which has the same retail price - $1,149)

      • I think it may not be worth the effort unless u know of somewhere which can give u a good deal

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    16gb is fine for me. The price is still hard to justify.

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      I know right got my Note 4 for $680. Feels the same usage wise Note 4 for personal and iPhone 6 for work. I know which one I would for if I did have to pay for the phone.

  • good for light user

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      I am 80kg. is it suitable for me?

      • Damn woman, you phat !

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      You do know the OS takes 9GB

      No idea where you got this figure from. A brand new 16GB iPhone6+ has 11.8GB of available storage out of the box.

      • +2

        i used to have an iphone 5 and i downloaded the new OS I noticed it took up almost 8GB! im not sure it must have been a bugged then.. still would rather people looking into it so they dont get scammed. im only trying to help not make war. lol

        • -1

          Only took up 8Gb because it had both iOS 7 and iOS 8 on it. Once the iOS 8 installed it deleted the old iOS.

    • +5

      Can confirm; my wife's 5c/8gb has literally negative 1gb available.

      • +1

        Minus 1 GB?

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    spare a thought for people using an 8gb iphone… yikes!

  • Good price for it

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    Price beat at OfficeWorks brings the price to $859.07.

    • why not $854?

    • +3

      price match at harvey norman and get it for $750 from 3x amex deal?

      • +1

        Uncle Harvey has pre-maturely ejected his stock out of the store!


        • online temp out of stock but shows available at some of the stores ie. liverpool/bondi

      • Apple is excluded from AMEX Harvey Norman.. Just saw on fine prints

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    16gb is way to small for this phone. I know since I have a 16gb iPhone 5 and find even that's not enough. Since a few gig is already consumed by the OS. So in theory your not exactly getting a true 16gb phone. Wonder how people on the low 8gb version cope constantly running out of memory all the time.

  • -1

    This is a great price, but be aware this is a huge indicator the iPhone 7 will be released very soon indeed.

    • +6


    • No more likely a speedbump i.e. 6S

  • As a 64gb Iphone 6 plus user, I can advise that you will chew through your storage really quick on this. Reason is because the iphone 6 has a very very good camera and once you have taken a few photos (and see them on this big a$$ retina burning screen), you probably wont stop taking pictures. I have a couple of mates who bought the 32gb at launch thinking that it is good enough. All of them regreted and sold the phones off and bought a bigger capacity iphone down the track. At 16gb, you will feel extremely constrain after about a couple months of usage.

    • +5

      If only there were a way to transfer your photos of sunsets, lattes, your fat kid and food you recently purchased off the phone and onto some other storage device.

      Game changer.

      • Cloud it on dropbox or box, let it backup while charging overnight…then copy it to your hdd…i hate to use itunes…farking annoying POS software.

        • +1

          I wasn't being serious.

          Lightroom does it fine for me, without needing to dick around with cloud storage.

        • +2

          lol I got trolled !

    • There is no 32Gb iPhone6/iPhone Plus,so your mates would have the same 64Gb iPhone as you.

      • Actually you are right, sorry my memory is failing me. But they did upgrade down the track but I chose to pay the premium to buy Apple Care instead of paying for 128gb.

    • +2

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Samsung Galaxy s6 has a much, much better camera, according to this blind test.


  • Better off buying 64gb Galaxy S6 from Harvey Norman when it was $868. A lot more storage and a much newer phone with 4k video recording capability.

    • +1

      "when it was"

      • +1

        It will be back. DSE has been doing it for $859 as well. Price only changed within the last 3 days.

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    I know I am going to get negged for this but I still don't understand why anyone would buy the overpriced phone with lots of limitations. For e.g. no replaceable battery, no memory card option, no choice of installing variants of OS.

    At $600 I may consider buying this phone for it looks and performance but at $800 and above you have way better options in Android.

    • +2

      Yes, because most people want to 'install variants of OS'. And I daresay it's storage and battery replacement options line up against the brand new $1200 s6 edge. So, clearly, people don't care about that stuff as much as… you.

      Now, tell us about 'teh walled garden' and how it stops you from downloading that shitty unsigned app that your mate's cousin wrote.

      • I agree not all people are techsavvy to try different variants of Android. But at least they have a choice to choose between different options at the time of buying. You don't get that option with iPhone.

        I won't compare this with S6 edge because the price you mentioned is not a sale price and is for 64GB version. Also it has much better specs than the iPhone6 plus. And also we all know s6 edge is not a big hit either.

        • People have the choice between iOS and Android.
          If someone prefers iOS then that's their prerogative. If you don't like it, don't look at this deal.

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