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Iblue DIY Cardboard 3D VR Glasses for 3.5" - 5.5" Mobile US $1.29 Delivered @ GearBest


iBlue DIY Cardboard 3D VR Glasses Smart Phone 3D Private Theater with Magnetic Sensor for 3.5 - 5.5 inches Smartphone

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    Remember this comment guys…
    Here's your chance to make a few quick bucks jv!
    edit: What an investment… more than an 88% loss in value in under 12 months!!! ;)

  • Try it out for $1.73 AUD

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      $1.78 for me :'(

      • +1

        $1.80 :(

  • I bought one last week off ebay for $10, just so it would come quick. Really impressive stuff.

    • really? what can we do with this?

      • +7

        Po… I mean movies. If you look at youtube, there are a lot of 360 degrees videos as well.

      • Tuscany Dive is a classic. Have a go and you will be impressed.

      • Check out #360video on YouTube, there's plenty of content to get your $1.29's worth.

  • I'll give it a shot. Can't go too far wrong for under AUD$2

  • can i use galaxy note 3 (5.7")?

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    Cheaper than getting nauseous at Luna Park.

    • +1
      • Nauseated. :p
      • Good to know. Thanks.

  • is this website ok to purchase?

  • Will fit a note 4 ?

  • Thanks OP - Don't mistake this one for the iLube brand ;)

  • What's the usual shipping time for gearbest to metro Sydney areas? cheers

    • a month or two

  • lol I bought the 'unofficial cardboard' for $20 (with head-straps and it has adjustable lenses).

    Tested out Cardboard last night (various apps) and the image is jerky even when the phone is absolutely still. I have it on my desk right now and the Lanterns demo is jerking/twitching. Wonder if it's the accelerometer in the phone being super sensitive/faulty.

    • What phone do you have? Some have a gyroscope (solid state of course) which should make a big difference.
      How smooth is Google Sky Map for you?

  • Hmmm I've got the DK2 and was waiting for GearVR (consumer) for mobile VR… But for less than an ATM transaction fee, I guess I'll give cardboard a try! :D

  • This just reminded me that im still waiting on something from Gearbest for over a month :/

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      Its like DX. Best to just purchase and forget. Then a pleasant surprise shows up a month or two later.

  • will this work with iphone. I know androids started doing this.
    an iphone 6 - small size?

  • does this one come with strap?

    • I don't think so, at least the package content suggests not. They are selling the strap separately though.

      • +1

        a strap on might be appropriate for watching po

        • For the hands free experience, of course. :)

        • PORN.

        • -2

          I was planning to watch movies on public transport with it.

        • +1

          @financialwar: just sew a glove into your pocket and you'll be fine

        • @financialwar: Jokes aside, I think these ones are fairly flimsy, if you want to use it in public and not risk it falling apart half way through, I think buying things that are made from more rigid materials would be nice (though slightly more costly as they go from 20ish dollars onward from Aliexpress or eBay, not too certain though).

          Though, I think you'd probably want to not use it in public because it'd obstruct your view and it'd look silly.

  • +4

    Bonus 8% Cashrewards if you could be bothered - http://www.cashrewards.com.au/search/gearbest

  • AUD $1.69 delivered for me, plus cashrewards. Thanks OP.

  • Got the free one from Telstra. Good fun. About one or days of fun, but…the possibilities are exciting.

  • Can control your phone with the magnets

    Control what and how?

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      Do you believe in miracles?

      • Oh god, I accidentally actually asked "Magnets, how do they work?"!!

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          Magic, my dear clown, magic.

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          Jokes aside, your phone has a magnetic sensor. When you pull down the magnet (move it inside the slot) it changes the position of the field, your phone picks up a difference in field strength and registers it as a signal. Different apps make different use of this.

        • @definitive: thanks! I've since got my glasses, but was unable to get the magnet-switch to do anything, I don't think it works with Moto G 2nd gen…

          The glasses didn't have any sort of instructions so I was working off YouTube video, not quite the same model though…

          To be honest the whole thing was disappointing, moto g sensors was jumpy/flickery too… I threw it away after just 30 minutes!

  • Cool, picked up a couple to play around with.

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    Thanks! Got two, one for me and one for my imaginary wife.

    • +1

      You'll have plenty of imaginary wives once you start with the po

  • Awesome! I've used a similar one to this before, this looks better built. Kids have a lot of fun with them.

  • -6

    Meh it's cheaper just to make your own.
    This is also just a blast copy of googles ones, get the real deal for quality for slightly more.

  • im wondering if this is bigger then the cardboard i already have at home

  • +1

    I have no idea what this is or does but bought it anyway :) :) :)

  • +1

    Whoops, duplicate comment. But yeah, Googling it now.

    • <empty comment>

    • +2

      You, Sire, are a true OzBargainer! :-)

      btw, I found a telstra bill on the street the other day, it had "30% off if paid before 15th July". Want me to send it to you so you can pay it and get the 30% discount? :-)

      • Bills are for adults and being an adult means more paperwork and literally no happiness.

        So no thank you :)

  • +2
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      Was going to suggest half a roll of packing tape wrapped around the GC and head, but your head strap link will probably work out cheaper than a roll of $2 packing tape from Reject Shop.

  • -2

    Meh mine showing as $2.07USD or $2.73AUD - OMG ripped off! :)

  • +1

    I have had on of these before, and found the cardboard components flimsy and would fall of my head (rubber band only though)

    for a little more (~$10) you can get a proper one from Gearbest


    im thinking of getting this, what do you guys think

    edit: too late hahaha pulled the trigger, god I have problems.

    • +1

      thanks i might buy too, this looks can fit up to 6" screen phones

    • Ah I just bought the cardboard one but this looks so much better

  • Anyone else end up getting a refund without any reasoning?

  • +1

    Weird, I just noticed the name of the store…I always thought it was called GearBeast

  • Mine arrived today :D

    • Still haven't got mine :(

  • got mine today..how do i put it together? lol

    • +3

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCp9msP1XjA This video is somewhat useful! good luck!

      • Does it work well? Also received mine, will play around with it tonight

        • +1

          its a bit blurry but other than that its alright for the price.

        • +1


          Alright, just tried it…honest opinion….it's horrible! lol, I wasn't expecting much but damn, it blurry and doesn't work very well for me. Not sure if this will **** up my eyes

          EDIT: Ignore the above comment. I didn't set it up properly :S

  • what is the purpose of the magnet? cant get the right side to stick properly

    • One in the inside, the other on the outside, some cardboard apps utilise that as an input.

      • but those doesnt "lock" the cardbox because the outside flap has hole?

        • It's used as a button (i.e. Cardboard app uses the "flick" as select button, etc).

  • wait am I doing it wrong? I am just using my ipod touch and playing the videos that was linked earlier on. Am I suppose to download an app or something?

  • arrived, thanks

  • Has anyone figured out how to watch 360 videos on YouTube on iOS?

    Also, the Google Cardboard app is supposed to make it so you can view panoramic photos, anyone know how to make it work?

    And finally did you use glue for the magnet?

  • I still haven't received mine.. anyone else in the same boat?

    • Same :(

      • Just sent an email to [email protected]
        Hopefully hear from them soon

        • nvm, Gearbest messed my address (again). I might check with the post office.

          I will never understand how 4 becomes 1 twice.

      • Me too.

  • Finally arrived. Thanks OP. Youtube 360 videos are crazy good.

  • still havn't recieved any of my purchases from Gear Best. I thought this one would have arrived by now..

    • Same here.

      • Showed up in my letterbox a few hours later!

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