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RoboForm Everywhere for Windows, Mac and Mobile USA $7.95


This is a one year license for RoboForm Everywhere.

You can use it on all your computers and devices, for one year.
Note: Normal price is US $20 pa. Usual discount offered is $10. The coupon brings it down to $8 (USD) for the one year licence.

Don't know what they charge after the year. But at this price maybe worth trying it out for a year!

Use it on multiple Windows computers, Macs, and mobile devices.

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  • I might be the minority but I didn't know what RoboForm is. "Make Your Life Easier with the Top Rated Password Manager"

    • I wanted to ask the same question. What does it do exactly?

    • Info from the link given :)

      Password Manager

      "RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don't have to! Just remember your one Master Password and RoboForm remembers the rest- it's that easy! Our bookmark-style Logins automatically log you in to your favorite websites with one click."

    • +1 vote

      Been using it for over 5 years now without dramas. afaik they have never been hacked (touch wood) and their tech support is really good should you need it.

      • +1 vote

        Same here, about 5 years of use and absolutely love it.

  • The coupon code seems to be working for RoboForm2Go version as well so might work for all products. Didn't proceed with the sale but item was discounted in the cart.

    Have used RoboForm2Go for a while and love it. Created a Truecrypt drive so my data is doubly secure!

    To answer "what does it do?": it's basically a password manager. Also it can fill in logins/passwords/forms on websites for you - basically log in for you.

    Not sure about everyone else but if I change currency to JPY, I get the best price - 25% discount vs 20% and with the exchange rate from Citibank it's about AUD $30 vs AUD $43 (for RoboForm2Go).

  • Is this the best password manger out there?
    Don't want to use it cheap for a year if there's a better one out there.
    I usually use Excel, notes and sticky notes.

    • Lastpass is popular here at OZB.

    • 1Password is another contender for password management:

      I have only used Roboform desktop myself. Very happy with it.

    • Is this the best password manger out there?

      I think this is a great question, as it's such an important piece of software.

      Personally, I use 1Password and highly recommend it.

      • Thanks Pez.

        For me I'd need Windows, Mac and ISO syncing.

        So for me it'd be:
        - LastPass Premium is $12/year.
        - 1Password is $69.99 one off until next major release (1Password Mac + Windows Bundle), $0.00 for IOS or $9.95 for Pro features.
        - RoboForm $7.95 for first year then $19.95/year afterwards.

        Toss up between LastPass and RoboForm.
        Thanks for all the info guys. :)

  • An FYI for people!!! If you have a .edu.au (education) account you can get it completely for free!