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Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank $17.64 Delivered (48% off) @ Banggood


Great power bank if you don't already have one. Mine charges my phone really fast.

The 10,400 mAh is also on sale. The 10,000 is physically smaller and I prefer it over the 10,400.

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    Should specify if USD or AUD

  • +2

    US$, please include that in the title.

    • Click on the link and it's in AUD

    • +4

      It's $17.64 AUD.
      It's linked to the older version of the product in the description, the link provided goes to the 10400mAH version before but the go to deal link is correct (well, now anyway).

      • thanks.

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    16.47 at gearbest.

    plus 8% rewards

    • +1

      i'd rather pay more at banggood.

      • +3

        id rather save 10% and get another 3.3% in gearbest points. I'm in no hurry to receive my powerbank and have always found gearbest to have very good customer service. It also is nice to have all my "cheap" electronic purchases at the one place for future reference.

    • It would turn out to be little more expensive at gearbest (just the rate and not the cash rewards) as genbest charge in USD and paypal's conversion is always expensive. Showing 12.55 USD

      • Can you not opt to use your CC conversion rate instead of the Paypal conversion rate? but yes its not a 10% saving if you look at the USD rates.

      • I'm pretty sure you can pay in AUD through gearbest.

  • How long do they take to arrive?

    • No idea. Still waiting for my one from the last deal (4 weeks+)

      EDIT: oops, wrong site. Mine's from Allbuy. Nothing to see here…

    • I bought a gadget from them once, it took about 6 weeks. I guess they ship by sea instead of air.

  • +1

    You can also try mushtato for the 16000 mAh one if you want to support Australian businesses and want fast shipping with a 100% genuine product.

    Just bought two from them.

    • Have you had any reply from them?

      I bought a couple of powerbanks on Friday, was going to be in the area so I chose the "pick up" option. They emailed shortly after saying the order was ready for pick up and to call to arrange time. I called less than 15 minutes after they sent the email, and many times throughout Friday afternoon and they're not picking up the phone. I drove over and there wasn't anyone there.

      Today's calls have gone unanswered too :(

      • +1

        I posted in this thread and the guy responded to me 2 hours ago. Try replying to him.


        • Thanks for that. I checked Mushtato deals Friday morning and saw they hadn't logged in for quite a while, didn't think to check again.

        • Excellent news tonight. Got in touch with them and I now have my powerbanks. Great local support.

        • @Thrift:

          Great news for me too. Received the tracking number for my parcel.

        • @Thrift:
          I'd be interested to see how long it takes you to charge your phone from 50% to 100% or 0 to 100%.

        • @Thrift: FWIW, I wouldn't call your experience "great local support". You spent days worried about whether you will receive your product.

          Think about it and think about jumping off the bandwagon some time.

        • @MegaBargain: I reckon ordering after lunch on Friday and getting it personally delivered Monday evening was indeed 'great local support' - it was only 13 business hours.

        • @Thrift: After calling numerous times and driving over there. Weren't you expecting it about 12 business hours earlier?

        • @MegaBargain: the "order ready for pickup. Call to arrange time" email set the expectation I could get the order before Friday EOB. I was disappointed that didn't happen, but I didn't spend the weekend worrying whether or not I'd receive the product, I thought, "I'll call up Monday and arrange a pick up time."

          They were in touch yesterday afternoon, and I got my order. I'm happy and I'd buy from them again.

          All up they responded faster than GearBest did for my two support tickets.

          I'm not sure how that equates to terrible service, or even bandwagon jumping for that matter.

  • Silver model - Expected restock on 30th July 2015…For this price I'm still happy to wait until then + a bit more as it is banggood, have purchased multiple items from them, some come very quickly some take forever, seams dependant on Chinese customs service.

  • What is the difference between the 10000 mAh and the 10400 mAh , is it just the mAh ?

    • +2

      The 10000 mAh unit is approximately 17 mm narrower in width and 43 g lighter. Otherwise, essentially the same.

      • 207g vs 250g, that's a fair bit lighter. If all the specs are accurate it sounds like a good battery.

  • +3

    Bang good are a pretty dodgy online retailer. they have been known to rip people off in the past. I tried to return my power bank that an expensive doorstop. And the customer service chick Jessie couldn’t understand my request. I’m still emailing her out of stubbiness and just to get my moneys worth. but pretty usless organisation. Oh yeah delivery will take 5 weeks

    • +2

      with ya dude! I won't be using them again

    • +2

      My past experience with Gearbest customer service was awesome.
      Though bangood was very dodgy.

      • +1

        agree re gearbest. reminded me to buy another 10,000 as i'm satisfied with the one i bought a couple of months ago for aud24 delivered (with tracking number). same product is currently aud17.66.

    • +1

      I Agree. Bang good service is rubbish. their ebay /pay pal is 5store or fivestarHK or something. they go by many different user names on ebay. I neg them where I can when I find out that it's them. They have blatantly ripped me off more than $50 on their faulty torches.

  • +1

    Same experience here, no response from customer support for a faulty item.

  • Did anyone order these powerbanks? I ordered 2 (20/7/15) and haven't received them or a reply. Thinking of opening a PayPal dispute?

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