This was posted 6 years 3 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Petbarn 20% off + Free Shipping (Online Only)


Received the code in my email today. I've made a purchase myself and the code works. Tried the code after without signing into my account and code still works, so it should be generic.

  1. Add products to your cart
  2. Click on CHECK OUT or View Cart
  3. Enter your promotional code in the Promotional Code field
  4. Click the 'Go' button

Discount will also apply to current promotional specials.
Only Valid for online orders.
Limit to one use per customer.
Maximum cart amount to which discount applies is $500

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    purrrrfect timing!

  • Nice find!

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    Only ended up saving about 10% as their prices are more expensive than my normal online store…

    • If possible choose from the July catalogue

      • +6

        I did…

        a 6-pack of Advocate is normally $129.89, in the catalogue it's $98.90, with 20% off it's $79.12

        At Pet Circle, the normal price for a 6-pack is $87.25, so it's about 9% cheaper (after catalogue sale and after 20% off)….

        Of course, as a long term OzBargainer, you already knew this…. :)

        • Still a good price delivered! Just bought the 6-pack of Advocate at $79.12, thank you OP!

        • & on eBay Advocate 6 packs are ~$55 ? I think jv ended up not saving money!

        • @easts88:

          Still a good price delivered!

          Pet Circle do free delivery too if you spend over $99…

          I needed to some Drontal too which took the price over $99.

          Pet Circle would have cost $122.20
          PetBarn cost me $109.41

          Total Saving 10.4 %

        • +3


          & on eBay Advocate 6 packs are ~$55 ?

          The grey import ones have different ingredients…

          I checked all that out a while ago…

        • +1

          @jv: Sometimes it's good to vary the active ingredient so the pests/fleas don't eventually gain immunity to it.

        • +1


          vary the active ingredient

          They're for specific parasites. They have different formulas for a reason…

          Advocate is not just a flea treatment, it's for worms & parasites too… (it doesn't do tapeworm though)

        • -1

          @jv: That's easily solved by not feeding your pets worms and parasites. :)

        • @Lukian:

          easily solved by not feeding your pets worms and parasites

          They can get them from mosquitos…

        • @jv: Mosquitos in Winter? Where do you live?! (or were you stocking up for future seasons?)

        • @Lukian:

          Mosquitos in Winter?

          It works in a preventative way. The ingredients are absorbed through the skin and prevent the diseases.

          They are not a treatment for after they are bitten or contract the parasite.

        • @jv:

          Pet Circle would have cost $122.20
          PetBarn cost me $109.41

          So thanks again OP? Still a good deal right?

        • does anyone split their vials?

        • @dishz:

          does anyone split their vials?

          For Drontal i do… my dog is about 15kg so i can't get the correct dose otherwise…

        • Yes, we do. It was suggested to us by RSPCA, and is what they do themselves. We use Revolution, as we have found it to be the most effective in our area.

          There's a formula in various places online that state X amount per kg of dog. We initially used that, as did friends we suggested it to, but we both found that recommended dose to be inadequate. We now use the amount that would be in the vial appropriate to the size of each dog.

          We simply bought a 5ml syringe from the chemist to measure it out. You can get those that come with a needle, but they're single use only, so you need to remove the needle before pushing down the plunger or you'll no longer be able to use it. The needle is a bit short anyway, so you're better off just getting long blunt ended needles off ebay or similar.

    • Would you mind telling me the online pet store that you normally use please?

      • +1

        Lately, Pet Circle mainly due to the recent AMEX offer…

        • What's the Amex offer?

        • @konazz:

          It was a cash back from a while ago. It's finished now…

  • +1

    Their 700g cans of Advance for dogs (and cats?) are 20% off before the code. This code takes another 20% off that price as well. Makes a great deal for the price!

    • Yep, taking advantage of that at the moment. Maximum 24 cans per order but nothing seems to stop you ordering multiple times. Here's hoping it doesn't get cancelled.

      Picked up 48 cans of advance wet puppy growth and 2x8KG bags of advance dry puppy growth. Should cover her until she can move to the adult stuff.

      • just tried this. But the total price and discount only reflects the Advance online discount promotion, even after applying the code :(

  • I have a great dane so we go through a bit of food, i found a little hack to get 25% off, sign up to pet rewards or whatever it is, they price match, so price match "oveds" and use your new card, they will then send you a 25% off coupon, next time you need food do the same but with a new card, if you dont use your card for 2 months they will send another 25% off to entice you to use them again, and repeat,

  • There is a considerable price difference on guinea pig pellets…

    e.g. 1.5 kg vetafarm pellets

    $15.19 at PetBarn
    $8.99 at MPW

    • +1

      Get 20kg bags of it. You can find it for about $40 delivered (delivery is the expensive part).

  • No 15kg bags of advanced dry food :(

    • This. They don't even have the smaller bags of the variety my dogs are used to. Though for the double discount I might have to give one of the other varieties a go.

  • They don't list any Black Hawk food despite selling them in store. Anyway they are super expensive and even with 20% off their Black Hawk food it's still more expensive than other places. Still, 20% off and free delivery is going to save others some money.

    • +2

      good prices here for Black Hawk…

      • +1

        Thanks JV, that's where I purchased from last time and combined it with the AMEX offer for an even better price.

        • i used the AMEX deal tool…

  • +1


    A big bag of Science Diet crunchies delivered free should keep the little terrorist happy for a while.

  • Very nice thankyou

  • Thanks, bought some sentinel spectrum, saved around $14.

  • While we're here, can anyone suggest an alternative to Sentinel Spectrum? Something around the same price point?

    I usually feed my corgi Sentinel Spectrum medium. I'm not too sure if they've changed the formula or something, but the last 6 pack I got, he absolutely refused to eat them. Even if I coated them in peanut butter, he'd just lick the peanut butter off. The only way I could get him to eat them was if I freeze the tablet inside a ball of peanut butter.

    • Do you want it all in one pill/tab?

      I've tried chewables in the past and realised my dogs are picky so I've given up on them and now just give heartworm and worming normal tablets in a chunk of sticky peanut butter (or cheese, which is a bit more prone to loss) that I plonk in their mouths.

  • +1

    cheap cheap! Breeders Choice kitty litter 30L :)

  • Royal Canin 12KG bags $94 isn't bad

  • If I start a new recurring order now will the discount apply to recurring order perpetually?

  • bought my girls some Fancy Feast, including some flavours they don't stock in Coles :3

    • +1

      bought my girls some Fancy Feast

      It's for pets, not for human consumption !!!

      • +1

        please jv. my human daughters love it, alright?

  • +1

    Awesome, thank you. Was going to swing by Pet Barn on Friday as the 15kg bags were down to $89. $71.20 per bag is even better, especially with free delivery.


  • Awesome, don't have to go to the pet shop now. =)

  • Yay! I bought Sentinel and Capstar which came to $79.93. Having two dogs means supplies only last 3 months rather than 6, last time went through Pet Circle during an Amex offer.

    I have used Panoramis in the past but the dogs react to it and it doesn't cover everything. Trying to cover dogs for everything is really difficult.

  • Great deal. just bought 2x ozcat litter 10kg free delivery and 2 for special discount AND 20% off! Last time they offered similar discount for discount x2 purchase deal, we bought them at shop and they didn't give me a discount deal because I used a promotion code (which didn't specify any particular condition) - I thought that was misleading deal.
    However, this time, all good and I am happy.

  • Thanks, just stocked up on Royal Canin pug and some accessories.

  • Just bought 5kg Science Diet Cat Food which was already on special (25% off) and then with the 20% discount, hello nearly half price!!!

  • It seems like the code can be used again if you don't sign in to check out.

  • Can you choose recurring delivery to get another 10% off and then just cancel it afterwards?

  • vet n pet direct have a birthday secial on $5.0 off adn their stuff is cheaper all DIRECT , vnpbirthday is the code, have to spend $50.00
    just saying

    • It depends on what you're ordering I guess. Sentinel Spectrum is still cheaper after the 20% @ Petbarn.

  • +1

    Received my order this morning, that's less than 24 hours turnaround time! Of course the courier company wasn't Auspost!

    • We are running low so hoping that our dogfood comes by Monday!

  • +1

    FYI they have 25% off Nexgard, which can be discounted a further 20% with this coupon. This is cheaper than my wife can get it through the vet clinic she works at.

    • Thanks Hoppy, got the dog some Nexgard

  • Bought 2 x 15kg dry dog food bags- Optimum Puppy and Advanced Big Dog (off memory) plus a worming tabs for $80 something delivered. At the price it isn't worth my petrol, time or effort with 3 kids, driving to get it. Bonus that the promo code worked on already reduced dog food :-)

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP great timing, our little kitty kats are grateful - and my wallet ;)

    If anyone missed it, you can grab some Free Advance Dog/Cat/Puppy/Kitten samples over here:

    We stocked up on some Advance as it's already 20% off at PetBarn online (+ the extra 20% here = win)

  • The code is still working. I had to log out because I already used the code once under my account. The code is still accepted, providing the discount and the free shipping. Order confirmation email and PayPal confirmation email have both been received.

    Edit: Contacted mods and had deal unexpired. Get in quick while the code is still working.

  • Crap lead time for delivery. Won't use it again

    • I got an apology email 2 business days after placing the order, as some of my items were out of stock at local stores and their supplier - which was all fine for me, I'm not in any hurry as this order was topping up stocks.

  • yep same - delivery takes too long so I wouldn't order from Petbarn online again either

    I made a small sized $90 order last Wednesday and am yet to receive it in the Sydney metro area. To top it off the item was picked up in Preston (2170) which isn't very far

    Not sure which delivery service they're using but the tracking site is Temando

    • Mine are always Couriers Please (in Mel)

      I find Temando useless, not up to date and not worth using, I always go directly to the couriers tracking.

      You should find the Tracking / Consignment Number in your email from PB.