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Advance Pet Food - Two Free Samples


From email:

As a special offer you can choose two ADVANCE samples of any variety per household, these will be delivered to your door
(Please allow 30 days for delivery). Simply click to get started.

ADVANCE Samples will be available until stocks last. So tell your friends, family, OzBargain, co-workers and spread the word.

Extra blurb:

ADVANCE® in association with Dr Michael Archinal BVSc IVAS (Cert) PTC (Hons) would like to invite you to try Australia´s Super Premium Pet Food Brand.
ADVANCE is the most tested Super Premium Pet Food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle.

Added: T&C's http://advancepet.com.au/samples/terms.html

Promo ends: 06/12/2015 or when stocks of the “ADVANCE® Free Samples” are exhausted
The total number of Samples available in the Promotion is 200,000.

^^ sounds like a challenge!

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  • +4

    Fantastic find nismo. My beautiful lab said to say thank you :)

    • I just got a baby lab :) Would you say they are medium or large breed?

      • +3

        I said large breed. He/she will bring you years of happiness. They are brats for the first 6 months - will practically chew your house off its stumps. After that, they are just the most loyal, well behaved, well mannered, gentile creatures ever :)

        • +9

          Already experienced it on the first night. She broke out of the baby fencing, marked her territory everywhere and ripped anything she could find. She also vomited after her breakfast which smelled like her poo, so I think she may have eaten something else in the night as well…. No regrets!

        • +4

          The worst thing mine ever did was chew right through a slat of a brand new outdoor setting. I wanted to kill him, but then they put on those sad eyes of innocence. Another time I spent 30 minutes washing him, then he bolted off shaking everywhere, ran into the garden, rolled over a few dozen times in mud, and ran back as happy as Larry. Was so proud of himself. Almost seemed he wanted to be congratulated. Changed from a golden lab to a black lab lol.

        • +4

          @tightarse@aaronbaron: Yep that sure sounds like a typical lab!

        • +2

          @aaronbaron: Pretty much ditto to TA's comments. If it makes you feel any better, our Lab used to throw up as a pup as well. I think it's quite common for Labs as I've heard vets say they have sensitive stomachs. Ours is 3 years old now, but still vomits now and then. Other than that, he's just plain awesome.

          Best of luck with the training!

        • +1

          @TheOneWhoKnocks: @tightarse@aaronbaron : I own a Great Dane - exactly all the same behaviours as you guys have mentioned; just a bigger unit, lol - oh and occasionally he sticks his head out in the Mc Donald's drive through letting out a bark that makes the poor girl at the till jump a foot in the air! ….. followed by me saying sorry.

        • +1

          @aaronbaron: I hope that you dont like gardens because they will demolish them. I had one that ate my timber bbq table & chairs and ate and chewed/dug everything else in the back yard. Wonderful temperament though.

  • +10

    So tell your friends, family, OzBargain, co-workers

    The email actually said that??

    • +4

      It might have ;)

  • +10

    Yes! Just scored some lunch!!! mmm Lamb & Rice!

  • +2

    ordered for my cat "2pac"

    • Tupac is alive? I knew it!

  • Ordered 2 cat samples for my children's pet blue tongue lizards, thanks OP!!!

    • +7

      I didn't know lizards ate cats.

        • -1

          Come on cats ladies, more down votes :-) Come on dog lovers, challenge those non registration paying freeloaders… :-)

  • Panda will be happy :)

  • +14

    Thanks Op… My girlfriends pussy will be most pleased about this

    • +2

      i legit can't stop laughing at this lol

  • Woof Woof !

    • I translated it in Afrikaans…

      Inslag inslag

  • Selina will be happy!

  • +6

    i'm surprised ozbargainers have conventional pets with all the costs involved. Was expecting people to have some stray rat as a pet because it is cheaper

    • +11

      Was expecting people to have some stray rat as a pet because it is cheaper

      I have a pet rat. Believe me, he isn't any cheaper to keep than a cat or dog… proof

      • Also, a boy died recently in America… of the plague

        • Bubonic plague is spread by FLEAS. People died from the plague because they were bitten by fleas which were infected with the disease.

          The fleas were simply riding along on rats and other animals as a means of transport.

          Did you read the article you posted?

          Authorities suspect Taylor Gaes, 16, contracted bubonic plague from fleas on a dead rodent or other animal

        • @waterlogged turnip: Plague = fleas = rats BUT rats =/= plague? No rats = no fleas = plague? They were the main carriers when there were epidemics. No, not "every rat" but I thought the humour in my post was obvious. Also thought it was interesting - we still have the bubonic plague?! Etc. But now I know why we can't have nice things on the internet.

        • @woolfenstein:

          but I thought the humour in my post was obvious.

          Apologies for jumping down your throat. I didn't pick up on that.

  • Is there Advanced Food for human o.O?
    Please treat pet with respect!

  • cheers op :)

  • gakjgablhgheuavnmksl;kds

    cat walking on keyboard saying 'thanks'.

  • thanks OP!

  • Cheers OP

  • Page Not Found

    The requested page was not found.


    So much for 200000 samples…

    • +1

      My guess is a technical issue and that it will be back up.

    • +1

      It's back :)

      The url for the deal changed slightly, I've updated the link and unexpired the deal.

      • +1

        Thanks, it worked :)

        • +1

          No worries :)

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing nismo!

  • +1

    Received a Sample today. It was one sachet inside a cardboard box, not sure if the second one is coming separately but pretty quick considering :)

    It's a decent size sample, 1 Metric Cup it says on the pack.

  • My Border Collie thanks you, received mine today, same as above one packet inside a cardboard box. Agree, very good size for a sample.

    • Australia Post?

      • +1

        Yes, regular snail mail. Cardboard box more like a sleeve over the packet so it fits ok in the letterbox.

        • Got my second one today actually, both samples were the exact ones I requested too.

    • Nice. We used to have a Border Collie in the family, he lived til 17 years old! Great dog :-)

  • +1

    My German Shepherd didn't say "thanks" but said "more please" (after burping).

    • Did you get one pack or two? There might be more coming, since my two packs arrived a few days apart.

      • Did you get one pack or two?

        Just one for now, nismo. Waiting for the 2nd pack.

  • Received two packs today, they are shipped in two different boxes probably to save costs maybe, or to fit in letterboxes easier,

    My dog is just eating some of the stuff right now and loves it, see how he goes.. normally I've been feeding him Aldi's $8 premium dog food for the past 6 months without any issues, original owners suggested I only feed him some other brand that was so expensive however I tried alternatives and his been fine !

  • +1

    Got my two packs yesterday, thanks.

    • Good to hear more are getting out there :)

      Spread the word, there's 200,000 samples available til December!

    • -1

      Me too. I'm a bit surprised it doesn't tell you what the recommended serving size is

      • -1

        The sample is a metric cupful.

        To give a recommended serving size would require a large table to cover small, medium, large, indoor, outdoor, active, inactive, etc.

        What more do you expect from a free sample?

        • -1

          As it's a brand I have never tried, I would not know if it is more/less concentrated than the standard dog food I give to my dog, so I need to know whether I am over/under feeding her, especially with her being a puppy. It would be good if they gave a reference to a website to see such a table.

        • @aaronbaron:
          What, you mean like this? On their own website…


          If you spent a minute looking rather than complaining, you could have easily found it yourself.

          Give me another neg, I don't care. Just stop wasting other people's time on things you can easily do yourself.

        • @aaronbaron:
          And since its too hard for you to find anything on the internet, here's the link to the rest of the puppy ones


        • @nismo: Take it easy, I didn't neg you

  • We've been using our samples as treats and the cats love em.

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