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At Repco This Weekend Only Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 July. Auto Club Members Get 30% off*


*30% off applies to full retail price and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount, including catalogue lines. Discount does not apply to purchases of transmissions, satellite navigation devices, motor vehicle and marine batteries, engines & cylinder heads, equipment, gift cards, any trade purchases and Trade Workshop Equipment. Discount does not apply to purchases from the Repco Authorised Service network. Store Stock Only. Offer valid Saturday 25 July to Sunday 26 July, 2015.

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  • Auto Club Members Get 30% off*

    Is this some type of REPCO Club, or do you mean organisations such as the NRMA?

    I followed your link.
    It is for members of Associations/Organisations such as NRMA, RACQ, RACV, etc.


  • Does it also apply to Repco VIP card holders?

    • I believe we didn't have a real deal since most of us joined for free, maybe 1.5 year ago.
      I was after some decent deals for the VIPs but it seems Repco ditched us cheapstakes and welcome paid club members?

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    Do they really check you have a club card?

    Also do they have these http://www.bunnings.com.au/sidchrome-7-drawer-tool-trolley_p...

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      From my experience, they asked my card to put into their system. Cheers

    • Yep, they need your card. Not sure, but I think they enter your member number.
      Thanks OP.

    • I've used my phone with a scan of my wife's RACV card before, they enter the member number in by hand (so it's not just a "flash your card" kind of thing).

    • When I bought something last time this offer was going I had left my RAC card at home which I told the guy, he just said no worries and scanned a card they had sitting behind the register. Other people were paying at the time and he didn't scan it for others so they weren't giving discounts away willy nilly. I think I just got lucky.

  • Great deal thanks mate!

  • is normal car battery included?

  • got excited for a minute there, thought it was 30% off already discounted catalogue prices, but no :-(

  • I'm currently not member of any auto club, but I have RACV card from years ago (no expiration date). Do you think I can use that?

  • Pathetic… One of those stores that is too lazy to have a online store

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      I could not agree more. A store as big as Repco really should have a better online presence. More often than not, it keeps me from going in there.

      • Yup, a massive shame for a company with such true blue Aussie roots :(

        • Why would they though? The vast majority of their customers are trades and businesses on account who order via the phone for specialist items and have regular orders of trays of oil filters etc.

          TBH i often wonder why Repco & Bursons even have retail store fronts at all.

        • @porterble: i didn't know trades and businesses had no use for the interwebz

        • @cathole: The vast majority simply don't bother. Ordering in the automotive trade is still mostly done by phone.

        • @porterble:
          Our local Repco store is more aimed at retail sales than trade. Things were different many years ago when the trades were their biggest customers.

  • It's annoying because I like to know what they have before I actually go into the store

  • What oil is recommended for a 1997 corolla (i assume something in the 10W40 range)?
    Are the prices at Repco decent when you take the 30% off?

    • 10W40 should be fine. Any oil that is semi sythetic or full synthetic API rating SL, SM, SN is ok.

    • Yep, like djcharliek said, 10W40 is fine.

      I used Shell Helix HX-7 in my 97 corolla, and the engine was nice and responsive with that one, give that a go!

  • "Discount does not apply to purchases of … equipment" wonder what they define as equipment, pretty broad term there…

    • In the case of trade workshop equipment, meaning things like hoists, electronic wheel balancers,tyre fitting machines etc.
      If you wanted to buy an engine crane and an engine stand for instance, you should get 30% off that, unless they call that equipment now?
      A mate of mine bought those 2 items last time they had one of these sales and he got the discount. Trade workshop equipment is gear that the trades use a lot but the average home mechanic would not normally buy. The markup on specialized trade equipment isn't very high, i'd expect that's why it's excluded. This is all only my opinion (I was a mechanic for around 30 years) but you'd have to ask them to make sure.
      I agree that the term equipment is very broad and could actually cover nearly everything that they sell.

  • Just wonder Repco oil filter any good for Mazda 3?

  • Would you use generic oil filter instead of Subaru's genuine one for a Forester 2011?

    • No problem with Ryco

      • Agreed I have used Rycos on vehicles that are in warranty when I have done oil changes in between the scheduled services and would have no hesitations recommending their filters.

        K&N also make a really decent premium oil fitler, I used to get these for some of my cars and motorbikes direct from the US in bulk for similar prices to a Ryco but I think Amazon have clamped down on that now unfortunately.

        • Not for a subaru though. They stupidly dont include an anti drain back valve in the K and N oil filters. Silly really…

    • No.

      I just emailed Ryco this week asking their bypass valve pressure.
      15 PSI, subaru defines at least 23psi due to the fast flow oil pumps.

      The filters will be In bypass at high revvs or any cold start; for this reason alone I went back to subaru filters.

      I love ryco too…

  • Regarding oil filters, I usually try to buy the "Ryco" brand equivalent if I can't get genuine or genuine is just way too expensive.
    As far as I know Repco still sell them.

    • i gave up on ryco since at supercheap they were all more expensive for my cars then going to a nissan dealer and politely asking if they could do the filter for a good price. Genuine ftw

  • is the car audio all 30% off or only some car audio?

  • Would go to the competitor from now on - felt been ripped off on their recent Auto Club Members 20%.

    Their brochure (most recent) showed Repco Car batteries are part of the discount BUT when in store argued with the store rep, he denied & not honouring with excuse saying there's exception applies. what a BS & misleading. Anyway their prices not as competitive as others these days.