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Acer ES1-411-P2LF 14" Notebook $297 Delivered @ Wireless1 (eBay Group Buy)


Not as cheap as the previous Acer deals but this one has a better CPU (Intel Pentium Quad-Core N3540 2.16GHz) compared to Celeron.


Brand Acer
Model ACEES1-411-P2LF
OS Windows 8.1
Screen 14" Widescreen HD LED
CPU Intel Pentium Quad-Core N3540 2.16GHz
Memory 2GB Ram
Drive 500GB HDD
GPU Intel Integrated
Camera Webcam
Networking Wireless: 802.11b/g/n Lan: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Card Reader SD Card Reader
Ports 1 x USB 2.0 Port 1 x USB 3.0 Port 1 x HDMI Port 1 x RJ45
Battery 4-Cell Li-Ion
Color Black
Weight 2kg

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    For people who want a 15 inch equivalent with more RAM (4GB)


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      $296 @ JB. Surprised no one has tried price marching it with OW.

      Pity this deal isn't eligible for the $50 eBay voucher.

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        Also similar price at dicksmith. Pity the deal is also ineligible in dick's coupon codes.

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    This one still SATA 2 as the other one?


    Dayum that's cheap for a laptop.

    As a rough guide on the Intel Quad-Core Pentium N3540 Processor's performance.

    Would it struggle to run any windows applications?

    Or play any games and at what quality?

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      Clock for clock it's about the performance of a Core 2 Duo CPU, though a little slower when it comes to per-core performance.

      Intel Pentium N3540
      Single-Core Score 983
      Multi-Core Score 3247

      Intel Core 2 Duo P8600
      Single-Core Score 1358
      Multi-Core Score 2467

      You can game but it's slower / weaker than Ivy Bridge graphics. As for games try the Cheap Low End Gaming curator site on Steam

      If you want to play high end games I recommend Skyrim with a following mods installed:

      Ultra-Low Graphics Mod
      Fog Mesh Remover
      Colorful Lights No Shadows
      Immersive Saturation Boost

      That should make the game playable on just any machine made after 2012. But it will look like this


    I am a bit clueless about this deal and am coming to it later than ideally I should be.

    My wife has said she'd like a new computer to use for surfing the Net, emails and stuff but I'm worried 2gig RAM/500mb HDD isn't enough.

    Are they upgradeable to anyone's knowledge? Maybe another 2gb of RAM would make it a great unit?

    If it can be u/g I'll probably go for it. Thanks in advance for assistance.

    Cheerz Wabster.

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      I belive this laptop only has a single DIMM slot, meaning you'd also need to spend $50 or so for a 4GB SODIMM to replace the current 2GB. But I'd forget all about upgrading the RAM. The machine runs fine with 2GB but the bottleneck is in the HDD. Replace that with an SSD and it more then compensates for 2GB of memory.

      also: What is her current computer and why does she need an upgrade?

      Depending on her current config, you could buy her a new drive (SSD) and upgrade her PC to Windows 10 if it's running Windows 7 or later. That should give it a new lease on life.

      Many laptops made within the last 5 years would be considered 'on par' with this machine. While this laptop is new the performance is nothing to write home about — the CPU runs as fast as a Core 2 Duo proc.


        Thanks for the reply Scrimshaw. MsWab has a Toshiba Satellite about 6+ years old that keeps eating 2gb RAM chips, with no rhyme or reason. We don't think it would be cost effective to get Toshiba to look at it and repair what the problem might be. We've had RAM chips replaced and after working fine a short while, one of the 2 x 2gb ones no longer works. Again.

        So we are looking for machines to replace it. All she uses are FF and Thunderbird so hasn't great spec needs.

        Cheerz Wabster.

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          Well, this should be a perfect replacement. No RAM upgrade needed if all she does is email and browse.