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ING Direct - $75 Bonus for New Orange Everyday Customer (No Referral Required)


same as previous deal but no need of referral!

If you become a new Orange Everyday customer and follow the steps below, then you could get $75.

Hurry, the offer is limited to the first 3,250 eligible applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria by 30 September 2015.

1/ Enter your details in the registration box (and remember to click 'Next')
2/ Open an Orange Everyday bank account using the same details.
3/ Deposit your pay of $1,000 or more within a calendar month into your new Orange Everyday by 30 September 2015.

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  • "first 3,250 eligible applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria"
    no transparency after applying and get the account open, then told not meeting criteria or too late.
    means missing out next promo from ing as they see you as existing account holder

    • +9

      ING have their act together a little more than ME Bank. I'd say what you just wrote would be more of a concern when it comes to ME.

      In my brief experience with ING so far (having opened an account in the previous $75 promo), they're actually better at giving you solid answers if you do call them up and ask "have I met the criteria / will I get the money". They will also give you a date or date bracket in which to expect your money.

      Also worth noting that they offer a 2% cashback when using PayPass with ING. You get the cashback immediately after each payment, it appears. With ME (since we're discussing the issue and concerns surrounding transparency), you get the cashback in lump sums once weekly.. so you don't actually know for certain if they've given you the correct amount from each transaction or not, unless you keep track of your purchases and go to the effort of calculating how much they owe you.

      As with anything though.. some skepticism is good. But yeah, I dunno if ING are all that bad. They seem okay to me so far :)

      • +1

        Agreed with waterlogged.
        I have been with ING for about 6 months now and very happy with customer service.
        I have had few questions about using cc overseas and I've got my replied within 24 hours.
        Girlfriend is also with them now :)

        • +1

          Nice avatar!

        • When did ING start offering a CC? I can't find how to sign up for one?

        • @dewy: he means debit card

        • @edwinlin88: Correct Debit Card sorry.

      • yeah I have been with ING for over 2 years now, never a drama. Cashback usually immediately sometimes 20 minutes, atm rebate always immediately.

      • +1

        With ME (since we're discussing the issue and concerns surrounding transparency), you get the cashback in lump sums once weekly.. so you don't actually know for certain if they've given you the correct amount from each transaction or not, unless you keep track of your purchases and go to the effort of calculating how much they owe you.

        I've made a lot of PayPass purchases with my ME Bank ETA since I opened it, I've checked every transaction and I've been paid the correct amount for all of them. In actual fact they seem to pay me an additional $0.01 on top each week.

        I couldn't reasonably be happier with them and everyone can probably rest assured that they're receiving the right amount without checking as I do.

      • So you may in fact sign up, deposit $1000+ in a month, but be the 5000th to do so, therefore you miss out on the $75?

    • +4

      We jumped on the previous deal. My wife got her $75 and i just got mine today.

      And we are very happy with ING direct so much we closed our CBA bank account!

      • +3

        Same. Check out their Super product too. Quite good compartively (only ANZ beats them depending on your needs).

        • hmm been meaning to change my super for a while, with Westpac not sure where they stand in the scheme of things

        • +1

          @Infraction: If you are interested in their super. I do get paid for referring client to them so private message me so I'll see if I can help you out :D

      • +3

        CBA netbank online and app is so much nicer than ING though!

        • 2% cash back looks nicer for you e-wallet though!!

        • yeh that's CBA's main strength. their online apps and the ability to link to trading accounts etc

        • @Micoa: $2 per $100 is hardly interesting

        • @pcab: doesn't look interesting but if you spend lots of $100s that you were going to spend anyway, you'd have a little bit extra to buy things on ozbargain.

          Or if you use 4c discount for fuel, get an extra couple of cents of per litre of fuel by paywaving it. That's a guaranteed 2 cents off every 100 cents of fuel.

  • so what if someone had ing account and have already closed it, can they reapply and get $75 again?
    what is the period between closing so you can be considered as new again or it will be never be a new customer if you ever have account with them?

    • Taken from their terms and condition :
      If you have previously held an Orange Everyday bank account between 13 July 2013 and 12 July 2015, then you are ineligible for this offer.

      That means I'm not eligible. :(

      • 2013.. Thats way back!

  • Damn, I just opened an account a couple of days ago. 😞

    • +2

      Email them to see if they can retroactively apply it on your account. Be nice and they might be nice back :-)

  • Whats with the bloody banner on ING's website…

  • +3

    I am not going to neg but I didnt get $75 last time when they had this same promo. I called at least 3 times, First time, I was told I was eligible but hadnt started giving out the bonuses. They said the same thing second time, cant remember what they said next, too embarassed to call them again so I gave up.

    • +1

      You can email them too.

      • Thanks for the info but its probably bit too late for that

    • +5

      whats there to be embarrassed about. I called NAB about a $50 gift card around 6 times. definitely cost them more than $50 in call centre and administration costs.

      then again my time is pretty worthless

    • Same here. Last time they ran a promo I created an account, deposited the money, but received nothing. ING offers= clickbait.

  • +2

    What do they mean specifically by "deposit your pay"

    Can I just chuck $1001 of my own money and take it out again ?
    How do they know its from my employer or not ?

    • +3

      yeah that's fine. they just say employer hoping you will do just that. not a requirement.

      can be from anywhere.

      • +1


        • You have to give your licence details and then it asks you to upload a document with the address on it

      • +1

        Well I just applied for and had an ING account opened without providing any ID evidence. They do searches against credit reporting agencies and verify the information matches to bypass the need for showing ID documents physically.

        Quite a few banks do this these days, Ubank was the same several years ago when I opened an account with them.

        • Mine went quite smoothly too; I probably don't have much history with credit reporting agencies.

          I am on the electoral register. I provided other ID numbers (drivers licence, passport or such like). No need to ring or scan docs.

          I remember even 5 or 10 years ago that it was a bad idea to email such sensitive data; secure upload over a secure web page (as secure as your internet banking) is surely better?

  • Thank you

  • Yeah as above, can I drop $1000 in straight away to qualify for the deal? I'm happy to transfer my savings across into their maximiser as the rate is better than what i'm getting, but re-directing my pay at this stage will incur fees from existing account, i'd rather do that after I get the card and settle in to the new account.

    • +2

      will incur fees from existing account

      …that's a reason to switch on that alone.

    • +1

      Yep, you can just transfer $1k in from any external account and it'll count.

  • Got my (6mth?) ING statement in, last week. Shows ZERO credits, ZERO debits, something about the account being put to sleep after 180days.

    I have no idea what drugs they're on - The card & account is used several times a week.

    • You checked the account number on the statement to make sure it's actually the account you're using?

      • Only got one, so I actually never bothered :D

  • +2

    I highly recommend this offer. ING have been amazing since I took up the $50 free over a few years ago.
    High 3.5% is great and no penalties if you take cash out of your savings! (Hello ANZ)

    • Maybe my bad luck but I have found the opposite and really regret moving from ANZ. Mainly as they are very no frills so anytime you need anything a bit off track you are out of luck. Plus the home loan process was abysmal and more expensive.

  • …if only they offered the 5% Cash Back again…very unlikely ING will ever offer this again.

  • ING Direct seems to be reliable and win-win goal.
    Is there anyway to register online and immigrate all of the money to ING Direct?

    If so, will be anyone more than kind put an effort to the list of step. It can also be used for another people as well
    They have no branch in the top end here.

    • You know what , got comment negged isn't the worst feeling.
      If you got comment ignored / friendzoned , that's the true worst alienated feeling

  • Received my $75 today :)

    • +1

      When did you register for the account?

      • +1

        4 weeks ago

  • My favourite bank, been an ANZ customer for over 10 years and even though I'm well over the 6months ING benefits I've moved all my Banking and Super needs. They're only bank that's fair with their benefits.

  • damn - signed up two days ago :-(

  • Thanks OP, got a new Account.

  • Thanks OP, opened ING account for the second time Am i gonna get the money???

  • "If you become a new Orange Everyday customer and follow the steps below, then you could get $75." ….Could not will.
    Also "Now when you deposit your pay of $1,000 or more each month"….that's every month.

    Does this mean it is not an offer but a lottery?

  • Even if they cancel the 2% rebate - I will still stay with them for the free ATM rebate . Hand down the biggest saver for me .

    Lost count how many time I have I have been out with friends and had to walk 500m to a cba ATM because they didn't want to pay the $4.90 ATM fee at the pub …..

  • Looks good, only 1,832 clicks through from OzBargain so far, so fingers-crossed will make the cut! 2% rebate and 3.5% linked savings account make it pretty worthwhile though anyway for me.

  • Thanks OP!
    Do you know how long until the credit goes through?

    • +1

      Well I decided to chase them up anyway - not sure they're quite aware of what offers they have on given their reply!

      Thank you for your message.

      I cannot see on our registration listing that you have registered for this promotion. Were you referred by a friend? Did they give you a unique refer a friend code to be entered on the registration page ingdirect.com.au/refer?

      If you have this code, you can still register and this will match up with your accounts. Once registered successfully, you would receive the bonus $75 payment to your Orange Everyday account the following month.

      If there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know.

      Needless to say I've replied pointing out that no referral is required, the offer is still on their website and I also had an email from them confirming I was registered and that $75 was 'waiting' for me! Will see what they say in reply.

      • +1

        Better than nothing I guess. Keep me updated? I'll let you know if mine goes through too.

        • All looking good :) …

          Thank you for your message.
          I have checked out most updated registration listing and have found you are on this list. Sorry for any confusion, there are two promotions running - one requires a code, the one you have registered for does not.
          You have already deposited your $1000, therefore, the $75 bonus will be paid to your Orange Everyday account by the end of September (the month following your deposit).
          If you have any other questions, please let us know.

        • +1

          @EDIflyer: lol thats ages away.. but you know what, it's $75 :)

          Cheers for the update!

  • How long does it take for the card to arrive?

    • +1

      Pretty quick, IME - opened my account at the weekend and card received Thursday!

      • +1

        Thanks mate. Was just wondering whether my mail was stolen (again). I'll wait until next week before calling.

        • Ah OK - hopefully not! Was just in a plain white DL-sized windowed envelope

        • +1

          @EDIflyer: Just an update. I called up today and they told me they had a system glitch whereby cards were not being created for new accounts. They created my card today and I should receive it in 2-5 business days.

          For those still waiting for their cards, it would be worth while giving them a call.

  • The website states that the deposit must be made to the Everyday Banking Account. However, the interest of 3.50% applies to the Savings Maximiser account.

    If I put a deposit of $2,000 into Everyday Banking Account , and within the minutue, I transfer it to the Saving Maximiser account. Will this get the 3.50% interest from day 1?

    • next calendar month the 3.5% will apply

      • But does the money have to be in the Everyday Banking Account OR can it be transferred to the Saving Maximiser account?

        • Has to be in savings maximiser of course.

        • @CVonC:

          So it is mandatory to transfer 1k to one account then you have to transfer it again to the savings account to get 3.5%

          Just wondering why we can't just transfer directly to the savings account

        • @bargin424:

          it is only mandatory to transfer 1k to receive the 3.5% rate on the savings maximiser account. whatever amount you then transfer into the savings maximiser account is up to you.

          Just wondering why we can't just transfer directly to the savings account

          you can deposit directly into the savings maximiser account as well

          i see what your point is, but you'll find that practically all transaction accounts have next to nothing if not no interest rate. the good thing about the savings maximiser account is that you can withdraw any time without a fee. it's just the way it is.. you want the bonus rate? then you must transfer 1k into the everyday account first. generally savings accounts should not be used as everyday transaction accounts anyway. it's good to have them separate.

  • +3

    Opened my account on 31/07. Deposited money on 03/08 and was pleasantly surprised to see my $75 'miscellaneous credit' appear today (12/08). Very impressed so far with ING!

    • +1

      Yep same opened 31/07, deposited money the next day and got my $75 credit today. Too easy

      • Ditto - $75 arrived in my account at the end of last week, most impressed.

        PS - great avatar, Thundercats are go :P

    • Did you have to leave the $1000 in there?

  • Do you think I can still use my referral code, or it is too late? Also I have already revive 75 dollars with that code in the past, has anyone got more than one pay?

  • Does anyone know whether you will still get the 3.50% interest IF you withdraw an amount out of it?

    • yep, you will!

  • I got my $75 reward today. Thanks ING, very impressed so far!

  • Also received my $75 reward today :)

  • The offer is still on

    • Are you saying 3,250 people haven't qualified yet?

      • I suppose so, because when I called and asked if this offer is still on, they said yes.

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