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Kogan Refractor Telescope $49 with Free Shipping


If you want to get into astronomy, check out your neighbours, or to legitimately use the line 'do you want to come back to my place to see my telescope?' then this might be the budget refractor telescope for you. This item was previously posted as $79 but at $49 delivered it represents a monumental price breakthrough.

This telescope will not give Hubble a run for its money let alone other 'proper' telescopes but for less than $50 delivered it is a good entry telescope, another toy to play with, or a gift for your kids that will enhance your chances of winning parent of the year whilst on a budget. You get a fair bit of kit for less than $50, manufactured to an exquisite Chinese quality. The set includes:

1 x Refractor Telescope 700mm x 70mm
3 x Eyepieces (SR4mm, H12.5mm, H20mm)
1 x Barlow Lens (3X)
1 x Erector (1.5X)

It also includes a tripod, a red dot finder, and it is packaged in a rectangular cardboard box.

The image quality is average and it might suffer from chromatic aberration but on the positive it introduces an element of colour into your images. The lightweight design does mean the telescope vibrates in the wind but this just makes your images more 'dynamic'.

With up to 175x magnification you can see bright, clear images of the Moon, planets, and other 'heavenly bodies' that can be gazed at and studied for hours!

This scope is also available on the Kogan eBay website for $49.98 delivered.

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    "The image quality is average and it might suffer from chromatic aberration but on the positive it introduces an element of colour into your images."

    Chromatic aberration is never a positive. A 2" refractor will give you a good view of the moon, Venus's phases, a glimpse of Jupiter's main cloud bands and the slight possibility of seeing Saturn's ring at the best of times. Really, this telescope is only really good for terrestrial use.

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      I think it's meant to be funny…

      At $49 shipped, I feel like buying this just for a bit of fun actually… You know set it up by the beach… to view the sky over to the horizon unobstructed that is…

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      Was my sarcasm too subtle?

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        I don't get it. Why post? You know it will only disappoint.
        Kogan has no shame about flogging worthless junk.

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          I wouldn't consider this as 'worthless junk'. The telescope represents decent value for money and you most likely won't find it as cheap anywhere else. For $49 delivered, you can't expect much but it still performs as a functioning telescope.

          Some people might want to dabble in astronomy but are not willing to folk out +$500 for a decent scope. Playing with this type of scope will give you a feel for astronomy and whether you wish to commit to a proper scope. It will also give you an appreciation of what to look for in a good scope.

          As long as people realise this is not a professional scope and more likely a bit of fun then you can't go wrong.

        • @gamemaster:
          I think buying this from Kogan for sub $50, any reasonable person would know it is not going to be high quality.
          However if you have kids with a possible interest in astronomy, this might be the way to gauge whether they have enough of an interest to warrant spending more money on.
          Nothing worse for an ozbargainer to spend money on something and then not have it used (other than those 1000 lumen torches that will come in handy one day).

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          On the contrary, playing with this scope WILL NOT give you a feel for astronomy, it will ruin it. The scope is crap and, at best, you will be able to see the moon. Every other expectation will result in a disappointment.

          But good for spying on neighbours :-)

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    If this telescope is cheap but no good. Can someone suggest a well priced but descent one? $200 or so dollars.

    • Start with a pair of binoculars and a star chart.
      You can see an incredible amount of things with binoculars.

    • someone posted this earlier here
      saying it was a good entry level one…

      maybe someone else can contrast the features with this Kogan piece, it's all greek to me :)

      • +1

        I have something similar. For looking at the moon it's fine. For anything else don't bother.

        IMO there are no decent new telescopes readily available under $200 for any proper interpretation of decent.

        • Get binos or a little dobbie, lots of great guides on google but $50 on this could destroy your pursuit in the hobby, don't do it!

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      Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope.

      List price is $199 , but if you play hardball you can get it for $150.

      Also note that telescopes are like slr cameras - you can end up paying more for eyepieces than the scope itself.

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      Save up $500 for an 8" Dobsonian telescope and a bit more to go and stay somewhere far away from the lights.

      If you don't want to do that, spend $50-$60 and join your local astronomy club. You'll learn a lot and a lot of astronomers will be happy to let you take a look through their instrument if you're nice to them and the equipment.

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    If its KOGAN then you know it will be rubbish quality

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    "You get a fair bit of kit for less than $50, manufactured to an exquisite Chinese quality". Honestly? lol

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    this is a pretty good deal for $49, if you look at the Australian national geographic website their similar telescope cost $249.95 which probably do the same job, these small telescope are mainly to look at the moon and some planets that are passing close enough to earth to be spotted.

    Good for beginners :D

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      You can get similar from Kmart or BigW.

      Check out this mis-assembled 3 inch Newtonian reflector I saw a couple of weeks ago for $79 at BigW.

      Note that it's in the toy section. I know most people aren't well versed in astronomy and telescopes, but do you think it's too much to ask to put the writing on the tube the right way up and realize that perhaps aiming the finderscope at the tripod legs isn't going to be helpful?

      Ah found it in their catalog

      Save up for a real telescope. For visual observing I think most people should start with an 8" Dobsonian. With the AUD in the toilet, they're around $500 new.

  • I live on the water, would this be suitable for looking at passing yachts etc?

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