Free/Discounted LED Downlight Offers & Similar (VEU/ESS/REES/EEIS)

Recently we have had a number of deal posts for free LED downlight replacements (especially in Victoria for the VEET (edit: now VEU) scheme). We have had some feedback that especially recently these posts are on the rise and on the most part they are simply different companies offering the same thing (from the same program).

In the future we will not allow these as deal posts, however various companies are welcome to add their service below (any deal posts will also be merged into this thread) and you are welcome to discuss the various schemes below.

Some of these deal examples for Victoria and ACT and some more information here for those interested (VIC/NSW/ACT/SA).



  • Nothing for poor old Tassie?

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      No candle schemes currently mentioned

  • Merged from Free Non-Dimmable 6w Primsal Globes (Includes Free Installation by Electrician) @ EasyBeingGreen

    Information from EasyBeingGreen website :

    • What is the offer?

    We replace your old inefficient halogen downlight globes with energy saving LEDs, FREE OF CHARGE. By replacing your old globes, you will save up to 80% off your lighting electricity usage. Victorian residents only

    • What products do we use?

    Primsal 6W LED - FREE Supply and Installation
    Philips Dimmable - $10.00 Supply and Installation
    Emerald Planet - $10.00 Supply and Installation
    EcoBulb GU10 - $3.00 Supply and Installation

    If you are member of One Big Switch, they will give 20% discount on the chargeable Globes and donate $1. Link

    Important Info : $30.00 Call out charge if there are less than 10 globes to be replaced

  • Merged from From $10.95 LED T8 Tubes Upgrade under VEET Scheme

    Businesses of Victoria

    Upgrade your inefficient fluorescent 36W 1200mm T8 Tubes with

    T8 1200mm LED 18W 5500K Tube

    From $10.95* Fully installed by A Grade Electrician

    *ceiling high to not exceed 3m

    Get in touch with us for book over the phone or on site inspection and to provide an accurate quotation.

    • Hmmm $11 a piece, and only halving the power consumption. Would take quite a while to break even.

      • Better quality light and longer life. Fluoro tubes can flicker, and at best flicker all the time (unless its a T5).

        • Better quality light

          Really? Yet LEDs they have similar or lower Colour Rendering, about provide about 1/2 the Lumens of light output.

          and longer life

          Really? T8 fluorescent is rated 20,000 hours or so. Long life fluorescent is rated up to 90,000 hours.

          Fluoro tubes can flicker

          They can flicker when they start. This is hardly a problem unless the lamp is dead and continues to flicker as it attempts to start.

          at best flicker all the time (unless its a T5).

          If you mean that kind of flicker, then you need to remember that almost all cheap LEDs flicker too. You can easily check this using a mobile phone camera - the refresh rate causes a beat cycle that makes the flicker "really visible"… try it, and you will see how wrong your claims are.

      • 18W for 10 hours per day is something like $17/year. If my calculations are correct, you would break even in less than a year.

        Tried another calculator and it showed about $17 for 32W, dusk to dawn each day. In that case it would take over a year but less than 18 months.

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          No special calculator is required.

          The 36W T8 fluoro is probably using a ballast that makes it consume 44W per tube. This is how most companies calculate VEECs, so we'll run with that.

          44W fluoro minus 18W LED = 26W saving.

          10 hours per day = 260Wh per day. That is 0.26 kWh per day.

          Power cost is (let's say) 25c per kWh.

          0.26 x 25c = 6.5c per day

          Operate 250 business days per year = 6.5c x 250 = $16.25

          At $11 each, payback period is $11 / $16.25 = 0.67 years = 8.12 months.

          But a better way to look at it as an investment. Let's say life is 5 years.

          You invest $11 and you get $5.25 back the first year, then 4 years of $16.25.
          Profit is $70.25 off an investment of $11. That's good value, when you can borrow the $11 at 5% per annum in interest.

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    Merged from FREE Energy Efficient High Output Highbays (Minimum 50 Per Premises) [VIC ONLY]

    For a limited time, you can get free high output bays installed by a certified electrician for your warehouse/store. We only have a stock of 500, so it's first come, first served. The reason this is free is because of stock clearance and due to the Victorian government's VEET program. Otherwise these are really expensive.

    The product is the Optitech Fluorescent High Bay 4 X 54W, which replaces the traditional 450W high bays. That's around 50% off your current lighting costs.

    Unit details:
    14,242 lumens
    6000k Colour temperature
    30,000 rated lifetime
    1180mm X 334mm X 105mm
    3 year warranty

    Now here are the terms for you to be able to get these:

    • Minimum 50 units per premises
    • Only applicable to businesses that are within 50 km from the Melbourne CBD
    • You should be able to show government evidence requirements
    • Scissor lift hire charges apply when over 4m
    • No stock or shelves should block the electrician from accessing the light fitting

    If you meet these requirements and want some free lights, please email [email protected] and leave a contact number so we can reach you.

  • Merged from [VIC] Free LED Lights Replacing CFL Bulbs and Downlights under VEET Scheme @ Aussie Greenmarks
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    The Victorian Government has launched a lighting upgrade offer for households under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (formerly VEET Scheme).

    The purpose of the offer is to help eligible households replace old lights with new energy-efficient LED bulbs. The cost of the LED bulbs and the fee for installation is FREE.

    You can get these types of lights replaced absolutely FREE:
    * CFL bulbs [Spiral/Stick]
    * Halogen Downlights
    * Incandescent bulbs

    More info on the scheme:

    Aussie Greenmarks only installs Scheme approved products which are covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
    * The LED Lights we offer comes in 3000K (Warm White) and 4000K (Cool White).
    * The Lm/W is more than 75+ for downlights and 140 Lm/W for LED bulbs.
    * Check out LED Lights Catalogue for more details:

    In order to qualify for this FREE offer, the resident must have:
    * A minimum of 15 Spiral/Stick CFL Bulbs, or
    * A minimum of 15 Halogen Downlights.
    * The residence within 35 Km range from Melbourne CBD, else a call-out fee may apply.

    PS: Non-dimmable lights are only covered under this offer. Dimmable options are available for additional cost.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

    Interested? Give us a Call at 1300 246 533

    • How would one know if their downlight is Halogen or Led?

    • Rep, which specific globes are used for free replacements? Looking at MR16 but across the range would be good.

    • Do you do both 240v and 12v halogen downlights? I have a combination!

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        Yes we do both.

        The 12V ones are normally referred to as MR16 downlights which are integrated with a transformer.

        The 240V ones are the GU10 downlights. The light replacements will be free of cost.

        • Thanks friend!
          Yes they're the ones

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      For clarity, OP is not the only provider offering this service. On the link to the VicGov site, there are ~25 other providers just in the Metro Melbourne area listing.

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        As explicitly mentioned in the description, we, like many other Accredited Providers, are working under the Government Scheme to offer this replacement service. The link given above in the description should list all the Accredited Providers who are providing this service :)

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          That's what I said.

    • My transformers state that they output 20-60W, does that cause any problems either with powering or from an efficiency point of view when these replacement globes are 5W?

      • Hi WeiKaiLe,

        The transformers should be compatible most of the time. You can have a look at the compatibility list here.

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      @op, would you replace transformers too if they are not compatible with the LED bulbs?

      • It's rarely the case that a transformer is not compatible. But in that case, we have no other option but to change the entire downlight kit which involves a cost.

    • In order to qualify for this FREE offer, the resident must have:
      * A minimum of 15 Spiral/Stick CFL Bulbs, or
      * A minimum of 15 Halogen Downlights.

      Website says a minimum of 25 Spiral/Stick CFL Bulbs?

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        It is normally 25 CFLs, but we have made the offer available to people having 15 for a limited time!

    • Will 12 incandescent plus 3 spiral CFL qualify? plus 2 x 1200mm fluorescent tube?

      • Hi nek,

        I'm afraid not since the Electricians won't be able to come to replace 3 CFLs only and will incur a call-out fee even if he/she agrees. Do you have downlights in any case which needs to be replaced?

        1200mm fluorescent tubes are only free under the Small Business/Commercial premises. However, we can give you a quote to get them replaced at market competitive rates and products approved under the Government Scheme.

        • I have only 2 halogen downlights and I assume GU10 fluorescent won't gualify as I have 16.

          • @nek: I'm afraid, as per the scheme, only GU10 Halogen can be replaced at this time.

    • Hi so your saying we now can change our CFL globes to LEDs under VEET scheme for free? Just wondering when did this offer start? cheers

      • That is correct. The CFL replacement activity was introduced back in December 2018.

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      I have 20 CFLs in my house. They are a combination of the following two models. Would I be eligible for this offer?

      1) Philips Genie (large)

      2) E-Star spiral (mini)

  • Merged from Go Green Go LED ! Upgrade for Free ! Call 0-4-7-8-4-5-4-1-8-5 for Appointment !
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    Victorian government, along with other state governments, have undertaken a beautiful initiative of making Australia greener. The ultimate goal is to reduce the consumption of energy by both Victorian businesses and households.

    To accomplish this, the Victorian government provides a huge subsidy to households and businesses to upgrade their high electricity consuming lights to LEDs.

    The upgrade is COMPLETELY FREE and reduces your energy bills extraordinarily. All products are government approved and come with a 2-year replacement warranty. All products are installed by A-Class licensed electricians.

    Hope you join the race and help the government to achieve its GREEN TARGETS. Help the country, the environment and save money in return !!

    Call 0-4-7-8-4-5-4-1-8-5, confirm your interests and book an appointment for installation !!

  • Got a leaflet in the mail from Accredited Power Saver offering $33 for whole house halogen down lights replacement to LEDs (minimum 10 down lights, NSW)
    Includes "MR16 downlights, GU10 downlights (dimmable) and outdoor flood lights as $0"
    "Upgrade to premium recessed luminaire dimmable : $19.95 each extra"
    "Option to remove all old transformers by converting MR16 to GU10 for $9.95 each"
    "Existing dimmable MR16 replacements available for $9.95 each"
    at additional costs.

    Any reviews?

  • Merged from Free LED Lights Replacement from Old Halogen/CFL (Residential/Commercial Lights)
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    Hi all

    We are offering free LED lights up-gradation for residential and commercial customers under the VEET program. And we use registers products and A-grade electrician to replace the lights. If anyone interested in to change lights plz feel free to contact me on 0426722468. Please send us bellow information for the replacement on [email protected].

    1. Contact Person Full name.
    2. Address of the replacement of the lights
    3. Total No of lights.
    4. A picture of each type of light for replacement.

    Please reduce electricity utilisation and save the earth by reducing carbon emissions.


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      Is this only for Victorians??

      • For now, we are doing in victoria only. But this program is operating in various parts of the country.

  • Do you also replace the halogens in the bathroom ceiling heater/fan/light combo ?
    Photo for reference:

    • Bathroom Heater lights are specially placed for creating heat on winter days. so they better not for replacement. but we can replace the in-between small light.

    • No, they definately won't do that as they'll lose money.

  • Are there any free programs for NSW???

    All I see is Victoria!!!?

  • Merged from [VIC] Free LED Globe Replacement from Smart User
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    Before you rush out and buy those LED globes i saw posted earlier today, i personally had my rental apartment completely overhauled for free with LED globes.

    Someone let me know how good the Heat pump deal is please!

    This deal may be Victoria only.

    I was relieved to find that it was easy, free and totally legit. i am in no way affialiated, i saw a display at the local shopping centre in Malvern, Victoria.

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