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$50 Optus SIM Plan: 8GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Texts


Guys the ultimate deal is back - 8 GB OF DATA, UNLIMITED calls and texts PLUS 300 minutes of international calls. SIM ONLY

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  • Thank you! OP

  • Hmmmm …. maybe they need to reconsider the name….

    • The name is called:

      Not sure where the op got 'Optus SIM Plan 8 GB+UNLMTD CnT'?

      • Calls n Texts?

        "$50 MY PLAN PLUS SIM ONLY" doesn't sound as appealing as a $50 SIM plan with 8GB data + unlimited calls and texts (if you're able to infer that from UNLMTD CnT).

  • If you already have a broadband plan, it takes it down to $40 per month with extra $10 discount.

  • +3 votes

    $50 PLUS 1 month free for Unlimited everything and 8GB? Pretty damn good deal.

  • Pretty good deal. Ireckon this is better than the offer I signed up for which was $50 for 8 GB and free 3 months Netflix access in early July but without the first month access free

  • I tried signing up for this last time it was on…5 numbers to bring across form tpg. Spent a good time on the phone going through the process and then received an email to verify my id. Never heard back from them.
    Rang a couple of weeks back and was told they have no application in my name and the deal has expired and now $60.00

    will try this again.

    • Took me a while to figure out, but when porting from TPG mobile the Account number is your "User Num" when you look at "Your Invoices" in your account page. other than that my recent port of 2 numbers to Amaysim worked fine

  • CnT

    I read it as something else

  • Nice price

  • I think the mods need to edit that title. Could be miss leading………

  • 1 month free as well…and got the connection fee waived for my broadband bundle(saving $125) which takes the $50 down to $40.. fantastic offer …perfect for me ajd my family..just swapped from Telstra

  • talking to customer rep that says its not available…its an old page - delete cookies…… he started to piss me off with the bs~ further pages works fine….. anyone else having issues like this?

  • Sixty dollars was always quite overpriced. And this is still $600 p.a.
    More data versus Telstra at least.

  • The amount of data is better than previous plans

  • Don't know what's better for me, the $2 daily plus, or this…. Hmmm international call arhhhh yummy.

    • 2dollar was a bit of a flop, I'd even tried it once. Whereas with the $50 here you get a continuous block [not 15GB wasted 50%], much nicer.

    • For me, the 2 dollar day deal suits me better. I'd be likely to use that 8gb in one week and have none left for the remainder of the month (or pay more for more data). On the 2 dollar day deal, if I use all my data, I get more the next day. Those international minutes in this deal are appealing though.

      • So something like $30 PW plan usage. That's fairly atypical mobile spend, though.

        I'd be likely to use that 8gb in one week and have none left

        Can you think of a circumstance where this has saved you cash?

        In my case VodaAU's data-weekend meant my paid quota was preserved entirely, just for instance. Could use netflix to 8GB<>.

        This deal rather takes me back to old Woolworths m(3G) $29/5GB/cap 500.00 I'd use paywave and EDR discounts bring that down to $24.80. Completely standalone service for that $5GB, not bad. Could buy two plans? although someone in an Optus thread reckoned this has quietly been pushed up to a data 8 gigs(?) inc rollover.

        • "Can you think of a circumstance where this has saved you cash?"

          Well on the $2 a day deal, it works out that it costs me $60 for a month, but I get up to 15GB download. (At work, I have the luxury of being able to utilise this whilst working).

          For the same amount of downloads on this deal, it'd cost me more.

          That said, I'd of signed up for this deal if the free month offer still applied (the 300 international minutes is appealing), but unfortunately that ended yesterday so I missed out.

  • +5 votes

    Might be interesting to note that this time around, the deal should be available across all sale channels and not only the online channel.

    • I just got off the live chat on the Optus website and the rep insisted the deal was online only. Has anyone tried to get this offer in store?

      Seriously considering moving from amaysim's $45 unlimited 5gb plan for this!

    • Well you are both correct in part (From my friends experience)
      My Friend just signed up in a shop, immediate activation and port on the spot, but you miss out on the free month, but the rest is honoured the same.
      Edit: he did just that here in Brisbane store, moved from amaysim $45, The Optus guy called Amaysim directly to speed up the port.

  • I got this the first time it came up. Optus isn't perfect but eventually will get it done right. Did get the 3 months Netflix service. And data Sims to share the data on an iPad and Samsung tablet.

  • My partner is on a 6GB plan with phone for 2 years. If I sign up for this, will I be able to pool the data?

  • Does this include data rollover?

    • Straight from chat

      Kiel P:Let me explain you about the plan details.

      Kiel P:With $50/month sim only plan you get unlimited minuets + 8GB data + unlimited sms/mms + 300 minuets international calls + unlimited international sms/mms, This is for month on month, No lock in contract.

      Kiel P:You can change at any moment of time.

      Kiel P:There is no data roll over with this plan, But you can get 1 month free access with this plan, This will be applied on the 2nd or 3rd billing cycle.

  • I signed up for the $45 3gb plan a while ago, then switched to this offer a month or so ago. 8GB is perfect with data share sims across ipads and laptops which we were previously paying $180 per annum each with Telstra for. Love the international minutes on this too, great value plan.

  • So is this prepaid or a contract?
    It just says plan

  • What happens after the month, can you renew these rates?

  • wondering if they have this one on prepaid.. i will jump to optus from telstra right away…..

  • What if i go through the first month, then next month ill be going overseas so wont be using my phone, how do i stop them from billing me?

    • why don't you wait till later to port? Offer ends early October. Better to not go for the 1 month free and the trouble to do so, and risk them stuffing up your account. Just port when you get back from o/s.

      • i meant that as hypothetical.
        in 6months time if i go overseas so wont be using my phone, how do i stop them from billing me for that month?

        • That's like saying, I'm going overseas 6 months from now… How can I make sure my water company or my electricity company not bill me when I'm away?

          I don't know the answer to that, but if you really want such an arrangement you would need to talk to your service provider, whether it's Optus or someone else.

        • @bluedufflecoat: the point being, if it was prepaid he wouldn't have this problem. But probably you can't stop it, unless you wana port out and back in or something.

  • Is this for new customet only?

    • Existing customers can upgrade to this plan but the one month free access does not apply

  • FYI I tried to swap plans over the phone and was told I had to do it online as Optus are trying to push people into using the self service pages etc, even though my friend had his altered over the phone not 5 minutes before lol.. Apparently I'll be eligible for the free month this way though.

  • You reckon vodafone will match this ?

  • Did this in-store. They honoured the 1 month free when i mentioned it. Went over from vodafone. Took 15 minutes to port over.

    • So sign-up and new sim card happened on the same day? Vodafail is getting on my nervese too

      • Yep.Asked them about the special. I said am i better off doing it online to get the 1 month free and she said "no thats fine we can do everything here for you"

        Was in and out of the store in 20mins. Connected to optus within 15. Very happy.

        • Just tried to get the online special in store at Macquarie Centre and the staff insisted they didn't have access to the 1 month free offer. Will try another store over the weekend!

        • ditto. Refusal to give 1 month free

  • Great for those you can get this deal. I signed up for the $45 plan just a few weeks ago, chatted online to see if I can upgrade to this offer without loosing my free month next month, they said no I will not be able to get a free month (next month), suggested that I should wait till the free month is done and then switch to this if it's still available. :(

  • If I order it now, will my number start porting immediately, or only after I receive the sim and choose to activate it? I don't actually want to port until my current prepaid month ends (28 Aug)

    • I would like to know this too.

    • In theory you can delay it. You can ask them to send you the sim at a later date… I did, but they sent it to me early anyway.

      When you receive the sim they will send you a text saying they are porting your number. You reply to that and say stop. It will stop the porting process.

      When you are ready, you go to optus' self account management website and activate your sim.

  • I got the recent Red offer with Vodafone, got $10 off, so $40. Got 5GB data, unlimited calls/texts and 300 intl minutes.

    For me it wasn't worth the extra $10 for 3GB data as I wouldn't have used it.

    Happy with Voda so far, would consider this if things change.

  • Looks like this is massive push to grab some of the users from their mvno's such as Amaysim.

  • Unbelievable !!

    I am (was) on the Optus SIM-Only $45 / 4Gb plan.

    Followed the OP supplied link (thanks heaps !!) and couldn't see exactly what I was looking for so I hit the "Live Chat" button.

    30 seconds later I was "chatting' with "Roger", explained what I wanted to do. Gave him my existing 'phone number and DOB.

    Not five minutes later it was done effective my next billing date :)

    A couple of the things that I particularly like about these Optus SIM-Only plans are the once-off $5.00 set-up for data-sharing SIMs (one in my Tablet, one in Wifeys iPad) and also if I ever DO go over my limit (not too likely now it's 8 Gb :) ) it's automatically only $10 / Gb extra.

    One Happy Camper !!!!

  • Thanks OP, signed up over the weekend, pity existing customers aren't entitled to first month free but great deal nevertheless.

  • Hi guys. I am currently on a Telstra $70 per month for unlimited calls and 6GB data without international calls. I am thinking of this plan. Would you swap over?

    • Based on value, yes… But your area will determine your network quality.

      I moved from the Telstra encore plan to this plan for extra data.

      • Hi Paddington

        I'm currently on Telstra's encore, and am considering a swap. Is there any hidden things about the encore plan (or Telstra) that you didn't realise you would miss until you switched?
        I'm thinking I might miss being able to use my Telstra credit on the Google play store, and also the cheap movie tickets from being with Telstra.

        • Hi.
          No, not really. I don't usually download apps that aren't free, so it doesn't really bother me. I think it's the data with Optus that is really good. If you go over the 8gb, it's $10 for 1gb which is still better value than Telstra encore plus packs.

          You get cheap Hoyts tickets with optus too.

  • Thanks OP been waiting for this!

  • I would rather be happy with 6GB and unlimited international calls…