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LG G4 32GB $589 AUD @ eBay Group Deals (Quality Deals)


From the eBay description:

Timeless Elegance
An ergonomically contoured device with a premium back cover, gives the LG G4 an unmatched touch of class.

Arc Design
Enjoy a natural, comfortable grip with a gently curved design.

Pro Capture
With a 16 Megapixel rear camera, F1.8 lens, optical image stabilisation and laser detect auto-focus, shoot like a pro, even in low light situations. Capture the perfect selfie with the 8 Megapixel front facing camera.

Get Creative
Have the power of a professional camera with manual mode to adjust shutter speed, ISO settings, white balance and more.

True to Life
With a 5.5” IPS display, experience high-contrast, true to life vibrant images.

Do More
With a removeable battery and microSD card slot, easily swap out your battery and increase your storage.

A smartphone has never looked, or felt, so good.
LG’s G4.
Yours, delivered, Australia wide for only $589.

Other features
Package Content
• LG G4 H815 32GB Leather Black / Leather Brown / Leather Red (Selectable) x 1
• QuadBeat 3 Headset x 1
• Charger x 1
• Data cable x 1
• User guide (in foreign language) x 1

Don't forget the 2% cashback bonus via Cash Rewards!

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  • +2

    Glad this isn't the H815T model or i'd be mighty pissed that I pulled the trigger on the T-dimension deal a couple of weeks ago

    • +3

      Sorry for a nob question.

      What's the difference between the H815T and H815? Is there any issues associated with H815T? I'm in the market for G4. Thanks!

      • +6

        supports more 4G bands, particularly the ones that optus uses.

        • Has a comparison of these different bands been posted before on ozbargain?

        • +4
        • What about the dual Sim version? How are the bands on that?

        • +2


          It loses overseas bands /20/4 thats 800 1700 & also the less significant AU(B40) TD2300. Gains overseas /8 900. H818p.

        • @daver:

          That means no good for us here…

        • @neonlight:
          Seems it has not supported 700 (B28) afterall as outdated info had said. (I have a 4g OPO myself & seems I should best wait on g5 2016 models instead.) Cursed frequencies.
          How so ?
          The omitted 2300 doesn't prevent several others from working, in total: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850 (B5), UMTS900 (B8), UMTS1900 (B2), UMTS2100 (B1), LTE2100 (B1), LTE700 (B17), LTE850 (B5), LTE1800 (B3), LTE2600 (B7), LTE1900 (B2), LTE900 (B8)
          ±B/w the latter two, is fine.

        • +1


          The dual band ones are missing the Band 28 - 700Mhz which is used by Telstra 4GX.

        • @CLoSeR:

          Yes that makes sense…Telstra/Optus 4G is a must. So the dual sIM is no good for it.

          Not sure why I got a neg

    • You can buy the H815T for less anyway (although shipping might push it up to a little over) - see (found via

  • +1

    Damn I was also camping to post this after the deal has started, looks like you beat me to it. A great deal, best price I have seen of it.

    • +1

      Seems like the price will just continue to plummet too. Should be sub $500 at end of this year.

      • +9

        they should give that phenomenon a name or something


        • -3

          Slow sales I think it's called. Seems to affect most Android devices.

        • …or obsolescence ;)

        • @durendal:
          You mean it's planned obsolescence. Omg

      • Not while the G3 still remains in the high 400s

  • Does anyone know if this seller qd_au lists an ABN on their invoices?? (For salary sacrifice purposes)

    • +7

      No, they don't.
      Not AU based, but very reliable seller.

  • I was in cash rewards site and was then directed to ebay. I was unable to go to the above group buy site, please advise on how to get there? Thanks.

    No worry, managed to get to the group deal site. Thanks.

  • +3

    Well so much for that responsible "save for a house deposit" thinking… Time to buy a phone

    • Save for a house!

      • +34

        I dunno, the phone does take better photos than a house would… Tough call

        • Cant call people with a house either.

        • +8

          @ankor: Doctors make house calls all the time.

  • +1

    This deal is active for 1 week. $50 ebay vouchers due on 12/8/15. Will stocks last till then?

    • If not, this phone is likely going to be cheaper. Worth the wait. Almost 10% saved with that voucher.

    • oh yes.. forgot I have a $50 voucher on the way.. thanks for the reminder. Will wait for T-Dimension H815T to be back in stock.

      • Did you guys already get it?

        • Still waiting, but used my 10% off voucher which made the final price $530.10. Hopefully the 2 year Coles MC price protection guarantee works on ebay purchases.

          Direct link to listing

        • Still waiting for my $50 voucher, is due today according to eBay.

        • @CLoSeR: It will come, and still 100 phones left so you won't miss out.

        • -1


          I already bought from T-Dimension offer, $599 with 16GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Shipped.

          Wanted to buy from them as they have a good reputation for sales and support. My G4 is currently in transit from HK.. ;)

        • @CLoSeR: Well done. Hopefully you will have it delivered by the end of the week. I hope this turns out to be better than the Galaxy S5 I purchased from DWI.

        • @unity1: the 10% off is that a targeted offer mate?

        • @F1Maniac: Yes it was

  • How does this compare to the Xperia Z3 ?

  • +3

    I have bought 4 phones from qd_AU. Very reliable and the shipping time is incredibly quick.

    • What's after sales support like?

      • +3

        Not bad. Had a issue with LG G3 with a yellow tinge in the corner of screen. They provided me with a mailing address to then ship to have warranty sorted. Was able to drop off at their warehouse in Rhodes instead.
        When the warranty claim was rejected (claimed phone had been dropped but hadnt been) they were going to charge postage to return phone to me but after a bit of a disappointed feedback (they never mentioned postage charges if claim was rejected) ended up sending it back to me for no cost.

        Overall happy with their service. From start to finish was about 5 weeks or so, but you expect that when warranty is overseas.

        • +6

          so your phone still has the yellow tinge :O

        • +17

          Overall happy with their service.

          you're happy with a rejected warranty claim based on them identifying it as being dropped when it wasn't?
          That wouldn't fall on my 'overall happy' end of the service scale

        • +3

          @SBOB: wouldnt you say its more of an lg service issue than a qd service issue?

          Edit. It was my assumption the warranty check was done by LG but i could well have assumed wrong

        • I had the same yellow tinge in the top left corner of the screen on my G3. I sent the G3 back to Kogan for free and got a full refund within 1 week, that's about 3 months after the initial purchase. That's what you call good after sales service!

          Think they are telling you a lie just not to give you a new phone, the yellow tinge is definitely not due to being dropped. It's the CPU heating up the LCD and causing the fault. At least that was the case for me.

  • Aargh,so tempting, I have been looking to ditch my nexus for the g3, but the g4 prices makes it difficult to resist,,lol.

    • +3

      buy it

    • My nexus 4 has treated me well over the past 2 and a half years, but I think it is time to give it a rest. I bought one! Lets hope all goes well

  • Will I be able to get GST back from the airport if I buy from them?

  • +1

    Grey import or Australian stock? I can't see it. Anyone notice?

    • +1

      It's a grey import

  • noob question but will it be covered under any warranty?

    • From my understanding, it's covered by the seller for one year. Although it IS a grey import, so you might have to deal with overseas RMA

  • +1

    How's the battery life on these compared to LG G2, I have, and Xperia Z3, I'm considering?

    • +1

      Better than the G2/G3; but the Z3 battery life will be better than LG G4.

      • Thanks. I had a look at, after Ronnnie posted it, and it seems the battery life from G2 to G3 to G4 is going downhill. Yet G2 and Z3 should be quite comparable in this regard.

        • The Z3 screen is lower res and less of a power hog.

  • Thanks op

    Brought one.

    • +17


  • Apart from the missing Optus 4G bands and the overseas warranty, is there any reason not to get this? Fed up with my cheap phone…

    • +1

      Only reason you wouldn't want to get this is if you were holding out for a different flagship e.g Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

    • +1

      you'll still get 4g on optus though

  • Same seller's item:
    $6500 AUD instant camera anyone?

    • +12

      ebay sellers put up ridiculous high prices when they are out of stock,
      this way they don't have to relist their item (so they can avoid the ebay fees).

  • Love my G4 but the screen keeps freezing every now and then and everything will just go blank. I have to take the battery out then put it back in for it to work properly

    • Had a similar problem with an old Samsung phone, that I guessed was probably due to crappy specs. I can't see how that would be the issue with a G4, though it might be due to running out of memory, especially if you have a lot of services running

      • G4 is actually known to be a bit laggy sometimes. I just use the basic apps that used to work perfectly on my nexus 5 but are laggy on the G4. Really surprising that a flagship phone does that but there isnt much I can do right now since there isnt a root available either :/

        • chipset problem then?

        • @tomkun01:

          lg g3 is also like that, not a great phone

        • @Foorey: I guess that's reflected in the comparatively low price for a flagship

        • That's LG and Samsung for you. If you want to avoid lag you have to use custom roms.

        • Yes there is (root available). Have you bothered looking?! XDA…

        • +1

          @Foorey: My G3 has been brilliant. No noticeable lag and great functionality. It is the first phone that no longer leaves me with "phone envy". I will probably wait for the G5 before I upgrade. But I really don't feel like I am missing out on anything at the moment.

        • Sounds like a bit of a gamble, G4 having lagging issues and G3 (which I'm keen on) having the yellow tinge and also crappy support,as noted below.
          I'm kinda over Samsung (shithouse Alpha), damn what now?

        • +1

          @OrbDaggerZ: Sony and HTC?

        • @clse945111:

          I do like the Sony Z3 Compact (size/waterproof), but it's shit house 16gb memory is a joke in this day and age, they need/should do a 64gb option and a 32gb (w/mSD) as a minimum,thats priced accordingly.

          I wonder if HTC M8/9 have any issues.
          I'll check into it.

        • +1

          For htc I might actually recommend the desire eye, seeing as it's waterproof and has a better camera than M8.
          For sony the Z3 series and probably the C4.

  • I like the looks of retina scanning/camera 3D/20MP/64GB/4K/DS4G, incoming on the next one. Quite a first rate phone maker.

  • Wow it's going cheap so fast, I wonder how much it costs to produce 1 of these phones

  • Leaving the country the 20th will I get it before then?

    • you could send the seller a msg to ask. from experience (with other sellers), i wouldnt rely too much on their promises, though.

  • +2

    JB has this for over $900, a total rip off even for the premium of being Aussie stock.

  • +6

    JB has this for over $900, a total rip off even for the premium of being Aussie stock.

    • HN has its price dropped to $837 leather back and $798 ceramic back.

      I wonder if I will buy it from HN for the local waranty … $190 different (I'll buy the circle cover, so the back of the phone is irrelevant to me).

      I'll have it rooted eventually anyway.

      • +3

        Local warranty isn't worth $190, as I don't think any of these Android phone companies directly fix your phone. (Fonebiz etc deal with that)

        • +3

          Remember LG local warranty is shitty. Never buy LG again until they improve

        • +4

          @ntt: Couldn't agree more. Their customer service is TERRIBLE, they are extremely unhelpful, have ZERO information about any other device manufactured by their company sold outside of Aus and tell you to make international calls to get a bit of help other similar models.

        • @roosta: Definitely don't get overpriced local LG stock then. The G3 is also a great deal in the high $300s

        • +1

          I was thinking good to buy local for local warranty; interesting to hear support is not worth the extra dollars. T-Dimension here I come..

        • @Fobsessive: I'm owning the LG G3, that is why I am hesitant even more, as there is not a huge jump between the G3 and the G4

      • Tough decision. Maybe wait til the end of the year to hope for a $500 grey price?

        • It will drop, for sure. As the G4 Pro, tentatively announced with crazy specs, is set for launch either by the end of the year or very early next.

  • Pass. Will wait for the G5 :-)

  • +6

    Local or overseas, it's a very good phone. Best one I've had for a while.

    I didn't go the H815 single sim, i went for H818P dual SIM. It supports all H815 bands pretty much, except the one I thought - 700MHz band 28 (which Telstra use for 4GX); it does support 700Mhz, but only band 17 not available nor used in Australia. Having said all that; 4G works perfectly fine; sadly was maxing out on/around 48Mbps on a speed test in a 5 bar 4GX zone. ROOT is now available on all models. I'm also hoping an unlocked bootloader comes next, as that will mean (since this phone is based on Qualcomm chipset), potential for further radio/modem hacking to unlock other frequency bands to enhance usability of the phone in all/most countries.

    Dual SIM also doesn't have wireless charging like single SIM; however…why you would bother buying an extra accessory to charge at a slower rate makes no sense, when you can use a quickcharge USB charger (such as one from Galaxy S6) and its 5x faster from 0-100%. G4 charger out of box doesn't support quickcharge.

    All the other features of this phone crap on other flagships; You have the iPhone which people pay crazy money for a 'brand'. The Galaxy S6, which is Samsung's best effort yet to clone an IPhone…and then you have the LG G4, HTC and shortly, Sony Xperia M5 all offering either expandable memory, removable/replacable battery, etc. "blocky" with some people reporting "miss taps" on the screen to wake-up/lock. Those who get it however, will find the features far outweigh the cons….

  • +4

    I have been a Galaxy S/ Galaxy Note user.
    I got the LG G4 last sat. I'm really happy with the phone.

    Few nice features I enjoy…
    Best Camera.
    FM Radio. Automatically starts when you plug in your ear phone. You can set this to start the the music player as well.
    Smart features - It identifies that you are at home (based on wifi) and changes your phone setup to suit home.
    Best battery.
    Nice universal remote. I didn't even need those codes to setup Sony TV, Yamaha amplifier & fetch TV. IT picked it up straight away.
    Interesting weather notifications. Right now it says "It will be sunny today. The temperature will change significantly , so dress accordingly"
    To me, it is the right size & weight.

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