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Purchase of a Surface Pro 3 & Receive Surface Type Cover + Express Shipping @ MS Store


From now until the 17th of August, Microsoft Australia will give you a free Type Cover ($179.99 Value) when you purchase Surface Pro 3. Plus you get free express shipping through the month of August.

Limited time only: Get a free Surface Pro Type Cover (4 colours to choose from) when you buy a Surface Pro 3 today! Select your cover after clicking 'Add to cart'.

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  • Inb4 Surf Pro 4 (Skylake) release in Oct.

  • Maybe make that title a little clearer… ie "with purchase of Surface Pro 3"

  • Does it come with keyboard cover on student deals?

  • If they can match price from HN, that would be a prefect deal.

  • Surface 4 with a fanless Skylake is the dream mate

    • the fan is very quiet in pro 2 and pro 3 already.
      fanless doesnt mean cooler …. it might still burn your hand like surface pro 1 :D

      but fanless might make it thinner.

    • what other ConfirmeD differences between pro 3 and pro 4?

    • fanless? You must love the heavy throttling feature on the Sp3

      • Mine has never throttled. Fan occasionally sounds like a god damn shuttle launch, though.

        • impossible. All Sp3 are throttled. ie CPU & GPU throttling occurs. That's the reason why they were able to address the overheating bug.

        • @pinoy: Except I can run LR and Photoshop CC with a half dozen 80mp raw images open and not get throttled at all.

          And I don't think I do anything more intensive than that. Although one time I listened to Amerikkas Most Wanted on Spotify while also watching a youtube of ducks, I guess. That was pretty full on.

          So, uh, whether your secondhand opinion think it's 'impossible' or not is irrelevant to my experience.

        • @pinoy: Which model do you have?

        • @Mic Cullen:

          sp3 i5 256gb & i7 512gb. I do use other hybrids other than sp3's. Since day 1 i've always hated the typecover key/touchpad of the sp3s.

          Just because you are able to run all of those apps, doesnt mean the SP3 isnt throttled (btw I also use mine for CAD/PS/LR etc). Its a given fact by design that the SP3 needs to be throttled whether you like it or not. Your experience does not release you from the facts. Its been discussed a myriad of times everywhere.

  • Useful Trick -
    there are times when you really want to just work lightly on the sp3.Eg working on Word doc. However some unexpected service might kick in and elevate the cpu to max freq. eg Antimalware service. Hence when working on batt it will drastically drain it quickly. On AC it may make ur fan go wild.
    good news is that you can actually tweak the balanced power profile to limit the operating freq of the cpu.

    eg limiting it to 50%

    elevate a CMD with admin rights.
    do a
    powercfg /l
    copy the guid of the balanced profile
    now set the ac & dc operating

    then activate it on the balanced profile

    powercfg /setactive 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e

    after doing this, you should only see the cpu work at 50% of its freq