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Samsung Galaxy S6 $741, Lumia 640 $223, XB1 Bundles $441, Surface Pro 3 $973 @Harvey Norman

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Cheapest the Surface Pros have been in a while. Gonna wait for the SP4 though. It's going to be EPIC

  • Only the blue S6 is for $766. All other colours are $885.

  • $748 ($ 723 with 25 off) for the HTC M9 (i would buy the sammy but after owning a htc one with sense Ui i rather just wait for the next phone from htc) .. hehehe


    • Was considering it. But isnt the m9+ coming soon - hoping for a price drop (I would rather an m8 to be honest)

      • i want to see how big the M9+ actually is.. if its LG G2 size(ish) id be interested.. and if they've fixed some of the issue's .. the camera thing i don't care about much i was fine with the 4mp one till it went purple ..lol
        Although something to note ..the M9+ in Netherlands got recalled due to LTE chip problems.. so if there really is an issue i expect them to be delayed here.

        • What kind of issues with the m9?

          I initially heard that battery life sucked.. but now it seems like people were just overreacting as I can't find any sturdy info on it?

          I'm not interested in the m9+, just a cheaper m9 (since I can't buy the m8 for a reasonable price anymore)

        • @justtoreply: the camera mainly (not a big deal to me), the battery i wasn't fussed about nor the overheating … the Sense UI is whats won me over and the feel of the M7. Like you if the phone was sub 700 i'd bought it already.

  • Looks like they jacked up the price by $100 for the surface pro 3 i5 gb since this morning :-(