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Sign up to Harvey Norman Newsletter and Get a $25 Voucher (Min Spend $150)


New Sign Up Offer From HN
Sign up to Harvey norman One Of 3 newsletters and get $25 Voucher

Voucher Does Not Stack With Bundled Items

When you get email open it and click view online version and code should appear


To redeem your $25 online discount voucher you must create an online Harvey Norman account and log in. Only for use with a minimum order value of $150. Voucher is limited to 1 per Harvey Norman online account and email subscription. The voucher will only be valid for 30 days from the date you receive your email. Excludes Harvey Norman Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards and services. Only available for redemption via Harvey Norman Online. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • I think you should probably should put the min. spend in the title.
    Edit: Resolved!

  • How long would it take for voucher email to arrive?

  • *To redeem your $25 online discount voucher you must create an online Harvey Norman account and log in. Only for use with a minimum order value of $150. Voucher is limited to 1 per Harvey Norman online account and email subscription. The voucher will only be valid for 30 days from the date of this email. Excludes Harvey Norman Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards and services. Only available for redemption via Harvey Norman Online. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Those Professionals are at it again.

  • Can you remove from their mailing list I suppose?

  • Spend $300+ with Amex and get $50 back - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/192897?page=1#comment-2757...

    $325 item now costs you $250…………..

  • Is this only to be used online? If so… No deal. Overpriced stuff to support Gerry's ever increasing waste line.

  • The DC45 seems to have disappeared from their site…or is that just me?

  • Dyson DC45 no longer available. I know because I bought one yesterday and it was a limited time offer :P

  • Just signed got the voucher. Waiting to be spammed with Gary's "No so Awesome" deals, and hot items to be removed at any time

  • I got the email but there's no voucher code next to USE VOUCHER CODE:

  • what a disgrace of HN, yet again someone's IT job is at stake!

  • Ok guys for the ones not seeing the code. When you open the email click View online Version and a new page should open showing the code. I was using gmail

    • Also if you're using Internet Explorer 11 the code still won't show up when clicking View online version but it does in Firefox. So those still having problems and are using Internet Explorer try another web browser.

    • Clicking the 'view online version' link worked for me (Firefox). Took a few tries but it finally generated a code. Thanks!

    • Thanks! Tried with the online version and it works :)

  • +3 votes

    Bring back the $5 voucher!

  • No email- almost an hour now. Will wait…

  • Got voucher fine using mobile browser. Thanks Trent

  • I already have an account with them. Is this for new signups only?

  • Cant decide between dc37 and dc25? Anyone know more about them?

  • Any idea how long this offer is available for?

    $25 would probably only cover half the postage on ordering a small item.
    Store pickup should work for this? Not much of a deal otherwise…

    We have you in our database and know what you buy. Big brother is watching ;)

  • Signed up yesterday, still no voucher :(

  • signed up multiple times, still no voucher :(
    if anyone has a spare they are not going to use, it would be much appreciated!

    • finally got a code after signing up multiple disposable and personal work email addresses, not totally sure but after a while i tried using IE instead of chrome so that may have been the difference

  • yep, never got the voucher either.

  • Just signed up. Just got the voucher and code.

  • Got voucher straight away. Used AMEX so got $75 off my purchase which made it a little bit better priced than if I'd shopped elsewhere

  • Can this be used on there eBay item also?

  • I presume this offer supersedes the long running $5 newsletter sign up bonus so I/we need to remember to stop automatically thinking that anything from $25 @ HN can be bought online for $5 less.

  • yep im getting 75 dollars off (amex and newsletter). bought me a xbox one.

  • I just signed up for the voucher to purchase a laptop with instore pickup.

    The resulting order email states "We endeavour to provide a safe online environment for our customers by implementing routine checks for orders. This is to ensure that no purchase is made without the card holder's authorisation. This review may take up to 24 hours."

    I'm speechless.

    I ordered the laptop with instore pickup because I want to pick it up - today…..NOW!

    It's my only day off! I can't pick it up another day!

    I imagined that the order would be fast and efficient, with emails being received approximating something like :

    10.25 am : Order Received

    10.30 am : Order Accepted

    10.35 am: Order Sent to Moorabbin Store for picking

    11.00 am : Order ready for pickup (sms sent to me stating this).

    It's been an hour since I ordered, and also tried using their web chat (who said they couldn't help), and called (awaiting a call back, half an hour and counting).

    Yes, I know I appear impatient, but I have plans today. This laptop is for my retired father, and I had planned to surprise him by riding over there with the laptop and setting it up for him this morning.

    I can't believe Gerry can sit there and complain about how online business is killing him, but then enter into the business in such a ham fisted way!

    • Complaint to Harvey Norman online via their website:

      "I ordered a laptop for click-and-collect at the Munno Parra, SA store on the evening of Saturday, 13 June 2015.

      When I phoned the store at 12:30 on Sunday to enquire when the computer would be ready for collection I was told "The lady that deals with on-line orders doesn't work weekends". They then went on to say that the order MIGHT be ready for collection on Monday.

      What is the point in having a click-and-collect service if the item isn't ready by at least the next working (as in shop open) day? There is no mention on your website of extended delays due to dumb systems like this.

      I had read on various websites (especially Ozbargain) that it is typical of Harvey Norman to take a convenient and modern idea and add layers of bureaucracy to make it both outdated and inconvenient. I found it difficult to believe that a business that complains about on-line competition would take its one major advantage (i.e. actual shops) and negate it.

      This complaint will be getting added to Ozbargain. Frankly, if I could cancel the on-line order I would go to the JBHIFI next door at Munno Para and spend my cash there."

      What a bloody farce.

      • Yep, this built-in delay over the weekend which does not apply so much during the working week, is a known issue with Click & Collect and so from experience I avoid relying on prompt availability of any product I buy from Harvey Norman under that circumstance. They really ought to make that clear. Pretty lame indeed.

  • I had a chat with one of their online department representatives, who repeatedly insisted she'd "worked for Dick Smith online, and they take up to 24 hours too, it's standard for online shopping".

    No, it's not.

    I can order food online (Delivery Hero anyone?) , it will be made to order and delivered piping hot to my door in around an hour.

    It should take about the same time to process and pick a simple order such as an in stock laptop from a local store.

    Get your act together, Harvey Norman.

  • ok I got mine, no idea what to use it on, can you use it on preorder games?

  • do we create an account first
    or signup to the newsletter first?

  • Bought Nutri Ninja IQ with the $25 voucher today. Rang about an hour ago to say that there's no stock, even though it says so (still) on their website. Potentially a 2 week wait lol.

  • Any chance an order could get cancelled if I use my friend's code under my online account?

  • Doesn't seem to be issuing codes or have "view online version" in email any more?

  • never mind

  • Just fyi. I got my orders reviewed and cancelled by hn online and the reason i was given is only 1 coupon per customer. I have complained to where it stated that and they
    Gone quite
    Please be advised your order was cancelled and refunded due to the limit of the discount promo you were using, its has a restriction of 1 use per customer &/or email address

  • Is this promo still valid?

  • Thanks for this, code worked and received a couple of minutes after i have created an online account.

  • is the order matter? create online account first then newsletter or newsletter first?

    • Sign up for Newsletter first. Then once you receive the email there will be a link that redirects you to create an account…. I found that although I already had an account. When I tried to use the code it wouldn't accept it…. But after I clicked the link in the newsletter email that redirects you to create an account, then I logged in & suddenly the voucher worked.

  • Thanks for this. Just bought a Tefal Excellence 5 Piece Anodised Set for $143 after code!

  • Thanks, Managed to get this on the same account

  • The voucher code was not working for me, but their live chat support popped up and the CSR applied some code on her end to give me the $25 discount. She asked me to refresh the cart and lo and behold the discount was applied. Bought the Microsoft Band 2 with Amex to get $50 credit which brings the price down to $304.

  • No matter what I do I cant get the voucher. Tried 3 diff emails, 2 browsers and spoke to live chat operator and then they told me to email some online team. He tells me I wont get it cos I recieved the $5 coupon in the past.

  • Deal still working as of 27 Feb 2016. Sign up was straightforward and $25 voucher code was included in confirmation email. Thanks OP, I scored the exact model camera I was after, already on sale cheaper than anywhere else. Saved more than $125 off RRP! Great deal.

    • +1 vote

      Lucky. Doesn't seem to be working today!
      I wonder if they got an influx of subscriptions when they started offering the S7/Gear VR combo. They'd be $25 cheaper than anyone else.