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Biochef Slow Juicer $50 (RRP $299 on Special $119 @Biochef Website) @ Big W

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I was in the market for entry level slow juicer to get a feel before commit to expensive slow juicer.

I bought BioChef Slow Juicer for $50 from Chullora Big W. The website shows $50 but staff wasn't aware of the deal and neither any special tag in-store. When I scan it does come up with $50 special price. Chullora got one more left last night. This deal is in-store only and please check with store as stock levels shows limited in many store. I bought Jet Black color from Big W. No color restriction in Big W. Available in Cherry Red, Classic White, Jet Black, Strawberry Pink.

You can combine with 10% off storewide deal (15th/16th) for possbile $45.

The same model is on special at Biochef website for $119 (Pink only).

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    BioChef Slow Juicer $50

    How much is the faster one?

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      Ha, ha.

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    "Vitality 4 Life's BioChef Slow Juicer brings the enjoyment and nutritional benefits of cold-press juicing. Fast, small and compact, it can yield up to 40% more juice than conventional juicers, and is 5 times more nutritious."

    strange - how can a slow juicer be fast too, and how can it be 5 times more nutritious - doesn't it depend on how much and what you put in?

    • No idea about nutrientional claims. But for example, one slow car might be faster than another slow car…

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        one slow car might be faster than another slow car…

        Is that a good thing though?

        • What do u think?

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          What do u think?

          Cogito ergo sum…

        • It is, if u want a slow car

    • Like most vague health claims made by 'juicers', it's complete bullshit.

    • Actually it depends on how it juices. Our auger juicers makes way better juice than our centrifugal one and makes far less mess. Not sure how this one works though?

    • But wait … let's just say I'm one of the gullible swallowing the marketing spiel about blenders adding more power and being faster = more nutrition? How the **** can a slow juicer do that?

      • Siege warfare. It waits out the 5x more nutrients.

  • Called Macquarie Centre ("Low Stock") & Top Ryde ("In Stock"), and the staff can't seem to find the existence of these.

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      When I went to Chullora store last night in-store price tag was $199 and staff had no idea about $50 special price. She checked tag on display and from product code figured out that they had stock in the back(warehouse). I would suggest if you live/work close to one of these store than just walk-in and check.

    • +1

      Went to Macquarie. 2 left of shelves. Scan for $50.

      • +3

        Good to hear. Where is my +vote for the deal ;)?

        • Too right - forgot to click!

          BTW, unfortunately all gone from Macquarie now, another lady took the other one.

        • @eddomak: thanks for saving me the trip

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    I have something similar only branded differently. Compared to the vitality and hurom, I believe this is really good for the price. If you're planning to get the more expensive hurom, forget it and just get this. The only thing this doesn't have that the hurom does is the tap at the juice spout.

    Also being sold with a huge margin at http://www.froothie.com.au/store/optimum-juicer/optimum-slow…

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      hi i recommend just eating the fruits and vegetables in raw form, ends up being more economical AND healthier as you retain the fiber, plus you dont have to deal with all the prep and washing up which can be a real nuisance

      take it from me, i used to have an expensive hurom slow juicer and now it just sits at the back of my mum's cupboard

      • Or just blend it all up..

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          We have a Vitamix. It is huge and ugly as sin; but you could puree a brick in it. I find it really good for Neapolitan sauces as you can puree whole tomatoes; seeds skin and all. Also makes really good smoothies. There are cheaper good blenders around, but the nice lady in Myers gave it to us at $200 of RRP so we decided "bird in the hand". We went through a number of the lower end Breville jobbies before we decided that, at an environmental level, we couldn't keep buying and throwing out blenders.

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          Yeah we got the Optimum 9400, looks and works just like the Vitamix but is about half the price. I 'suspect' they might even come out of the same factory.

        • @try2bhelpful:

          What do you mean by bird in the hand?

        • +3

          @arcticmonkey: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

          Take the deal right there or keep looking and maybe not get a better one.

        • @snook:


        • @arcticmonkey: I could take it home with me right then, I didn't have to wait for delivery.

      • yeah same here

        By the time they produce enough juice to make it worthwhile, you could have munched several pieces of fruit or veg with your feet up.

        They are slow, require chopping ingredients into small pieces and painful to clean. Time intensive for what you get, and as inasero pointed out you lose all the fibre.

        Great in theory but in reality they generally always become closet fodder

    • what u mean by tap?

      They all got tap in the picture

      • With the hurom you can close the tap so the juice inside can be mixed.

        • +1

          just mix it in the jug..

  • this or $629 kuvings?

    • +2

      dude, this is OzBARGAIN,.. u can get 12 units for that 629!, then resell on eBay

      • +1

        dude, search for 'Broden' and think again.

    • We have a Kuvings and really like ours. Heavy duty augur and wide chute. Handles even tough vegies like beetroots with ease. It's not too bad to clean, either, especially with the included brush. It was a lot of money to spend on a juicer but it does a fantastic job and we use ours weekly.

  • There were a few left at Miranda Big W yesterday arvo.

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    I got a slow juice about a year ago from a deal on here, don't know the exact brand but it's a PITA to clean up after use. The output is much tastier than the standard blade driven juicers, but the clean-up process doesn't justify it's usage.

    I'd expect the more expensive machines to have a more simple clean-up process.

    • Is it TEFAL brand? I have one but using it daily. The machine was sturdy but the design isn't good for cleaning.

  • I ordered one for the same price from oo when they had free shipping last weekend. Reviews were pretty good: http://www.oo.com.au/Sheffield-JuiceSmart-Slow-Juic_P324016.…

    • +2

      different brand though

      • Yes, I know. I mentioned it for those people who find no stock on the current deal. I have no reason to believe one brand is better than the other.

        • +1

          yeah but now shipping will kill it.

          Also getting warranty at big w would be easier than posting it back to OO.

          Anyways is it more work to clean and prepare?
          Seem like you need to chop it up more smaller..

          How does the juicer work compared to the fast juice?
          Are the internals similiar to the fast juicer?

          How easy/fast is it to clean up?

          Does the juice taste better?

        • @tyler.durden: Today there is free shipping from dealsdirect on the Sheffield juicer: http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/sheffield-juicesmart-slow-juic…

          Your other questions: reviews rave about how easy it is to clean. I have yet to receive mine to confirm (ETA Tuesday).

  • None at Blacktown/Plumpton even though it says "In stock" at Plumpton. Someone was walking around with the last one :'(

    • +1

      Sorry that was me. I got the last one. It was missing one of the plastic containers so they gave it to me for $30

      • hahaha all good! enjoy juicing

  • +1

    Big W is so far away. Fk!

  • +3

    None in Box Hill Doncaster or Eastland to save you guys some time

  • my Hurom juicer has a nice layer of dust on it.

  • Here is 75% off for some working model which does the same job..


  • Thanks jakkas7 got 4 tonight from big w shepparton they still had 3 red left on shelf at closing time tonight

  • One left at Sunbury big w

  • +1

    I'm a Korean, my parent use slow juicer and it used to be extremely popular in Korea, I thought to buy this type of juicer earlier, but mistakenly bought ninja mega. Ninja is still good, but unable to make real juice for kids in my opinion.

    Anyway once I see this posting, I rang few bigW (eastland had 4 when I rang during my lunch time yesterday, but unable to hold the item), I rang forest hill, they claim they had 3 and hold 1 for me. After I pickup, they had 1 left over at 13:30 yesterday.

    review: it was pretty well functioned and great taste. A lot of parts and inner stainless steel filter is little hard to wash, but that may be only concern.

    Juicing was quick and quiet, as soon as I input strawberry, juice came out in few second at one side, left over come out at the other side.

    Banana wasn't able to juicing with stainless steel filter (white filter may does it as strain less steel filter filter out more according to the instruction)

    For me it's great deal, I recommend this item

    • +2

      eating the strawberry and banana might have been better for you.

      And juicing a banana just sounds idiotic to me..

      • maybe he/she feel like banana smoothie?

  • Is it self-cleaning and self-putting away? That would be a deal breaker for me…

  • Got the last one at top ryde, thanks op!

  • Thanks op…got it from weribee plaza..one left but its a display model as of yesterday night.

  • -4

    "Fast" juicers rotate at 10,000 RPM and have a blades, they basically shave the fruits off and most of the nutrients gets wasted, the high speed also creates heat which destroys nutrients, this is why you get the separation. the juice out of these 'fast' and loud juicers is oxidised and doesn't have much goodness. this juice should be drunk within minutes to get any benefit.
    A 'SLOW' juicer squeezes the fruits and extracts the full nutrients, enzymes, photo-nutrients and flavour from the fruits. so you get a delicious and healthy juice that doesn't separate. these juices last for up to 72 hours if stored in a glass container in the fridge.
    This is a really good deal for $50, even though BioChef is like a Daewoo, sits under Hurom in the ladder of reliability, quality and resale. you do get what you pay for especially with these cold press juicers.
    I think they just want to clear them out, if they were selling well, you won't see it for this price.
    for your info.. you only absorb 17% of the nutrients when you eat the fruits/veg, but you absorb 67% when you drink them from a good quality cold press juicer.

    Vitamix and Nutribullets are blenders, not juicers, there is a difference between the 2, don't fall the the marketing spin the blender people tell you that you can juice with them, it's BS.
    The difference is when you put things in a blender, everything stays there, so all the fibre, etc is still in there and they are great and yummy, however if you have too many you will get digestive issues as you are not chewing your fibres and creating the enzymes to absorb your food.

    With a cold press juicer, the juicer separates the juice from the fibre, so the juice gets straight into your blood stream within minutes not hours. this is why you get an energy boost with a good juice.
    The other benefit with juicing is your digestive system takes a rest, this process starts healing your body, many people have healed themselves from serious diseases through juice fasting. you can't do that with a blender as the fiber stays in and your digestive system has to keep working to breaking it down.

    Happy Juicing.

    • +2

      That is the funniest crap I've read in a while.

      And it is a huge load of crap. Taking the all fiber out of your juice makes it almost as bad as softdrink (asside from a few vitamins and minerals you might get). Fiber is a good thing, a very good thing, you need it. It's the digestive system breaking down fiber that makes it essential for us!

      many people have healed themselves from serious diseases through juice fasting

      you didn't finish that sentence, which people? what serious disease? please explain. There is no way drinking fruit juice will cure you of anything except thirst.

    • +2

      Much like your name - alkalinewater - this post is just pseudo-science claptrap. "Healed themselves through juice fasting"? Who are you kidding. Lemons do not cure AIDS. Get a grip.

      The benefits of the slow jucier are essentially that it presses more juice out - but it takes a lot longer to use and operate.

      Blending is also a fine method, but texture will of course differ as it includes the fibre that is discarded in a juicer.

  • I saw 3 units in the Drop Zone section at the Liverpool store (NSW)

    Two units had been sealed and labelled with "Big W Quality assurance" sticky tape.
    The other unit did not have any tape on it but the side of the box had a fairly big puncture on it, looked like something dropped on it or it had been dropped.

  • -2

    Thanks OP, scored two of these juicers :)
    Trust me, there is no comparison between the juice squeezed from a cold press juicer and a fast centrifugal style juicer.
    The fast juicers heat the juice up which destroys the enzymes, and that is why it goes brown almost immediately.
    With a slow juicer, your juice looks and tastes the same as when you first juiced it even two days later!
    These aren't hyped at all…many people have cured their cancers just by swapping their fast juicer for a slow one :)

    • +1

      like steve jobs?

    • +2

      These aren't hyped at all…many people have cured their cancers just by swapping their fast juicer for a slow one :)

      so much dangerous information, finished of with a smiley face of course. Point to a single study or trial where cancers have been "cured" by a slow juicer. That's the crazy talking.

      Again "many people" claims. Which people?!?!? Oh wait, i can think of one:

      drink your juice, sure. Just don't try and tell anyone it cures cancer/aids/chlamydia.

  • actually, i have bought it for 2 weeks.
    it's quite good and i am very happy with it.

    $50 you can't even get a normal juicer.

  • This deal has now been….OZBARGAINED in Macquarie, and Top Ryde stores (NSW)!!!

  • Couldn't find one anywhere. Any of the people in Melbourne who bought multiple willing to sell me one??? :)

    • ask broden

  • -1

    That's ok…you stick to your mustard gas & radiation poisons! There are plenty of people who have cured their cancer naturally and survived longer than if they had of gone with the poisons being peddled by our doctors!

  • i bought 2 from fairfield store,still 1 left there

  • Thanks for highlighting a great bargain. If you're looking for one in the Melbourne area, the Big W in Melton has about 4 and an ex-display. Worth the trek.

  • Still about 8 left in Glenorchy TAS store, with little movement in stock. FANTASTIC machine, used it everyday so far. EASY clean-up, wash and brush and put back together in less than a minute. Ended up paying $42.75 (10% + 5% discounts). AND I found out I like apple juice….. :)

  • How does this compare to the Kogan slow juicer?

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