This was posted 5 years 6 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 off Menulog Order Via iOS App - Credit Card Payment Only


Just got this as a notification via the app. Please let me know if it works. Seems like a generic code for everyone.

I just tried to put through an order and it worked for me.

App only, must pay by credit card.

Edit: comments seem to suggest this only works on iOS devices.

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    More generous than usual for menulog. Jumping on the delivery hero wagon.

  • Any kind of minimum order or anything? I wouldn't say no to a free meal.

  • Only works for delivery,does not allow for pick up.

  • I enter it on the android app and get this message:

    "This voucher is activated through the App only"

    What do I do Im starving

    • No idea, has anyone else confirmed that this code works for them? I'm on iOS btw.

    • I'm getting the same. Maybe its because your account will be created after your first order, so it isn't valid until you've ordered at least once from menulog?

      • I had the app downloaded but did not have an account and had never ordered anything before. I guess it might be valid only if you had the app and was given the code through the app like I was? In which case this wouldn't be a deal.

    • Getting same message just downloaded the app and no go

  • No minimum order

    Just ordered some satay noodle for $4

    Used iOS. Didnt have to sign up either

  • Hey guys get this!!! I didnt have menu log app on my phone so i just downloaded it from google play now and as soon as it was installed the delivery hero app triggered a notification offering $10 off voucher!!! :)

  • Getting the same error on Android


    Worked for me on iPhone. Existing user.

  • Worked on iPad.

  • Hey guys, what is the code for deliveryhero ya? thanks! I mistakenly did not save my code somehow… :(

  • I'm an existing user of menulog on their website and just downloaded the app but code not working for me - am on android

  • Thanks OP. Not often menulog has $10 discount. Will try it out tmr.

  • Didn't work for me on Android. Tried deleting n re installing the app. Worked on the missus iphone thoigh ;)

  • Is there an expiry on this?

  • Tried to do pickup and it said delivery only.


    OP, thanks! Just got back from Thailand and can't snap away from the food! Worked for me, used App, iOS and existing menu log user. Delivery was $2 but Panang Curry, large white rice and spring rolls for $12 suits me.

  • I got all excited by this… even installed the bloody app. then got message "This voucher is activated through the app only".

    Dunno who their coders are, but if they can't get their user-agent screening right I would not trust them with credit card details.

  • tried on my lumia. no dice

  • Looks like works only with IOS. I guess they just use a web based system for android.


      Buying a cheap iPod touch could be useful for times such as these

  • Worked for me on iPhone. I already had the app installed but I didn't have an account and I had never used it before.

  • Ordered and it applied $10 discount. ($28) Then after order processed and checking order history it reports $38.
    Have to check bank statement now. Anyone had the same experience.

    • same situation with you…


      on my iOS page "YOUR ORDER HS BEEN SUBMITTED" scroll down , just above the delivery address… it stated voucherusestotal :1 , and long explanation stated not to worry..

      • I called restaurant straight away to cancel first order since I thought it was due to me using my wifes debit card (mastercard still). Explained I will put through a 2nd order cancel the first, they will have to call up menulog to cancel. Put through the 2nd order with my CC, same issue it reports final sum without discount.

        Then I checked my bank account it shows with discounted price.

        EDIT - Checked wifes bank account, it charged with discounted rate. Wife couldnt remember bank login till after the fact >_<

  • pizza for $4.80 delivered.. not bad for a lazy friday night…

  • Ios only. Confirmed

    • What, do they think people without iJunk don't eat?
      I guess they want the cudos for giving out coupons without having to give them out to the biggest sector of customers…

  • well tried to get this to work, see that it doesn't work on android. Get access to an iphone then see the restaurant is shut. How fun.

  • +1 vote

    Oooh I think it's the first time for Menulog to do anything more than 15% off site wide. Must've lost a lot of orders because of Delivery Hero LOL. Anyway, worked fine on my iphone :)

  • Cheers, was totally in the mood for pizza today!

  • So is it confirmed to not work on android?

  • Booked my pizza for next week lol. Thanks for the code, OP.

  • I've never been more sad than now for not owning an iPhone.

  • Mine is showing "Vouchers are not redeemable with cash payments" but I have selected Visa, Visa Checkout and Paypal

  • Thanks again OP. Ordered twice tonite using the code with my existing account on iPhone and it worked both times. Just a pity my fave restaurants charge $3-$4 delivery fee.

  • OFFICE10 works fine as well, can be used on the website and PayPal works fine. Tested this evening.

  • Dinner sorted with macaas delivery

  • New menu log user, never installed app on my ipad. Installed app, chose food, registered account in app, got 10% discount that was on offer from the restaurant AND used code to get $10 off! paid with paypal.
    thank you!

  • Thank you, perfect for a broke uni student. $5 family pizza delivered, doesn't get any better!

  • first time user of the APP
    I ordered my meal at 6:01 pm and I am still waiting for delivery at 8pm

    Not impressed.

    still waiting for my meal. called the restaurant and they said they driver has left and has 5 other orders, and will be their soon. 2 hours and 20 mins later. I just hope the driver is here before 10pm.