60k a year or less, What Do You Go without?

As a high income earner, I consider my lifestyle average but I'd like to get the point of view of people that might think what I have isn't average but actually a little lavish. what do you go without?

To start, maybe a list of my standard costs of living

  • mortgage
  • refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $3k
  • average $20 a day on lunch, work days
  • cleaner once every 3-4 weeks
  • new iPhone every year
  • new laptop every couple years
  • one major technology buy a year (Apple Watch this year)
  • a couple domestic trips per year
  • ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better
  • 2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend
  • $4 coffee a day sometimes 2

Feel free to ask questions.. I want to find - are lower income earners actually very good with the money they earn? Do they go into debt? what can we learn from each other

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    I have everything I want
  • 28
    I want a fancy car and a big house
  • 68
    I can afford my mortgage and I'm fine
  • 217
    I can't save enough for a house
  • 24
    I still haven't got a car
  • 17
    What's a smart phone?
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    is OP a troll?


    I make around ~33k, only do 3 nights/week. The rest working on to start a up business.

    *mortgage It's complicate, it's a yes most likely …
    *refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $3k I have wear & tare policy
    *average $20 a day on lunch, work days See below
    *cleaner once every 3-4 weeks what's is this for ?
    *new iPhone every year Nokia lumia from a cheap deal not long ago, expected to last 5yr+
    *new laptop every couple years Not applicable
    *one major technology buy a year (Apple Watch this year) Not applicable
    *a couple domestic trips per year no need to atm
    *ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better pushed bike FTW
    *2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend home food always better
    *$4 coffee a day sometimes 2 dont drink coffee

    I work to live, not live to work. With that income I'm living comfortable life ( obviously to my standard ). Less is more for me.


      Cleaner is when you have 2 kids and it's just less effort to get someone to slave for 3 hours than find the time between play, bathroom, food and whatever else time because once they are sleep - vacuum ain't happening

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        How well is this cleaner paid if you don't mind me asking? As I would probably love this job.


        I have a robot vacuum that does the entire house (all hardwood) every day. It is actually perfect for us and doesn't skip spots because it gets lazy.

        Heat pump dryer to dry everything (including delicates and plastics/synthetics) so nothing needs to go on a line. Saves lots of time and doesn't use much power.


    i fit the description of someone earning less than 60k annually.

    I don't have a mortgage but i put away money like i have one. (I can do this as i still live with my folks)
    I refresh my wardrobe where required, but i have so many clothes that i have bought over the year but never wear. I think I'm good for another year or so. Heck i still have t shirts that have tags on them.
    I make my lunch and dinner everyday except on Friday i'll treat myself to Nandos once a week most weeks. $20 a day is ridic.
    I still live at home so we chip in when it comes to cleaning. We don't have rugrats so its really not that bad.
    I use a prepaid plan and purchase a phone out right. Most i'll spend on a phone ever would be $600. A new phone every year is silly.
    Laptop? I upgrade or buy a new PC every 4-5 years.
    Not one for being a tech head, although last year i purchased a Sony Action Cam for my commute.
    Don't really do a domestic trip every year - Although this year i went to Adelaide and Tassie for a weekend trip.
    I use 95 RON for my car - Only cos it needs it, can't justify premium as i can't really tell a difference between 95 and 98 in my car.
    I'll eat out on the weekend with my mrs. Sometimes she will pay.
    Don't drink coffee but i have a big can of redbull every week.

    I think OP lives in a bit of excess but nothing too extreme.

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      I used to start my mornings with a BP sausage roll, ketchup and red bull. It was a waste of money, not very enjoyable, made a mess and hyped me too early- I had no idea why I did it other than 1 day turned into routine.

      Then ham cheese tomato croissants, then maccas blt and 2 hashbrowns

      And now I won't admit what I have because no one should have that much trash for breakfast in one lifetime

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    I actually don't think your spending is too lavish.

    You're earning in the top bracket (over 180k). Spending $20 on lunch isn't that much.. obviously if you were only earning half of that (even taking into account of tax rate and stuff), that would look really out of place. Apart from new Iphone every year (just because it doesn't really make sense), I think the way you spend, is just matched up accordingly to how much you earn.

    On your pay, I'd agree your lifestyle average too.

    Then again, I'm only earning enough to keep myself fed right now, so yeah, my opinion is probably worthless :D

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    Single $45K earner here. Currently boarding with mum for $200 a fortnight. Pay for my own meals and transport etc.

    mortgage - No but I am paying back a $4K credit card slowly.
    refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $3k - I purchase about 10 tshirts a year @ $10 a piece and maybe a pair of jeans. New shoes every 6-10 months averaging $120 a pair
    average $20 a day on lunch, work days - $10 a day maybe, half the time not even that.
    cleaner once every 3-4 weeks - I own a vacuum.
    new iPhone every year - New Android every year or so (on contract).
    new laptop every couple years - Desktop, don't bother with laptops. Replacement parts (top of the line) every so often, maybe 6 months apart.
    one major technology buy a year (Apple Watch this year) - Pretty much no. Although I did purchase a nice DSLR last year. Already managed to build up ~$2.5K of equipment.
    a couple domestic trips per year - Ha. No. Maybe a trip to Perth each year to see my dad and friends. Don't need to pay for accommodation or transport though so ~$600 total.
    ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better - 95 octane just because I like my car and the extra mileage saves me money.
    2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend - Nope.
    $4 coffee a day sometimes 2 - Nope.

    Around $60 a fortnight on smokes.
    $80 a week on weed (give or take).
    Other random drug purchases at various times, never >$100.
    A new game on Steam every month or so ($20 maybe?).
    My car is currently foregoing a much needed major service because I know I sure as (profanity) don't have the money for it.
    My savings are nonexistent as I'm young and still haven't learned the importance of it yet (plus I'm trying to pay back this goddamn credit card).

    All in all though, I'd say I live a good life. I'm by no means doing badly but I would definitely like to build some damn savings.


    Really? Dear poor people, please give me advice on how to live on my salary which is three times higher than yours?

    Anyone irrespective of their income can tell you the answer comes down to planning - work out your financial goals, then budget and prioritise your expenses so you can reach them. A lot of what you spend seems a bit wasteful to me, but if you can spend money on all those things and still meet your financial objectives then go for it…

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      It's not about advice. it's just about talking about, listening and caring about how other people live regardless of their circumstances whether you consider them rich or poor. I don't consider 60k poor - I consider it average - I targeted that bracket for this topic to round the discussion from becoming a joke like some in the past have become

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    I think people who make $80k/yr but don't have a home, spend way too much money on personal stuff. I know a few couples who are on combined $120k-$150k and they have multiple properties, all cash flow positive. It is possible, if you save. These people have absolutely NO iPhones whatsoever, their phones are your $30 fliptops. With $120K combined couple, that's $95,706/year after tax. If you only consume $20k/year in expenses, that's about $378,530 in savings over 5 years. Before people say that's not possible, the question they should be asking is "Is that possible for me? Am I able to sacrifice my quality of life to achieve that level of success?" It amazes me how many people here think they are savers or tight asses. The reality is most people here buy alot of junk they DON'T need. You hear them alot. "I'm frugal and a tightass, but I have an iphone… and maybe the latest Mac PC.. I have personally been to some of these couples houses, they have NOTHING in their home, absolutely NOTHING except essential stuff. No Eneelops, no takeaways because they saved $12 off a deliveryHero order… When their friends and co-workers were scaring this couple I know in 2007, that the housing boom would crash shortly, they didn't care. Why? because if it did, they would still be able to service their loan comfortably. So while people 'wait' on the lines for a property crash and spend day after day buying little things to make their life better, these guys ended up going from $1million in debt/borrowings, to $3m in total equity worth (3mill-1mill debt = $2mill in front in the span of 8yrs)

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      Are you the Rich Dad/Poor Dad guy?

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      I think the trap with investment real estate is when people negative gear because simple market changes can make the entire empire crumble. If your friends have positively geared all their investments, they will be in a very position position in good time


    I earn abit more than $60k After tax.

    • I have no mortgage and No children

    • I have no debts and no car expenses.

    • I rent alone. $380 p/w. It is my biggest expense. This price is cheap for my area. (Inner west) Most in my suburb are in the $450 per week range. My place is cheaper because it still has old bathroom/kitchen and thin walls. Kitchen, Bathroom and carpet looks ugly. lol. it's an old unit. It could rent at $450 per week if owner makes it more modern.

    • Clothing expense. $2,000 per year Very similar to @clickship. I only shop once or twice a year for clothes but when I shop. I buy what I need for the next 6 months all at once.

    • Laptop - I buy one every 12-18 months. Budget $600 max per laptop

    • Internet and mobile phone = $1050 per year.

    • Cyberlocker subscription - $10 per month

    • External HDD's = $200 per year

    • All Food/Beverages combined - $80 Per week

    • Coffee - I love coffee. I have 3 cups a day. I drink instant coffee. It doesn't taste great but it does the job. I am looking into buying a Pod type machine. I've been looking at coffee machine topics on Ozbargain but I still don't know which one to get yet.

    • Dog - Professional Grooming, $100 once every 3 months. Dog Toys $140 per year. I buy my dog one $2 toy per week. Dog food + treats - $750 per year.

    • I don't travel but My hobby is going to concerts so it cancels each other out. I only buy if I have the best seats. I've been lucky this year I've had front row seats to 6 different concerts. I consider myself a pro at getting good seats. lol Most shows I go to. I am in 2nd or 3rd row. I Estimate I spend $5,000-$6,000 per year on this. It's a luxury.


    I am kind of amazed by the 25% of people who responded to the poll "I have everything I want" on under $60,000/year.

    40K/year in Australia is only "well off" if you don't have to pay for accommodation or a home mortgage. If you have to pay for housing on such an annual income, you are definitely below the poverty line.

    In a third world country like Thailand or India or China, you would live really well on 40K. But everything in Australia, especially housing, if overpriced.


      So 40k/yr is 'well off' if you don't have rent/mortgage.
      Rent/mortgage = 20-30k/yr
      Then 60k/yr is great if you have rent/mortgage
      70k is probably well off.

      I'm not sure if people are including their super in this 60k but I'm assuming they aren't.

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    I'm a stay at home mum of 2 kids, but hubby earns between 60k and 70k per annum, dependant on bonuses, etc.
    We have a mortgage (not sydney).
    We only upgrade technology when it breaks.
    Phones we buy on contract.
    Hubby buys new work and gym shoes every 4-6 months.
    Otherwise clothing spent on all 4 of us per year is probably around $500. I raid Salvos, especially for the kids that will only get one season out of it.
    Maybe one domestic holiday a year, but prefer to do day trips - kids are shocking at present staying anywhere but home.
    Homemade lunches everyday, though once or twice a month I might get takeaway with friends.
    No coffee drinkers here.
    Stock up on groceries when on special, and buy "reduced to clear" meat and freeze.
    Do all our own cleaning.
    Non-smokers, occasional drinkers.
    We have a "present box" that gets stocked when things go on special. Eg. Lego, clothing, kitchenware, alcohol. Then 95% of the time, we don't go out and buy a present when a birthday crops up, I usually have something suitable already.

    I wouldn't say it is easy, because we really do have to watch our budget, but it is doable.

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    Combined income of approx $200k/year..

    • Paying off a mortgage. Aim is to be debt-free (or at least own our PPOR outright and perhaps have debt over an investment property) in 10years and is on track. 3bdr apartment in bayside melbourne… mortgage cost is roughly on par with what it was rented for prior to us purchasing it.
    • Wardrobe - she shops occasionally, but sensibly. I buy out of necessity.
    • Both drive reasonably new cars (2008 & 2013). Bought 2nd hand cheaply with cash.
    • I pack lunch daily and use the coffee machine at work, she does most days of the week and might buy coffee occasionally.
    • We cook during the week, and dine out regularly on weekends ($50-60 a meal if we do). Occasionally might blow a gasket and go out for a $150-200 dinner for a birthday/celebration.
    • We aim to have a weekend away somewhere in VIC maybe every 6 months? Not really planned, but seems to be how it works.
    • We aim to have an international holiday every year. Havent done this in 2 years, but in saying that we have 3 OS trips lined up for 2016, two to Asia & a biggie to Europe next Christmas.
    • We do our own cleaning.
    • We do our own home maintenance and repairs, except where licensed trades are needed (electrical/plumbing etc).
    • Technology - we buy to replace. Her macbook air is 4 years old, my laptop being 3 years old. Wont think twice to replace when they die with the same as they get used a lot.
    • Andriod phones we buy outright with TPG $17/month plan. Replace only when they die/become a hassle to use.
    • Groceries - we buy what we need. Probably averages $120/week. Aim is to not throw anything out.
    • Non smokers, occasional drinkers with friends at pubs. Almost never drink at home.
    • Internet is our friend. Streaming of shows, NFL Gamepass, AFL International Gamepass (with Proxy). Foxtel is such a waste of money as the only thing we want is sport.

    I feel for what we earn, we live very comfortably but not extravagantly. Having said that, there is nothing we go without. We have no plans for kids at this point, but we would probably wind back the extra mortgage repayments and travel to reduce the impact if she wasnt working for an extended period. By that stage, my salary would have increased further, and so could adjust to having rugrats running around comfortably.

    I realise we are very fortunate in what we earn - and want to make sure we're making the most of it so that I dont have to work anywhere near as hard as I am now for the rest of time. Ideally in 10 years time, I'd like to scale back and work 3-4days a week in the same field, earning less than what I am now but with the house paid off - allowing me to spend more time at home as opposed to work.


    Without knowing exactly what you earn, if you tightened up a little bit and threw all this money at your mortgage you would be setting yourself up for ridiculous wealth in the future. Even paying off your house 5 years early would make a massive difference to your lifestyle, retirement and your kids future. I'm in a higher tax bracket also (not as high as yours) and right now i'm "Living like no one else so that later I can live like no one else". I'm surviving and not hating life (quite enjoying it actually) but my net worth is growing to a critical mass that is going to make things very fun in the future.

    Most of the things you mentioned arent essential. They are short term things that make you feel happy. Even if you downgraded your living a little you would still be living at a level of comfort which far outweighs the majority. Imagine what you could do without a house payment each week?

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      Ive been thinking to think best how to respond to this one, maybe with a question. When you reach "critical mass", describe your life and how it's changed

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        How about when you reach "critical mass" you can work a more relaxed job where you don't end up eating breakfast at BP, buying lunch everyday and feeling that you have to take the family out to dinner both nights every weekend to make up for not being around the rest of the time

        instead you can

        Eat breakfast with your family, spend time with your wife / kids of a morning talking about what they have planned for their day while helping make lunch for both yourself and the kids when they are school age. On the weekends you can go for a family day at the park and have a BBQ lunch to enjoy some family time.

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          I love my job, I don't think many people can say that but I actually really enjoy what I do. I don't see myself changing that in the foreseeable future.

          I don't eat at bp anymore. That was a long time ago (before kids), just sharing funny memories.

          I take the family out on the weekend because they have been in the house for most of the week having 2 small kids at home, it's not easy to get out and about.

          I actually do all the things your saying I could already. Anyone with young kids know they wake at the crack of dawn and breakfast is demand number 1 - I make the fun breakfasts, pancakes, crepes or French toast with berries and maple syrup :)



          Seems like you have everything set then.

          You ask what those on lower incomes "go without", I would say nothing. Just do things differently and value things differently.

          I would call your lifestyle more wasteful then lavish. From what you have posted you spend probably $15,000+ / year on eating out and lunches

          $20 lunch + coffee $5 (allowing $4 each with 2 coffee's on one day every 4 day) $25 / day
          $25 /day x 5 days x 48 weeks / year (allowing for holidays) = $6,000 year on lunch / coffee
          Dinner out Saturday & Sunday night @ $100 a time = $200 week x 52 weeks = $10,400
          Combined = $16,400

          Your yearly iPhone upgrade and new laptop every couple of years is fine, would be worried if an IT salesman was rocking the original iPhone still….

          You have an average car and house, so as long as you (and your family) are happy with the average house then meh.

          As others have said without knowing the full figures it's really a pointless exercise tho


          @WayneSpoon: I think in 2-3 when this house is significantly paid off, we will probably upgrade and make sure we are near the schools we want to be and that'll be that.


          @clickship: What is your job or has this been said somewhere else?


          @28kb: I work in solution sales


        Well critical mass is possibly not the phrase. Its moreso leveraging you money and making it work for you.

        Imagine if you were paying yourself your mortgage? What would you do with it? How could you invest it?

        5—10 years from now when you're debt free and amassing wealth you're not going to be saying "wow my life sucked as i didn't have the latest iPhone"…"everything was miserable because I ate home cooked meals for lunch"

        At the end of the day its your life and your money. Doing what you feel is best it what will happen and I wish you all the very best in life. We all have different priorities so what I may want out of life may be very different to yours.


          Yeah i guess if I didn't have a mortgage now, I'll probably get a bigger place with the same size mortgage I have now and live as I do.

          So nothin would change for me, I'd just be in a bigger house

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      Do you feel helpful when you patronize people?

      • -3 votes

        I'm guessing you have been given answers to your problems before and ignored them.

        Do you feel better when you overspend and then complain about it?

        • +1 vote

          I don't have problems and I'm not complaining.
          maybe you misinterpreted my post or failed to read it completely.
          I'm giving a slice of what normal life is for me and I'm looking for others to share a slice of theirs - it's just a topic of conversation

          Advice is always welcome, knowledge is power but not when it doesn't come from the right place


          @Davros: ok, thank you

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    32, 'Single', live with family in N.NSW and earning >90k but <100k

    • 4 investment properties (2 are positively geared)
    • refresh wardrobe once a year. Average spend $3k+ (thanks OZB)
    • average $20 a day on lunch, work days left overs, wraps or toasties for lunch but eat out every Friday to keep up moral (up to $30)
    • new iPhone Android phone every 2 years
    • new laptop, desktop, tablet every couple years
    • several major technology buys a year, only when the price is right (4k TV, 3D projector this year)
    • a few domestic trips per year and at least one OS trip a year (Peru/US for $1155 return, thanks again OZB)
    • ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better i have an older Civic Type R and its advisable to use 98
    • 2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend Eat out for lunch or dinner every Saturday as its my cheat day and gives me something to look forward to.
    • go out drinking at least once a month ($200-300)
    • ~1-2k into the stock market/IPO/managed funds each month
    • Liquid assets (cash) < 4k

      the content for 3D is crap which is the problem. I've been hanging for great 3D for years - the only good implementation I've seen is transformers ride at universal studios orlando


      4 investment properties!! what age did u buy your first?


        1st purchase was in 2008 (25 years old) and is a student accommodation unit which is positively geared and provides decent cash flow.


          What do you think of the current Australian property market, is there a housing bubble?


          you did really well with 4 properties at such age.

          'live with family'
          were you able to afford the first unit because you lived with your parents back then?
          e.g. more savings for you as you didnt need to pay rent


          @28kb: i dont think we will experience what happened in the US during the GFC but do feel prices in capital cities are inflated.

          The sad reality is that the 'rich' have been able to access cheap credit and use this to their advantage (buy more investment properties) and im sure this and foreign investment has pushed prices

          I do hope our current government doesn't curb international student intakes or immigration in the near future as they account for more then 50% of our population growth. Without this growth the demand for future housing will subside. That or we could all have more children ie one for the country =)

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          @Blugok: Thank you. Just for context i feel i should admit that l of the properties is land only and not registered yet. I have paid the 10% deposit and the estate is progressing (Expected settlement date is Nov)

          This is the story of how i was able to get my 1st property

          In 2008 my assets allocation was heavily weighted in stocks and my dad was a little concerned about this (GFC) and recommended i diversify into property. I didnt want to sell any stock to come up with the deposit as it was a student accommodation banks would only lend 60%-70%.

          My parents helped me a lot in acquiring this first property as i ended up borrowing 100% of the property price. I took two separate loans:
          1. 60% = using the unit as equity
          2. 40% + costs = my parents used one of their properties as security

          I paid back loan 2 in 2.5 years ensuring i got my parents land title documents back to them as soon as i could.


    Bro, leave the bargains for the poor people. You can afford to not buy bargain things when you do a $3000 refresh of your wardrobe every year.


      Look at the other forum topic - high income earners, what are you doing on ozbargain? The poll alone will give you some insight

    • +2 votes

      TBH I think $3000 a year on clothes is important for high earners. You've gotta look good to feel good and you have to feel good to perform good. See what I mean? Good.

  • -1 vote

    I raise a family of four, pay all our bills, manage to save a few dollars on $10k less than you earn.

    Suck it up. Stop living beyond your means. Learn the meaning of sacrifice.

    I owe nothing on a credit card. If I cannot afford to buy it, I dont.


    OPs list seems to be alot like appearing to be rich.


    no idea why you're here

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    I have/do:

    mortgage (standard 2 beds unit)
    never refresh wardrobe, bought cheap clothes from trade secret or salvos shop
    always brought lunch, if not then cook indomie mie goreng at work for lunch
    always clean my own place
    was using nokia n95 till last year, then bought moto g for $200 from tgg.
    my 1999 toshiba p4 laptop with cd-rom drive still works
    don't follow major tech stuff
    goes on holiday with scoot when on-sale, next will be to bali with air-asia $199 return
    ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better
    no dine out on weekend, but always check for dinner packs for $4-5 after 4pm from takeaway chinese shops
    always drink instant coffee at work, especially the first class indocafe instant coffee


      I had the Nokia n85 for a long time, I remember using an external Bluetooth gps and hacking tomtom onto the n85 for free maps - I felt like I had hit the lottery, I loved that phone to bits


    Me and missus are on a combined 70k a year. Just had a bub, so she had to get maternity leave for at least a year. It's tough, but we do get by.

    • mortgage
      We're still saving scraps what we can to even afford a mortgage

    • refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $3k
      On average maybe about a third. we rarely buy new clothes and whatnot. why buy when you can still use 'em.

    • average $20 a day on lunch, work days

    • 2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend
      Melbourne-based, average lunch is about $10-15. I only go out for lunch about 2-3 times on workdays, other days usually homemade lunches. We don't put restrictions during weekends, although average spend for weekend is about $40 for two.

    • cleaner once every 3-4 weeks
      Definitely doing cleaning ourselves.

    • new iPhone every year

    • new laptop every couple years
    • one major technology buy a year (Apple Watch this year)
      Not yearly, but mostly 2-3 years apart.

    • a couple domestic trips per year
      We also do trips, albeit not always flying.

    • ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better
      I always use the 95 instead of 98. I feel the price difference doesn't justify the fuel efficiency increase. Going from 91 to 95 will cost an extra 10c but from 95 to 98 will cost 20c.

    • $4 coffee a day sometimes 2
      Sometimes, but not every day. We do have coffee machine at home though.

    • +1 vote

      Congratulations on the Bub, welcome to the emotional / physical / psychological roller coaster of parenthood.


    refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $3k new clothes when needed
    average $20 a day on lunch, work days make lunch at home, leftovers (often better food anyway)
    cleaner once every 3-4 weeks clean the house yourself
    new iPhone every year new phone every couple of years - they don't change that much. Iphones are also overpriced, there's better phones for cheaper
    new laptop every couple years update when needed. A good 4 year old laptop still does everything great
    one major technology buy a year (Apple Watch this year) technology just for the sake of it
    a couple domestic trips per year camping roadtrips instead
    ultimate fuel for my car, I don't know why, just feels better normal is fine for most cars - though I use 95 for a vintage car
    2 meals out both Saturday Sunday, every weekend fast foodt once a weekend. Something nice once every couple of months
    $4 coffee a day sometimes 2 coffee machine at home and work. Buy coffee maybe once a fortnight.


    I am on about $45k-$50k a year (full time uni student).

    I definitely can't even think about buying a house any time soon, though I do a lot of what you do.

    New laptop every 3 years
    New iPhone every year
    Currently wearing an Apple Watch

    I probably save the most comparatively on petrol, food, and holidays - I make my own lunches, so they probably cost about $5/day, and I don't drink coffee.
    Additionally, I walk or cycle to university, which is more for convenience, and probably only spend an average of about $40/week on petrol. I haven't left the country since 2006, and I do not have enough money set aside for more than one short trip a year.

    Probably my biggest spending vice is Steam games - I think I have about 750 in my account at the moment, which is definitely an issue.


      Wow, 750?
      I thought I had a gaming problem with 4


      Wow you earn 45-50k while studying full time, how do you manage that?


      What the hell? $50k a year?
      I am guessing you don't do a demanding uni course like law, medicine, science, engineering etc.
      If you do, then you're very lucky. If you don't, you must be having an amazing time in and out of uni.


        Final year of Commerce & International Relations. No way I could manage it with any of those degrees!
        I work quite a lot, especially over holidays. When I get a chance to spend money, I have fun.


      wow, your uni/work balance is amazing. Teach me your ways
      i work around 20-25 hours a week whilst juggling 4 days uni and starting to feel its too much.

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    What do you do for work?
    I want to know how you can be in the top tax bracket with a wife and kids and have time to reply to all these comments on ozbargain!


      I came down with horrible flu last Friday so I'm home for a week sick.
      That's why you'll find me so involved until Friday and then probably silent again till I get sick again.

      I work in sales


        At what age did you decide to get into sales, I studied finance and know that to make good money in finance in a lot of roles you basically need to have to ability to sell a product or a service to the client, essentially what an adviser does. What is it like to work in your position as I assume getting paid a lot requires very high sales targets and long hours?

        • +1 vote

          Yes to both generally. I've always been in sales, I don't see it as selling, I see it as helping. I find solutions to problems - that's my job, the commercials are just a formality to make sure that the solution solves the problem within the set ROI requirement.


          my husband can sell anything, it's a natural skill he was born with it. He works in retail as a retail manager but they pay crap. Which side of sales industry can take you to the higher income bracket? Please shade some lights, so that he can make better money by doing things he really likes that's selling.


      you'll realise soon enough that the wealthier people are the ones who work the least…

      • +1 vote

        I very much doubt this is the case


          Higher responsibility does not necessarily equate to more labour, especially so in a corporate work environment.
          Even if you ran your business, the same can be said once you make enough to hire labour where the onus of management creates additional stress but not hard labour.


          @avexdevil: are you talking about manual labour or labour hours? Let me know your thought and calculation process and I'll find the disconnect.

          I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it's not the normal.



          Regardless, just contact time.

          Take for example;

          Salaried worker - Management makes the most, you have people to work FOR you if you can manage them well enough. Sure, you have to be high up enough along the food chain, and even then you may have vicarious sales targets in order to achieve certain KPIs, but that is something you can only stress about due to people and market management, not something slogging more than 8hrs a day is going to solve.

          Business owner - Once your business takes off the ground, it's all about managing the people under you to maximise output. I.e. running a F&B chain requires more industry knowhow and networking instead of flipping burgers during 8 hr shifts at wee hours of the night.

          Sure this isn't all encompassing, but the general believe is, once you do make it however, the responsibility (and stress) increases but labour hours do take a noticeable dip as well. If you consider stress and mental well being a quotient in calculating remuneration, then being material 'rich' can be redefined.


          @avexdevil: the same way the people below them need to figure out what they need to do to sell, market, perform and achieve their job. The managers job is to work out what those people need to be successful, drive them to the common goal.

          I don't know what industry you work in but have a look at your managers schedule if you are in an enterprise with outlook and you will see that their schedule will most likely be packed full of figuring out how to manage down and up



          'you will see that their schedule will most likely be packed full of figuring out how to manage down and up'

          i'm in finance/investments.

          most of said work or 'figuring stuff out' can only be done during regular work hours. i don't see much people management happening after work hours when people are no longer in the workplace.

          if you are good at management, be it people or expectations, most of that up/down stuff goes away. Basically, if you are in upper level management and you are great at what you do, you can get away with a fat paycheck for a fairly carefree gig.

          this is stark contrast to the middle income earners who are in a paperpushing/number crunching/analytical role where efficiency is determined by the amount of hours burnt in front of a computer screen.

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    I eat a bag of cheetos every week. Can't go without them

  • +1 vote

    -no mortgage.
    -new phone every 6 months or so. I have about 6 phone plans.
    -New laptop every 3 months or so.
    -i spend about 5000 dollars on new clothing each year
    -New technology given to me for free.
    -Couple of overseas trip per year, domestic travel is every week or so for the last couple of months.
    -Meals out everyday, because i can't cook.
    -Standard unleaded petrol.
    -No fixed yearly income for the last two years.

  • +3 votes

    paid off mortgage
    refresh wardrobe once a year average spend $200
    Lunch from home 4 days, a $10 treat on friday
    no cleaner
    I am still using a nokia 530
    new laptop every couple years
    A trip or two per year
    Don't drink coffee…. or alcohol for that matter

    mid earner, and my savings is increasing


    I don't live the lavish lifestyle in fact I only get a meagre 50k ish salary however I'm going to finish my studies and look for a better job in my field as I have been a little unlucky in the employment stakes..background in finance/insurance/customer service by the way. Worked for some big companies in the past but unfortunately for me my salary expectations were not met whilst working there… It appears that other "competitors" are offering a little more generous pack packets so no wonder we had fellow employees jumping ship to the other mob… But in saying that I still live within my means so therefore:

    I only buy clothes when my other clothes are worn out or there is a sale… and I'm used to going to K-mart and Best and Less as example
    I usually try to save on food and McCains microwave dinners are not the most healthy but they are cheap and convenient office food. Alternatively I still purchase a lot of take away food etc but I always end up finding discounts through ozbargain as example, I always take a late lunch break and head to say Soul Origin Sandwich bar when the sandwhiches are on afternoon special at say $5… I still avoid the trap of eating all them calories from say a Hungry Jack's stunner meal but I will eat that only as a last resort…

    Cleaner- I clean the house myself. New Iphone? I just sit out my phone plan until the end if there has been that much of a significant technology change I then upgrade and take out another plan or I just keep myself on prepaid.

    new technology? I'm happy with the XBOX 360 as example and wont upgrade until absolutely necessary. Unfortunately my disc drive just crapped itself last week so I will have to get a new console ASAP.

    Ultimate fuel for my car is only used when its really cheap otherwise I just stick with normal unleaded. E10 fuel is only used in extreme financial emergencies or when I'm in a rental car… Apart from that I stick with my public transport and Opal Smart card to save dough….

    2 meals out both Saturday Sunday yes I will admit to eating out every weekend as i'm always away from home or working weekend shift but see the point I made about food above same rules apply- unless its a celebration dinner or something like that…
    $4 coffee a day sometimes 2 - I spend around $2.50 for the afternoon special coffee at my local cafe in my office building and also rely on the coffee card system to get my 5th one free.. If im home in the morning I use my nescafe esperesso dolce gusto machine equates to $8 box or less than $1 a day for a coffee for say 5… If I'm at a 7-11 or coles shell I will just get the dollar coffee from the machine if extreme caffeine hit required….simple as that…

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      Ozmodchips can probably repair your cd drive for less than replacing it but Xbox 360s are too dear these days


        thanks ill look into that… its the last thing I need right now to have a failing Xbox 360… my friends PS3 is having the same problem so its opened up a new world of possibilities and I'm doing "other stuff" to pass the time… something I myself haven't done before…

      • +1 vote

        not really.

        just check on gumtree, ebay etc..

        even EB has old 360 consoles.

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