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Nespresso DeLonghi Inissia Capsule Machine - Pacific Blue $109 after $40 CB @ The Good Guys


Nespresso Delonghi Inissia Capsule Machine - Pacific Blue $109 after CB(ends 31st of aug)

spend $1 more to get $20 tgg giftcard ends 21st aug.

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The Good Guys

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    Is this any better than the Aldi pod coffee?

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      waaayyyyy better!!!

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        Depends who you ask.

        From people I speak to anyone who drinks instant or Hot chocolate love the Aldi machine.

        Anyone who usually drinks cafe coffee hates the Aldi machine but they don't mind the Nespresso for convenience.

        I think if you are a coffee drinker it would be easier to find a Nespresso flavour to your liking.

        If you are a coffee snob, then any machine under $2k is not going to cut it, but then you would also need to buy a $600 coffee grinder also.

        • From people I speak to anyone who drinks instant or Hot chocolate love the Aldi machine.

          So basically, people who don't like coffee like the Aldi machines ;)

    • Much better than my previous Caffitaly system. Definitely worth the purchase.

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      My partners family had an Aldi machine and went out and purchased the Nespresso after using ours. I don't recall whether I had a coffee on their previous machine so can't really offer the alternative opinion.

      I do like ours but. We only make a few coffees a week, so while the Nespresso pods do cost more, I doubt the difference is really much over the course of a year. I've had to deal with Nespresso's support too and it was one of the best support experiences I've ever had to be honest involving sending me a loan machine while mine got serviced and giving me free pods both at the time of getting the loan machine and when returning the one I sent off. They handled shipping both ways door to door.

    • I had both and nesspresso is much nicer…

  • OP probably include the option of either $70 cash back OR up to $90 towards your next pods

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    Add the $2 Sim Card to make it $151 to get the $20 credit

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    Come on, it's not like drip coffee is hard to make. This Pod craze is an environmental disaster of epic proportions.
    Nespresso has sold an estimated 28 billion capsules worldwide and counting,that’s about 28 million kilograms of aluminium, alot of it may be sitting in landfill. Other caps are made of non-recyclable plastic. It's not a sustainable product IMO

    • Companies are making disposable pods now.

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        Aren't they all disposable hence the comment from Berserker.

        • Disposable or not, resources and energy are still allocated to make the capsules, which in the end are very limited in just how they can keep the coffee fresh. It remains a waste when the far simpler system of dripping coffee through a gold filter is far more friendly than the capsule systems.

          The matter of the fact remains, this whole coffee system first goal is profiteering, environment was at best a second thought.

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          I think you will find that the first goal of pretty much ANY business is to make a profit.

    • I think you're exaggerating a bit. People here already generate 650kg of waste each year. This is a marginal environmental disaster at best. Official Nespresso Pods are also recyclable, so a lot of it may be sitting in landfill. Or it may not be. Who knows.

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        Sure - the pods are recyclable ONCE you empty the used grind. I'd wager that's less than 1% of the pods used.

        Don't buy into the corporate greenwashing.

    • Here here!

      Could not agree more.

      I look forward to the day when the true cost of our consumption is added on as a tax to these types of products.

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    Surely you would be mad not to take the $60 off next purchase? Especially if you get the $99 welcome pack with "free" glasses. Compatible capsules in these machines never seem to deliver a consistent cup of coffee.

    • Do you have a link to the Welcome Pack? I had a quick look on their site, and Google, but didnt show up.

      I am considering buying a new Nespresso machine as I have plenty of pods to use up.

      I bought a Nespresso Pixie (a higher end model than the Inissia I think) a couple of years ago from Good Guys for $129 after Cashback, and its been a great machine, but made the mistake of doing a "de-scale" using the $16 kits from the Nespresso store. Now the coffee tastes like chemicals. Have flushed around 10 jugs of water through it, but no fix :( Even tried some vinegar in the water, but still no fix.

      Many, many people complaining on the Nespresso Facebook page of the same fault after a descale. Didnt see any real solutions. For $70 Nespresso will fix/replace it but some people found the fixed/replacements units tasted like chemicals too.
      Apparently the chemicals do something to the boiler unit inside.

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          It's just a variety pack, where you find the one or two types that you love, then have to try and get rid of the rest of the ones that you don't like to family and friends when they come over.

          Much better value to buy a couple of sleeves of the general type of coffee you enjoy (strong/weak/decaf) and work out your favourite from there.

          Sure you don't get "free" glasses this way, but I would prefer that over being stuck paying for decaf pods.

        • @FriendlyPhillip: I agree with FP. Go into one of the stores and go to the tasting station. Tell them what you like and they will make you a few cups to try. That whole experience was one of the reasons i bought a nespresso over the others

        • @Matt P:

          "Y GREEN with envy?" will never be asked of you, as you are a captain of industry, sipping on samples in the Nespresso boutique, made by hosts with hands made of clouds and butter.

        • @Matt P:

          This one time in the Nespresso boutique they asked "Do you want 2 CDs?". I thought it was some kind of promotion, but the result was very much unexpected :tony:

        • @FriendlyPhillip: Perhaps you should have gotten out of the golf cart

        • @FriendlyPhillip:
          How would you rate their service, out of 10 ?

        • @Hyena:

          11, 100%.

          The man who helped me (from memory his name was Sumit Gupta, if anyone is ever looking for a good Nespresso host to assist them), said he was so happy to be given a small opportunity to work at Nespresso after being turned away by other businesses.

          He told me that he loved his job and helping customers, Sumit Gupta is a true Australian hero.

  • Im happy with mine and it cost me $190, great deal.

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    Thanks alot, ordered one for my dad.
    Can anyone give me advice whether it would be cheaper to get the $60 nespresso credit or the $40 cashback?
    I notice the nespresso site will have free shipping if I order 200 capsules, so that would be between $136-$156 minus the $60 credit. Total $76-$96 for 200 capsules.
    That looks like good value, unless you can get them cheaper elsewhere or capsules from another company.

    [EDIT] Also I checked the nespresso site and they note that pods expire approx. 6-9 months after production. So 200 pods in 273 days, that's doable for him

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      For the record, i'm still drinking from my cubania stash that was the special edition before xmas last year. Bought most of them in nov/dec and they still taste exactly the same now

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      choose the $60 voucher. dont know why. but i am able to order 100 caps with free delivery.maybe due to the voucher? ordered 100 caps and paid $15 with free delivery.

    • You should have bought the Aldi. So much better.

  • Harvey Norman can beat it for $129. I checked my local store (Castle Hill)for exactly Pacific Blue colour, and the price is $129. They also have same offer from Nespresso.

    I wanted to buy to put in my office but my missus insisted to bring the one at home. Oh well.

  • PLUS if you buy today online and do click and collect, you get $10 store credit, or throw in some batteries (to kick it to $150 or more), you get $20 store credit!

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