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Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner + Bonus Tool Kit* - $374 [Using Voucher] @ Harvey Norman


Get the $25 voucher here

*Redeem the 'Bonus Tool Kit' here

*Tool Kit worth $99 and includes:

  • Soft dusting brush
    Soft bristles gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture.
  • Stubborn dirt brush
    With stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt.
  • Wide nozzle tool
    Removes dust and dirt from upholstery and the floor.
  • Extendable hose
    Extends to 1.2m to reach confined spaces such as beneath car seats and behind cabinets.

$25 cheaper than the previous deal

Backed by a super-powerful V6 digital motor and filtered through 2 Tier Radial cyclones, the Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum is capable of picking up anything from fine dust right up to large debris.

  • An ergonomically balanced grip means that you can clean anywhere from the floor to the ceiling, providing a specialist quality clean on both hard and soft surfaces, allowing you to clean practically anywhere within reach of the Dyson V6.
  • A cordless design allows for mobility and the rechargeable battery lasts 20 minutes at full suction capacity, making the Dyson V6 a portable powerhouse. Recharging is also an ease thanks to the included docking station.
  • Max power mode makes getting rid of stubborn dirt easy, providing 6 minutes of powerful suction.
  • The included crevice tool allows the Dyson V6 to efficiently clean corners and other hard to reach places.

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  • Only out of curiosity is there a big difference between this and the old dc35? I have a dc35 it has a few annoyances but otherwise works fine.

    • One word "suction"

    • If u have a stick vac already I don't think its worth the upgrade. Ur not really buying this vac for the "suction". Convenience is the key word.

      • I bought the DC59 which is similar to this for the "suction". My Electrolux cordless stick vac wasn't "suctioning" enough.

    • I have a dc35 and bought a v6 absolute recently. Suction wise (normal mode) I don't feel too much of a difference. On max mode the difference is huge - it feels like a corded vac. Battery life is also a good improvement, probably since it is a new battery.

      Biggest difference is the direct drive motorhead on the v6 absolute vs the old dc35. I went over the carpet twice with the dc35, picked up everything I thought possible and then went over the same patch once with the v6 and it picked up an amazing amount of extra fluff and fine dust. The new motorhead is much easier to maneuver, it feels like it floats on carpet vs the dc35 motorhead

      • I purchased the v6 for spot clean only, thinking I will go proper clean with full vac once a month. But if what you say is true, the full vac might collect some dust before next use.

        • I spent a week figuring out if I should get a full sized dyson or a v6. Ended up getting the v6 since we would be way too lazy to get a 5kg+ machine out of storage, plug/unplug, drag up and down stairs and then drag back into storage. Very happy with decision to by v6 absolute.

        • pretty sick of doing the same thing with the dc23. Same issue, but I still would need both full vac and stick.

      • Thanks, one of my main complaints with the DC35 is sometimes the turbine head stop working when Im going backwards over carpet. Is this better in the v6?

        • hmm never had this issue with the DC35. once in a blue moon i'll have the turbine head not spinning as I press the trigger. releasing and pressing it again seem to rectify this. Have you checked head for hair/fluff? Also check for the connector for damage/dirt, I'm thinking when you are pulling the connector the force may break the connection if there is poor contact on the pins.

      • We made the upgrade from DC35 to V6 yesterday. As rexii2300 mentioned, it's much easier to manoeuver. We didn't know if it was due to the wear and tear of the old one (time will tell). As we are not the only one noticing it and the difference is massive, I think Dyson really improved it.
        Many other small improvements:
        - Longer battery life (20 vs 13 min)
        - More power on turbo (didn't notice much difference on regular)
        - Button to turn it on is much, much, easier to press - it was tiring on the old one
        - Accessories snap on much easier and feel more solid. It needed much more pulling and twisting on the old one.
        - Charge indicator is on the main unit and not on the charger.
        - The filter is easier to take out
        - You can remove the dust bin to clean it
        - More lights and indicators when something goes wrong (e.g. overheating)
        Dyson basically fixed all the negatives we had with the old unit.
        However, our biggest surprise was that none of the parts between the new and old model are interchangeable. Now we have to re-install the docking station as V6 doesn't fit to the DC35 dock.
        Also, the power brush on V6 is much larger, so we are yet to see how it works around chairs and in corners. The old one was slightly more flexible, as the new one rotates only to one side. I hope it will fit in the tight spot we have for it in the laundry.
        Don't forget that you will be getting a brand new and better battery with the upgrade.
        I am happy with our upgrade.


          I do have DC35, and I am still making my decision to get the v6 or not.
          One of my question is, does the v6 comes with a larger motorhead than DC35?
          My biggest problem with DC35 is the head is relatively small (compare to normal vacuum)
          Otherwise, I am still very happy with my DC35

          In my home general cleaning use, I did have another full-size vacuum cleaner (Karcher DS5600)
          The suction power is great and its using water filter
          So for my DC35, I only used for spot cleaning (Karcher one is too heavy for a small area cleaning)

          Thus…still thinking whether its worth for an upgrade…

        • The v6 absolute comes with the direct drive motorhead. This is much bigger than the DC35 head, its almost the width of a full size dyson

    • V6 heaps more suckier. Same as above, went over what dc44 cleaned and picked up heaps more dust.

      Definiteky will stronger than dc35.

      Great vac

  • "the rechargeable battery lasts 20 minutes at full suction capacity"

    Sounds like a dealbreaker… Anyone have some first hand experience?

    • I think the general comment has been, don't expect to do more than 2 rooms with this vac. The dust bin is very small you'll be constantly running outside to empty the bin if you have a big area.

      Sry too lazy to find the guy who said that. It was a while back.

      • No worries, thanks for your input! :)
        Maybe not the best vacuum to be cleaning the whole house.

        • Look for Miele, it's the toughest little thing but need bag. Otherwise go for dc54 if you have to have bag less vac. Both have specials running on them this week.

      • Eh, depends on the house, my DC59 on turbo/max can just do the entire house 3 bedder if i dont muck around. Typically you get around 10min with it on max, which is enough to go around the house.

      • The concensus I've seen is its ok for small to mid sized places. Twenty minutes isn't long, but unless you have a massive room 10 minutes per a room seems hugely excessive to me. If you're moving things around then the vacuum will turn off as soon as you release the trigger, so it won't be wasting battery during idle time.

        You save some time by not having to navigate around an external box following you as well as plugging/unplugging it in every few rooms. The biggest inconvenience I've read about can be the small size of the dust bin if you're doing a big clean.

    • Not a deal breaker at all. You'll tend to use this more often for a short amount of time. Spot cleaning rather than a big weekly vac.

      But, if I go fast I can do while 2br townhouse (hard floors) if need be. Just. With a dc44.

      If you want more than 20min make sure you put on charge before it goes flat. If it dies then it will need 1-2hrs of charge before it'll run again.

    • DC35 was our only vacuum cleaner for the 3br house with hard floors.
      I can clean it on a single battery that lasts 13 mins.
      Only half a dozen times it ran out of juice before I finished and that was annoying. Hope that since we upgrade to V6, 20 mins will be enough.
      It's a good excuse to stop you from doing too much cleaning :).

    • Thanks for the feedback everyone. Very helpful indeed! :)

  • Good price though OP.

    it's comparable to the TGG deal for those who missed it on Friday.

  • Is the voucher valid for existing users?

    • To redeem your $25 online discount voucher you must create an online Harvey Norman account and log in. Only for use with a minimum order value of $150.

      You have to sign up again if you already have an account and have used the voucher. :)

  • Is this vacuum good for long human hair?

    • Not sure how well it will hold up. But the floor tool has a smart design where you just use a coin piece to take out the spinner for when long hair gets tangled up in it. Makes for easy maintenance but still might be a pain doing that every time. However, it is the only kit on the market that has this design.

      • If the long hair isn't captured by the floor tool (e.g. if you use it without the floor tool), will it get caught and stuck in the main unit at all?

        • Really good question.

          The reservoir bin won't get anything stuck once the object is in, essentially dust and fluff will just spin in circles once in that bin. But if u have large objects sucked up it will clog and stop the "cyclonic" action inside the bin.

          Now floor tool can still be used without the extra spinner on the head, negating any clogs from hair. Only problem is the floor tool will only rely on the suction power to pick up dust, and won't have active spinner brush for that sweeping action.

          Lol I was so curious I actaully just tried it out on mine. Still works like a normal passive floor head.

          So Asim1701 u can actually take off the spinner on the head if your worried about long hair. Hair will not get stuck in the collection bin unless it's full.

        • @BehOhBee:

          Thanks BehOhBee, very handy to know :)

        • @Marty131:
          It's all he Dyson marketing that's confusing. They are all the same machine body except for absolute's hepa filter. Then pick and choose whether each attachment is worth the extra premium.

          I was in ur boat. Np buddy

    • @asim1701 - good question!

    • As above

    • Thanks all, pulled the trigger and got one. Will let you know how it goes.

      This is apparently a Dyson accessory that is designed for long hair, not sure about the quality but could be something useful http://shop.dyson.com.au/accessories/tangle-free-turbine-too...

      • Won't work as effectively on Cordless, not enough strength in them to create the desired spin on the tool.

      • May not even be compatible with the stick vacuums. I would ring dyson to ask first

  • Hi Guys,

    Im wondering if i should order this or not. The story is i have wood floor boards and a Labrador that lives inside. As you know labs shed so so much hair, how much? check this out https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2307776348

    So will this be suitable to pick up that hair?

    if not, what could i use instead,? right now i use a broom,… then i mop, but if this could do the job easier, or something else all the better,.. the hair is the main thing, but also normal crums and specs of dirt, ect…

    il be mopping once a month in any event or as needed so not looking for a replacement for that.


    • The great thing about a cordless Vac like this is it's so easy to give the house a once over you'll find you will use it at least once every 1-2 days. We have two dogs dropping hair everywhere but with the cordless Vac you just do a quick vac when you get home from work and then save the sweeping/mopping for weekends.

  • I'm also keen to know how this goes on hard (parquetry) floors. The 'fluffy' model says for hard floors so not sure if I have to spend the extra $. I will also be using on carpet. Any thoughts?

    • How old is your floor and how well polished is it? those are the factors to consider with any vacuum head that has a turbine head.

  • I know nothing about Dyson products, so have some noob questions, hopefully some people can help:

    1 - What's the difference between this model and the "V6 Animal"? Is it simply the head? If so, can that head be bought separately?
    2 - Within the $99 bonus pack, is a 1.2m extendable hose. Does this mean that the standard V6 that you purchase does NOT have a 1.2m hose? What is the image - it looks about 1.2m?
    3 - I'll admit I'm lazy asking this question: The bonus pack is "by redemption". I guess this means you have to send away from it after purchasing? How long is the wait roughly I wonder?

    Thanks all!

  • Thanks op
    Finally pull the trigger. Not the lowest price but still a bargain with the toolkit :)
    $374 pick up from store.

  • +2 votes

    Seems cheap. Is there any reason to get the way more expensive V6 absolute instead?

    • From what I understand, will try breakdown the differences between the models:

      N.B. they all have the same suction power in the body, it's the special heads which differentiate them

      • 28AW on normal mode
      • 100AW on turbo
      • All use the two-tiered cyclone system
      • All have the same bin volume

      Dyson V6

      • Motorised Cleaner Head
      • Combination Tool
      • Crevice Tool
      • Docking Station

      Dyson V6 (Animal)

      • Motorised Cleaner Head
      • Combination Tool
      • Crevice Tool
      • Docking Station
      • Mini Motorised Tool (can be purchased separately at $55)

      Dyson V6 (Motorhead) - Carpet Specialist

      • Combination Tool
      • Crevice Tool
      • Docking Station
      • Mini Motorised Tool
      • Direct-drive cleaner head (Carpet Cleaner Head)

      "Direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 vacuum."

      Dyson V6 (Fluffy) - Hard floor Specialist

      • Combination Tool
      • Crevice Tool
      • Docking Station
      • Mini Motorised Tool
      • Soft roller cleaner head (Hard Floor Head)

      "Invented for hard floors. Soft roller cleaner head removes large debris and fine dust simultaneously"

      Dyson V6 (Absolute) - Ultimate Package: Carpet Cleaner/Hard Floor Heads)

      • Combination Tool
      • Crevice Tool
      • Docking Station
      • Mini Motorised Tool
      • Direct-drive cleaner head (Carpet Cleaner Head)
      • Soft roller cleaner head (Hard Floor Head)
      • Whole machine HEPA Filtration (People seem to miss that that the Absolute has this advantage over the other models, the blue thing at the back which you can see in pictures)

      "Dyson V6 Absolute uses patented 2 Tier Radialâ„¢ cyclones, a post motor filter and a sealed system to ensure that the air that leaves machine is cleaner than the air you breathe"

      I have no idea on the effectiveness of this HEPA filtration, but in addition the fact that the Absolute includes both the Carpet Cleaning and Hard Floor specialised heads justifies the price somewhat. Of course, if in your home you do not have carpet/hard floors the Motorhead/Fluffy models would be more suitable for you as they include one of the specifically designed heads.

      I'm also not sure on the difference the specialised heads make when using them on respective surfaces (the claim is 75% more efficient). So the mini motorised tool is able to be purchased separately, however I cannot find those other heads on the Dyson store. So I can think the price of the other models can be good value if you desire those heads.

      • Thanks, really great help. I think I can do without The 75% efficiency gain and mini motorised tool, but I'll have to think about the whole machine HEPA Filtration. So Dyson is implying they sealed the absolute, but no the other models. I wonder if that's just a marketing bluff.

        • Not a problem! Yeh, being sensitive to dustmites and allergens in general the HEPA filtration is really appealing to me. Then again, Dyson models in general have been approved by the Asthma council so not sure how necessary it is.

        • The Dyson machine's don't really need an extra Filter, it was just put there for extra peace of mind and for the cost of the vacuum to add value.

      • can you buy the Soft roller cleaner head (Hard Floor Head) seperatley/? i mean is it worth an EXTRA $400 ?!?!?

        i have only hard floors, wood, and some tiles.

        • I had a look on the Dyson website and I couldn't find anything. I'm also INA similar boat with the hard floor situation, the V6 Absolute at its cheapest was $579 I recall. So paying about $200 extra for 2 specialised heads seems ok. But $400 extra is a bit steep.

          The V6 Fluffy would be perfect, but unfortunately I haven't seen it discounted as frequently :(

        • @Astro551:

          The absolute has the extra filtration system that would be the most appealing thing for me. The extra heads are a bonous though the hard one essential for me.

          What's the cheapest it's been ?

        • No you can't I'm afraid. Only comes with Fluffy or Absolute.

  • SOLD! Thankyou :)

  • Purchased, been waiting for a decent vacuum deal, thanks.

  • can you buy the Soft roller cleaner head (Hard Floor Head) seperatley/? i mean is it worth an EXTRA $400 ?!?!?

    i have only hard floors, wood, and some tiles.

  • Can any one confirm if this is the same model vacuum as TGG deal from Friday?
    I noticed it does not mention that it has a motorized head like TGG version and has a different model code

  • To redeem your $25 online discount voucher you must create an online Harvey Norman account and log in. Only for use with a minimum order value of $150

  • Bought the DC59Animal last year. (It is generally assumed the DC59 is the same as the new rebranded V6)
    Paid about $450 for it last Sept whilst in special.
    Later bought the accessory kit for $69, whilst on special.

    I love the Dyson and think why didn't I buy one before…….

    But honestly, in almost a year, I've never ever used the 'mini turbine motorised tool' that differentiates the Animal from the basic.
    And I've never felt the need to either. If I'd just got the basic version, I'm sure I wouldn't miss it.

    This price, great deal.
    Inc accessory kit free, added bonus.

    I don't think you actually need the animal version over the basic.

    And if you think you might do, simply buy the extra head from the dyson website for cheaper than the difference between the basic and animal version.

  • I just got an offer fr Ebay offered 20% off purchase from GoodGuys and a few others, but not Harvey. I just bought two of these for $319.20 each (399 less 20%). For those with Ebay account, please check first.

  • Anyone knows when this deal will end?

  • I had bought one of these several months ago and tried my luck with applying for the bonus tool kit. Low and behold I received it today!! They're either not checking the date on the receipt or are being nice. Either way I'm happy.

  • As posted on 24/8. I bought 2 with 20% Ebay discount on 24/8. Collected them the next day from GoodGuys. Registered and claimed the bonus tool kits online same day. I received the bonus kits yesterday. My daughter in law were very happy to receive their early xmas present.

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