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Coolermaster QuickFire XT Stealth Cherry Brown $79 @ MSY


Discounted from $105 to $79
I bought some when they discounted the Quickfire XT Mx Red (not stealth tho)

Note you may have to point out this price to the MSY sales rep when you call or collect your keyboard in store (aka sales rep wasn't aware of this special)

The 'stealth' aspect means the keytops are blank but the letters are printed on the side of the keycaps.
So you get the cool aspect of a blank keyboard (somewhat) but the letters are there if you don't remember which symbol are printed on which number key.

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  • I've got the red version of this and damn it's nice.
    The blank key tops are strangely aesthetically pleasing but the marking on the front edge make it easy enough if you're not a touch typer

  • Me want cherry blue please.

    • me too

    • I have cherry blues from CoolerMaster and they aren't that great compared to the ones from Razer. Shouldn't they be the same? I don't know, but they certainly feel different.

      • CoolerMaster Cherry Brown is very solidly build and all the keys are consistent and felt better than my 2 other G710+ Cherry Brown. I like it so much that I have purchase another 2 but got an email from MSY to inform me they have run out of stock and is on backorder. I am not sure about the Cherry Blue but I assume it is as well built. I don't know much about the Razer but have ordered one yesterday and awaiting for its delivery.

        • I found that the Cherry Blues on my Coolermaster takes a lot more force or doesn't feel as smooth compared to my Cherry Blues on my Razer Blackwidow (first gen), although I found that Coolermaster ones are more durable. Let me know about your new keyboards!

        • @colin002:

          I have received mine today. The key are great. However, there is no back-lite for keys other than the useless logo. In term of quality, I would rate Coolermaster Quickfire first, Logitech G710+ second, and this one last out of my 3 mechanical keyboards. However, I like the feeling of the Cherry Blue on this keyboard over the Cherry Brown on my Coolermaster. The Logitech feels mushy in comparison even after removing the rubber o-ring.

    • +11 votes

      Once you've gone mechanical, you won't go back. Plus, you shouldn't ever need to - a well built mech keyboard should last a lifetime.

      • it this one well built?
        my brother has a Logitech keyboard with green lighting - I think its mechanical, I'll trial it

        • it this one well built?

          I haven't found anything detracting when it comes to build quality.

        • it this one well built?

          Mechanical keyboards are basically plastic boards with switches embedded in them, fairly low-tech. As long as the the cherry switch is same type, keyboards are almost identical between brands. They differentiate by aesthetic and features like backlighting.

        • @payton: have you used the QuickFire RAPID i? how does the build quality compare? I've used the Rapid i and found the build to be exceptional. Is the XT on the same level?

        • @stupidmansuit:
          Its been a long time since I unboxed my CM Rapid, but here goes:

          The stabilisers on the XT do not have the exact feel of the Rapid, though they are still quite crisp and pleasant.

          Not quite 100% same, maybe 70%.

        • @payton: dam, I was soo keen to buy this especially at that price, but might as well spend a bit extra and get the Rapid i.

        • @stupidmansuit:
          I only had the old non backlit Rapid though, I don't own the illuminated version

      • what if I cover it in numerous coffees because odds are it's going to happen….

      • Not to be arrogant or anything, but I don't get what the big deal is with mechanical keyboards?

        If anything, they put me off because of how loud and stiff they are. What's the big deal?

        • I find typing and gaming to be much better with mechanical. I have a cherry black and a cherry blue keyboard. Black is a bit firm for me for typing, but if you are mainly gaming it would be good. Each to their own I guess, it is a pricey peripheral but value for money is there, as i don't see mine dying any time soon. Plus if keys wear, I can easily replace them. I reckon I've gone through over 15 rubber dome switch keyboard over time.

        • Most switches require less force to actuate than rubber dome keys (60±5cN) so not sure where you came up with that idea. They're also not necessarily loud; some keyboards I have with linear switches are quieter than rubber dome keyboards.

        • They can be too stiff. You need to find a switch that you like.

          Blues, for example, are overhyped imho. There are only a couple of switch types that would please me, so I've decided I don't need a mech keyboard.

        • @ausmechkeyboards:

          Probably varies a lot depending on the dome. I've got a mech keyboard tester and alot of the switch types are definitely stiffer than my X6. But not so much compared to my goldtouch ergo.

        • Tactility. There's immediate physical feedback, so there's zero miscommunication between when you actuate a key, and its registered response. Rubber dome keyboards feel mushy and unresponsive in comparison. Also, you can get silent mechanical keyboards which only 'click' if you forcefully jam on a key and bottom it out.

        • @ausmechkeyboards: I put on some o rings on my mx brown keys and it is indeed quieter than a linear kb. One day I will be brave enough to get some mx clears or Alps :-)

          I had to retrain my typing though because with mech keys you don't even need too press too hard for it to register. Now I am at a point where I can type for 1 or 2 hours without even a bit of fatigue on my fingers. Compare that to a linear keyboard where I would be prone to hitting keys hard and it would leave at least a cramp after a long typing session.

        • I thought the same thing after hearing my friend clacking away at his.

          After trying a mechanical though they are so much nicer to use. It took a while to adapt so I don't constantly bottom out the keys (cherry red) and I did have a few mis type issues in the beginning, but like most things, you get used to it and I haven't looked back.

  • Damn it.I literally bought this exact model from msy on Sunday :(

  • Cherry browns are the bomb dot com

  • I've ordered one. I love my Cherry Browns so much I had to get one for work too!

  • Is the only difference between the stealth model the keycaps?

  • autocorrect is gonna get a workout

  • Typing of the Dead is now 75% off from Steam.


    Perfect timing

  • Got the non stealth model from EB games last Christmas for $68. Can vouch for the very solid-feeling build quality, all the way from the cable to the keys themselves.

    A great choice if you're not interested in backlighting and don't mind the front-facing keys.

  • Can anybody explain why somebody would want to have a keyboard without any markings on the keys? Is there any logical reason?

    • Cool factor? or Just cos?

      You could also ask people why they'd want a phone without an SD card slot or a non removable battery. No logical reason, 'it's just because'.

    • It will stop your n00b workmates from using your computer

    • Fair enough. I'm not surprised that there are some people out there that get their kicks out of a blank keyboard, what I am surprised is that there are enough people out there to create a market for them.

      It takes all types I guess..

      • They still have letters, but they are front facing rather than on the top of the keys. Just a different style but I'm not a huge fan either.

    • There is a reason; it's to prevent you from regularly looking at your keyboard in order to improve your typing speed and reliance on having to look down. Worked for me (and yes, it's easy to cheat if they are there)

    • You might want to change between layouts and you will get confused if there is any markings on it? Also, the ones with the marking gets stained so some people might prefer not having any? I dunno. I can't think of any good reasons either.

      Though I'd assume that most of us wouldn't need to look at the keyboard while typing? I tend to not look at the keyboard while typing.

    • +2 votes

      Also, in addition to pushing you into learning how to touch type better by being more difficult to see the letters, as they are printed on the front edge of the keys they won't wear off over long periods of use. (provided they are printed and not backlit)

    • Thanks to everybody who replied. It opened my eyes to what I originally thought was a pretty pointless product.

    • Also useful if you want to learn, for example, the Dvorak keyboard layout. When learning a new layout, it's important that you don't look at the keys. This helps.

  • I had this keyboard in the past. It does look very nice and clean, however can be difficult to use at times of course, especially at night/darkness. Currently on a Ducky Shine 3 with white backlighting. It was difficult to go back to the CM board after that. But that's just my experience.

    Solid keyboard, with a good build. Has a matte rubber coat over the top shell plastic.

  • Why by this when you can buy it at kogan for only $69!!!!

  • How much is it to get the characters put on the keys?

  • If I game a lot would brown be alright? I've never tried a mechanical keyboard before.

    • I've had blue for about a year now. Fantastic for typing, but I find I miss keys a lot when I game (compared to when I use my island style keyboard on my laptop). Also, blue is loud enough to go through doors so I wouldn't recommend using it around other people.

      • Brown is between blue and red right?

        • Red is a smooth linear action.
          Brown is red + small tactile "bump" point. (Think red but with sand in your keys).
          Blue is brown + higher actuation force and loud clicky sounds.

          Good reference here

          Brown is probably the safest to start with if you've never used a mech before and use your keyboard for typing too (not just games). If you only use your keyboard for gaming, I'd say get a Red.

          They're both great switches, it all depends on your personal preference for tactile feedback and key feel. Or you could just buy both variants like I did :D

        • @evol: I've been using it since yesterday and it's great so far!

  • Guy in front of me at MSY North Melbourne got the last one in stock :(

    • Thanks for letting me know. I was going to visit that store for this! The one in Brooklyn is a tiny shop.. I wonder if they have some.

      Going to check if you can buy this online.

    • Should've fought him for it!

  • IBM Model M FTW

  • I ordered online to pick up from North Melbourne. I got confirmation at 5.36pm that it is ready for me to pick up.

    Going to pick up tomorrow.

    I have a Cherry Blue but I find it too noisy (personal preference especially when I have to type and talk at the same time on skype)

    I was looking for a Cherry Brown keyboard and from https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=39063.0 it seems it is made by the same manufacturer that makes Filco Keyboards. Filcos are a bit tad too expensive currently.

    • Got my keyboard from MSY North Melbourne today. No trams were running during lunch time yesterday and it was raining.

      It has a large red Made In Taiwan sticker on the front of the box, so most probably made by Costar.

  • Why is the deal expired? Its still $79 on the website?

    The deal on MSY website says 26/08 to 27/08, so I'm assuming its still valid. I just put an online order through (to pick up at Clayton), Clayton says low stock but it seems Cheltenham/Dandy/Online are in stock.

  • Website's changed it to out of stock.

  • Sold out.

    Can someone recommend a reasonably priced Mechanical KB with printed letters/numbers/symbols on the keys?

    I don't play games but work with numbers so I need a KB with numbers on the right.

    I'm not a fan of MSY due to lining up, but will go there if I need to, prefer to buy online if postage is free/cheap.

    What about something like this: http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/input-device/14775-coolermas...

    • Coolermaster Quickfire XT (like the one you posted) or Quickfire Ultimate (same but with backlighting) are good reasonably priced options.

      • Thanks, I don't really need the backlight as it's for my office.

        • I have a Quickfire XT with Red switches. It's probably the most "office" looking keyboard of the mechs that MSY sell. Very solid and sturdy. It's still a fair bit noisier than rubber dome keyboards, but once you get used to the keystroke and don't bottom out, it's pretty quiet.

        • @evol:

          Thanks, is the red switches the most quiet one?

          EDIT- I read online that Brown is the most quiet one.