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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 15% off - i5 128GB $1189.15 Delivered @ Microsoft Store


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 15% off with free delivery. Pretty good price. Even beats the student discounted price.

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  • tell em the price son.

  • Good price and Great tablet but I replaced mine with dell Inspiron 11 , due to average battery life of 3 hours only … Too short ..

    • On the SP3???? You got a massive dud!!

      In other news: might be a sign that the SP4 is close..

      • I have the same. Everything seems to smash the battery. I try running at low brightness and battery saving.. but still the same.

        • What kind of real battery life in hours are you getting out of interest?

        • October announcement is the latest rumour. So that suggests a November launch.

          Also, Skylake-U is supposed to be released September, so an SP4 without Skylake would be a bit of a fail.

      • The update to Windows 10 on my Surface 3 Pro increased my battery life by 30-40%!!
        I can really recommend upgrading to Windows 10. I dont know what they did, but the battery life is amazing now!

    • Really only 3 hours? your battery must have been bad. I use mine with max brightnes about that every day and am never in panic mode for battery?

    • That's really weird, even I get 3 hours 30 minutes (well I do use the power saving option instead of balanced) with the first gen Surface Pro (which has far worse battery life with the Ivy Bridge being old and all).

    • Did you use chrome? That will drain the battery really quickly. Using ie with 50% brightness i can get 7-8 hours

  • some programs go funky in win 8/8.1 and start chewing resources and making the fan go nuts.. check it out if your battery gets chewed up quick.
    not the greatest but sometimes its just a close and restart program to fix.

  • What to do?
    Have just been told my son needs one for school next year.
    I'm going overseas next month so would be useful to take with me and also claim GST back.
    Wonder how much cheaper it will get after SP4 is released and other option is to get SP4 early next year…

    • Somewhere in between a little and a lot cheaper.

    • 28 degrees with price protection. If you don't have one, why are you here?

      (seriously though. $1190 -GST -price drop)

      Are you willing to pay for an SP4? Highly doubtful any schoolkid needs the latest and greatest. If they even really need one whatsoever.


        For electronic items (camera, computers etc) they usually allow 20% depreciation if it's "used" (i.e. not brand spanking new) when you bring it back in.
        And if you are travelling with family, the $900 pool will make a lot of difference (eg. 2 people will add the pool to $1800 etc.)
        Thus, be sure that do not bring the packing with you if you are bringing the item / computer back to Australia, packing is not required for TRS

        • Thanks all, yeah there are 3 of us travelling. Got the TRS app. Doubt it will matter, but would one months use qualify it as 'used?'

    • Ended up getting it through the school supplier for about the same price (but no CashRewards of course.)
      Yes, got it with 28 Degrees so should be safe.

  • Still waiting for it to be under 1k. Still expensive.

    • Base model is $977, although type cover (almost mandatory IMHO) of course takes it over.

      • I would consider if the type cover plus the unit is under 1k. Else no I will just stick with my old ASUS laptop from 2010 which I put in a SSD recently, and use an iPad for everything else.

  • +2 votes

    I think the prices will drop further once the Pro 4 is announced soon.

  • Any Cash Rewards possible on this deal?

    • Don't think you can direct from Microsoft but quite possibly through eBay; there is a 20% offer recently (end 29th August … max $300) using code CTREAT20, and a further 2.5% cashback. Shall let you do the math.


      3% cashback.

  • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/tablets/microsof... $1 cheaper at JB HiFi. expires 9th Sept pick up in store.


    I've had access to the staff/student price for a long time, so this is a small saving.

  • Windows 10 ruins this device.

    Sad to say, as incredibly non-user friendly as windows 8 is, I've had nothing but troubles with this device since upgrading to Windows 10. Buggy touch screens, less operable stylus pen (fewer functions with on-board buttons), difficult screen-captures etc.

    Hope time heals these wounds…I'd roll back to Windows 8.1 on this machine if I could.

    • I believe you can roll back for a short period of time.. Should be in your settings panel,which used to be "Control Panel". Saw it when I upgraded my desktop and laptop to windows 10. had the option to roll back to windows 8.1! hopefully your "limited period to roll back" hasn't expired!

      • One month. They give you one month (unless you've formatted your PC or something).

      • I broke my OS by messing around with a hyper V virtual switch, now I'd like to roll back to 8.1 if possible. After rolling back, do you think I could re-upgrade again?

        • do you think I could re-upgrade again?

          Anyone can upgrade for free (as much as they like) until next August.

    • I had the same! Every touch and click was registered as a right click and background processes constantly ran at 50% CPU.

      Went back to 8.1 and half the apps stopped working… Eg Mail and Drawboard PDF (which I rely on for uni everyday).

  • For reference, last year the SP2 was sold for under $700

    • The price was from when AUD was good and the prices were not adjusted for the AUD USD exchange rate changes (Just pointing it out, since I think that's a factor as well). SP3 price went up once to compensate for the exchange rate.

  • Perhaps wait for the next gen or one with Windows 10 built in.

  • Question (It's for the Mrs) Word, Excel, Powerpoint n Web browsing, i5 or i3? I assume Windows 10 will be upgradeable even if it comes with 8.1 etc. Ty OP, will be getting one tonight.

    • i3 will be fine.

      will be getting one tonight.

      I would hope my Mrs would react the same way if I bought this for her. :p

    • Comes with Windows 10 Pro as per the site.

    • i3 will be sufficient, just have a think about whether 64GB will be enough.

      I have the i5 128GB and I've used around 70-80GB just for apps, onenote files and e-mails, even though my dropbox folder and steam are in a 128GB microSD. At the end of the day 64GB may be enough for you.

    • I have the Surface 3 4GB Ram, Atom processor, never run into any performance issues.*

      *except when windows 10 had its fun with me

  • Just wanting to find out from you fold who have a surface device, what do you actually use it for?

    I've been tempted to get one for ages, but I feel for the price, I would want to be using the shit out of it.
    It looks quite handy and portable, but are any of you using it for full on typing sessions or actual business or study work?

    • I use mine with Drawboard PDF to write, draw etc on PDFs. Also it works alright as a laptop (it's hard to type on your lap, but it works fine in the portable PC aspect). I have SP1, SP3 have larger screen and I think the kickstand is better.

  • on the subject of battery life, i tried everything possible under the sun based on many different solutions found in google to increase battery life of SP 3 including upgrading to windows 10, none works and battery life of my EX-SP3 was still 3 hours. the only solution which shamefully not available in Australia, was to get external battery such as MacGyver in Amazon.com but not sellable to Australia customers (even worst - Australia will be lonely and deserted of any Bargains once Joe Hockey applied GST on any Imports). I finally gave up and look at Dell and Lenovo for anything that is Yoga ( reason is also because SP3 Stand is Useless for Real Flexibility to type anywhere, unlike Yoga type computer/tablet). so, Goodbye my SP3.

    • I don't understand why you are constantly repeating what you've said.

      Try this, if the capacity is far less than the designed maximum battery, you probably can talk to MS for replacement unit.
      If not, then there probably is something wrong with your PC. Talk to MS for a replacement unit. I've mentioned this before, but I get 3 hours and 30 minutes ish life with my Surface Pro 1 (It lasts 3 hours lecture on one go without charging with bit of juice left in it at the end). This is with Ivy Bridge i5, which uses far more battery than Haswell.

      p.s. I wasn't the one who've negged you.

  • JB HiFi is also having the same sale on atm. 1188 for the same model C&C


    I'm not using a SP3, but for some reason after upgrading to Windows 10 I have noticed battery draining a lot quicker than 8.1. Is there anyway to improve this?

    • Go into Settings -> Privacy -> Background Apps and turn off anything that you don't need to be constantly running in the background. That should make a bit of a difference.

    • Check the task manager. I found background processes were using up 50% of CPU constantly. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to stop these.

      Then when I went back to 8.1 half the apps stopped loading at all, eg Mail and Drawboard PDF.

    • Clean install might fix some problems, but I think you would lose the ability to roll back with your recovery files because you'd be deleting the recovery file as well (unless you back them up or something, I think).

  • iPad is better !!

  • Almost $400 to go up to 8gb ram and 256gb ssd. They better be careful or Apple will sue them.

  • On CashRewards website it said up to 20.00% Cashback? Anyone can confirm this?