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Ultrasone Performance 480 Headphones - $219 + Shipping @Kogan


Review thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/735024/ultrasone-new-performance-se...

Ultrasone models vary greatly in price, these sell for around $300US in America (Amazon, etc). Not available from many sellers and don't appear to be cheap elsewhere locally or OS.

The reviews (very few) and HeadFi discussion thread are promising on the series and the 840 in particular for the coin and a sound signature that is appealing to me (bassy but otherwise detailed).

Othe Ultrasones on sale;
HFI 450 $99
HFI 580 $139
HFI 680 $169
HFI 780 $189
DJ1 $149
DJ1 Pro $179
Performance 880 $329
Pro 2900 $339
Pro 550 $179
Pro 900 $339
Pro 550 $179
Signature DJ $749
Signature Pro $999
Edition 8 Palladium $1249
Editin 8 LE $1399
Editin 10 $2049
Editin 12 $1249
Choosing not to list RRP as I don't know how accurate they would be.

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  • What a fantastic waste of money right there.

    A $219 dollar gamble on a completely obscure brand with very little chatter on the Internet about it; or pay less for something guaranteed to sound good.

    • Ha, I doubt the 840 are worst then the m50x which are actually overpriced and over recommended. Ultrasone have actually been known to make some decent headphones, they are just not for everyone.

    • Not obscure at all, the brand is well known, just not in hifi and the potable headphone scene.
      There are lots of niche brands I own you likely have not heard of, often they focus on making good hardware, not marketing.
      I don't like the sound of the m50's, not to my taste.

  • I have ultrasones. Extremely comfortable! However, after 3 years the right side of my headphones no longer emits sound. Any fix?

    • I would open the cup and look for a break in the cable.

      • Thank you! I'll see if that's possible with my on ears

        • the driver (speaker) will have thin strands of cable going to a small PCB or stiff material with 2 or 3 dots of solder. If you don't see a break in the cable, you can cut up a normal headphone (minijack / 3.5mm trs) cable and touch the bare ends to the solder dabs to see if the sound comes through. This would demonstrate the working speaker if the break is in another location like at the connector end.

          If the driver works, you could recable or pay someone to recable.

        • @noone025: recabling sounds expensive. i might take them with me next time i head overseas. thank you noone025!

        • @tomkun01: Depends. I like to play with headphones, I've improved a few sets and ruined one or 2 in learning. If thats not your thing and you don't know anyone who likes playing with electronics, it might be best to have a quick look and leave it at that. On the other hand, if you don't use them, there isn't much to loose.

        • @noone025: yeah, actually, come to think of it, a mate's dad is an electrician. might pass them on to him