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Venom Protein Bonus 1kg Mass Gainer (Worth $29) with Every $30+ Purchase (Delivery Included)


just got in my email
Free 1kg Mass gainer with every $30 purchase .
for first 150 customers only btw

Where: venomprotein.com.au
Coupon Code: FREE1KGMASS
Number of Uses: 3 per customer

how to redeem:
1. Add any items to your cart to the value of $30+
2. Enter coupon code in the payments page.
3. Complete checkout
**You do not need to add the item to your order. Coupon will take 1 cent off the purchase and product will be added on dispatch


sorry for the trouble guys its my first post wanted to do some good after seeing all effort from you guys.

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    Yeah this stuff (mass gainer) is choc full of maltodextrin so I wouldn't be drinking it unless we're talking about using it as a post workout shake.


    Good find, although does anyone have any preferences to buying WPC from Venom and Bulk Nutrients?


      Honestly they both are pretty much the same from my use, whoever is cheaper/better deal when I need to buy. Oh avoid the coffee or mocha flavors, they are terrible.


      Yes, I bought some venom with this deal last time. Got some shitty watermelon flavour when i bought some chocolate WPC. Unfortunately both were terrible. Had two serves of the watermelon and gave it away.

      I literally have to use a blender for the chocolate otherwise it doesnt mix. Check the last bargain from them and you will see more feedback.

      THIS IS ONLY FOR THESE TWO FLAVOURS. I have no idea what the rest of their range is like.


    Jumped on this. Cheers. I have shopped every time they do a deal like this and they seem to do another with perfect timing!


    1 kg WPI + 1 KG Mass gainer = $36 delivered



    i bought the same deal last time but the gainer are still un opened are the gainers good enough?
    and have anyone tried the bcaa and fat burner from venom was planing to buy it either from them or bulk nutrients what you guys suggest


      you don't cut and bulk at the same time… there's enough amino acids from meat unless you're on a cycle of d-bol


    so honestly there are couple of brands here
    bulk nutrients
    true protein
    professional whey
    true amino

    which is the best guys from your experience guys i mean as solid supplement and good pricing cause most of them are around price but the quality?


      Bulk nutrients is the most reliable from my experiences.

      Quality wise it is very good, regular testing and supplied from local sources.

      Taste wise it is about a 7/10 for me, not the greatest but for the price you won't beat it.


    Okay so I thought I'd give this a go. Put the 1KG "Hot Chocolate" Protein powder in my cart for $30 exact. When I add the coupon I get a red line with no text but I can see that 0.01 has been deducted from my order "Discount Coupons:FREE1KGMASS: -AUD$0.01" bringing the total to $29.99. I'm guessing this means it's gone through?


    Has anyone tried the meal replacements? are they good?

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