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True Protein Clearance Sale: 1KG S&C NZ WPC $16+Post | 1.25kg Endurance Fuel Blends $5+Post


Hi All,

True Protein sent out an email to customers saying they are clearing short dated stock.

All products in the sale are labeled as Nov 2015 Expiry date. As they are packaged in foil sealed bags you may get longer out of them though there are no guarantees of this.



MALTODEXTRIN - 1KG - $2 [87% OFF] RRP $15

DEXTROSE - 1KG - $2 [87% OFF] RRP $15


I have personally used the Strawberries and Cream NZ WPC (Bought 2KG at last sale) and can say it's very palatable and not overly sweet or artificial tasting like some supplements. Mixes well with water and doesn't make me feel bloated. I actually prefer this flavour to the Iced Chai.

The True Endurance Fuel Blend in Apple & Coconut takes a bit of getting used to. For the first week it tasted a bit weird and almost soapy to me but after adjusting to it I found it pretty easy to handle. No where near as sweet as the ______ade brand energy drink powders. At RRP I think it's too much for me to buy but at the sale prices it is a viable option for me.

The Dextrose and Maltodextrin aren't something I've used so I'll leave that for someone else to comment on!

Deal expires when short dated stock is sold out.

If you want to use my referral link HERE new customers will get a $10 credit applied against your first order, if over $30, and I will receive a credit for every referral.


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    has anyone tried there products prices seems to be great
    any reviews from you guys about the quality of there products


      I have tried true-post (chocolate) and true-pre (un-caffeinated, apple & coconut?).
      I'm not a huge fan of the taste of the post. The pre workout doesn't taste too bad.

      Thought I'd give it a try, as an all in one type solution. Was previously mixing creatine and dextrose into my post workout, and adding bcaa's to my pre. These products already contain these 'extras'.

      Will probably end up going back to my usual supplements, due to price/taste preferences.


      At first, it sounded like a great value to me, even with the short shelf life, but then I learnt delivery is not included, which would increase the total price.

      To reduce the cost per kg, I would have to purchase more, and if I did, then risk, it crashing with the expiry date.

      There would be, possibly, some tolerance in respect to the expiry date, but I'm not going to try how much.

      Venomprotein has got some good deals around, too, and their standard prices are lower than trueprotein's. I am yet to try the quality of this brand.


      My review from a previous offer. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/174035#comment-2448659

      Received my order of unflavoured WPC.

      Very professional website for ordering. Better than most.

      Dispatched quickly, and reasonably well protected by packaging.

      The taste of the unflavoured WPC is good (IMHO). I first tried it with milk alone (no flavourings) and found it easily palatable. No chalky or chemical after taste. And even better in a banana smoothie ;) (Taste is, of course, subjective.)

      As with most WPC, you have to stir it well, or use a shaker or blender to mix it in, but it was still easier to mix in than something like Milo. No big deal as this is expected.

      True Protein also put in a few samples of flavoured WPC. Nice. Strawberry and Cream is delicious. Not a flavour I'd usually order, but if I wasn't such a chocoholic, I'd seriously consider it. Vanilla is tasty, and probably good for those who want something a little less sweet. The additives are generally safe, and far better than those added to some popular whey products I've seen. Nonetheless, additives like Xanthan Gum should be avoided by people with existing digestive issues.

      The only slight downside is that the bags were date-stamped expiry October 2015, not November 2015 as stated by the OP. This clearly falls into the category of "first-world problems."


      Tasty + professional.

      I’ll definitely be ordering again.


    Can it really go "off" or expire though?

    It's powdered nutrients…


      If you store it in a dark cupboard that doesn't get hot through the day and it will probably last quite a while unopened. I think the dates are more of a guideline based on worst case scenarios.

      People on bodybuilding.com say they've used some protein powders a year or more past the use by date and it's been fine.


      Yep, it can go off. The most common protein are sourced from milk or eggs. Being dry, powdered, extends the shelf life, but just can't eliminate it.


        The manufacturer is suggesting 6 months beyond the use by/expiry date should be a realistic expectation.

        We have been advised that all products will likely remain in perfect order for at least 6 months after expiry.


    Seems that the deal is over, all the prices are the usual ones.


      Still showing as on sale on my PC browser and mobile. Could be a browser issue perhaps.
      Check you are on the size and flavour that is on sale as well as on WPC and not WPI maybe?

      If you follow either the picture above "Go To Deal" it will take you straight to the clearance page or via referral link you need to wait for images to load and click the clearance sale image toward the top of the page.


        Did you add to cart? As soon as I added it was the normal price (for the WPC). Maybe my browser is broken. On the front page all the prices are normal as well.

        Edit: If I log out the sale prices are displayed. As soon as I log in the prices are the old ones.


          That's really strange. I just logged in and added to cart and all worked. I'm on chrome though.


          I'm on Chrome as well. Just tried clearing the cache but still doesn't work. So I tried Firefox. Same result. Oh well hopefully it's still working for others.


          @Jimmy Lumpkin: Sorry, I'm not sure how to solve your issue for you.

          They do have a 1300 number, if you wanted to buy they may be able to process it over the phone given you're having issues with the website.


          That's ok it's not your fault. Thanks for the help.


          @Jimmy Lumpkin:

          Maybe try IE, or brows in incognito mode (CTRL, SHIFT, N) or private browsing in FF (CTRL, SHIFT, N) also disable addons like no script and possible ad blockers while you are doing the transaction as they might be affecting the site.


      Still show as on sale to me

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    Thanks OP just bought 2x 1KG protein powder so enjoy the credit and thanks for posting.


    Can I just drink full cream milk, or chocolate milk instead of using protein supplement? Or is there an advantage to using protein powders?

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      Dude you would have to drink 2 litres of milk to get roughly 64 grams of protein. For the same price your much better off drinking a shake or two saving yourself some time.

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    $15 RRP for Dextrose? In what universe? Homebrew shop sells it for $4, and Maltodextrin for $8.

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