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50% off - 1kg Natural Whey Protein (Unflavoured WPC) ($17.95, Free Ship over $99/Flat Rate $10) @ True Protein


**Hey Guys, thanks for the great response on this offer, but has now come to an end.
Stay tuned, as we will have something else in store shortly.

Howdy OzBargainers,

Just a heads up that we're doing a Christmas promotion on our unflavoured NZ Whey Protein Concentrate. This is premium-grade, independently certified protein sourced from NZ grass-fed cows.

50% off the regular price makes this $17.95/kg. This is pretty much the cheapest offer on the market for independently certified NZ Protein in Australia that I am aware of. That said, if anyone could prove me wrong, it's you guys, so let me know what you find in the comments below. Stock is limited.

Free Shipping on all orders over $99 (6kg, essentially) or 9.95 flat rate shipping Australia-wide.

Direct link to independent certification:

The protein has an expiry date of Nov 2015.

I personally switched to unflavoured whey years ago when I became sick of the artificial sweeteners and flavours in the protein I was buying at the time. Our flavoured protein is fantastic (no sickly sweet taste), but at this price, I wouldn't pass up the unflavoured stuff.

My shake of choice:

Please share your favorite protein shake concoctions in the comments below!

Also, if you're interested in picking up another deal to push you into the free shipping zone, we have our Pre-Workout and Post-Workout blends on sale at 26% and 30% off respectively.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our free sample offer. Let us know what you thought of your sample in the comments below. If you liked us on facebook, requested a sample (and not 5+ to the same address), but didn't receive it, please PM me with the email address you used to place your order and I'll sort it out straight away.

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    Hi, I'm looking for 10-20kg bag of WPC or WPI Chocolate flavor. Any deals you guys have going on that at the moment?

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    You guys seriously need to list this stuff with a new username and logo, as soon as I see your logo I immediately hope to see a special on hoselink auto hose reels ;)

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      Aha! I am an employee of Hoselink, but I'm happy to help out the True Protein guys in the office with some of the promotional stuff.

      I'm happy to create another login for true protein with another avatar if people want me to.

      That said, we do have a deal on our Hi-Flow 25m hose reel at the moment ($210, down from $230). It is the only hose reel on the market with a 14mm hose to deliver 25% more water flow than our regular 25m reel. Shipped in time for Christmas.

      Doing sales on hose reels is hard as we can't seem to keep them ins stock at current prices. In fact, the 20m, 25m and 30m Hose reels are completely sold out.

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    This is good protien, would buy if I hadn't just purchased 4kg

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    Just saw that you mentioned some samples. Any still available? Would be keen to try out the flavoured options before buying 5kg+.

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    Guys, what does this stuff taste like unflavoured? Is it like trying to drink muddy water?!

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      The idea is you add your own flavouring so you're not stuck with the same taste which can get boring very quick.
      You can also add your own Dextrose & Moltodextrin for carbs and it assists in the absorption of protein into the bloodstream.


      It would taste like slightly muddy water, if it weren't for all the awesome natural flavors I add and dial in to my personal preference. Tastes like, low-calorie, muscle-building heaven

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      That is very much "your results may vary". I find it to be neutral - others absolutely cannot stand it. At the price it is at, it's worth just taking a punt and trying it.

      If you want to truly test yourself, I dare you to try unflavoured whey hydrolysate in water ;-)

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      Its more like add your own flavour. Should be fine, concentrate tastes better and is more creamy than isolate.

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      I'm buying another brand unflavoured protein and it's actually quite good. I usually add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder per kg and it tastes much better than pre-mixed chocolate flavoured protein.

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      The plain doesn't have much of a flavour. I always mix it with milk and chopped up mango in a blender and the shake tastes great. It's a good way to add protein to your shakes if you have your own flavours. I've tried the same with true proteins choc flavour but the choc completely overpowers the mango. Choc is awesome on its own but plain you've gotta mix it with milk n fruit or even coffee if you want flavour.

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      Just curious on the following:
      - Did you read the full post? I never received a PM aboutyou not having received your sample.
      - Did you receive any of the emails we sent regarding free sample status (not able to confirm facebook like, etc.?

      Please send me a PM with the email address you used to order and I'll sort this out straight away.

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    Thanks Rep - just ordered 6kg

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    Once you get used to unflavoured protein powder it's very much like drinking plain water IMO. It's such a neutral taste and you really wouldn't notice it if it weren't for the tiny bits of powder that get stuck to your teeth or the spoon.

    Would have been interested in a WPI offer, but I've just paid for 10kg WPI from Venom at around $26/kg. Maybe next time!

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    Great deal! Any chance you could please throw in a shaker for us noobs? ;)

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    Any independant lab result certificates on the protein content. After protein-gate, some independent testing might be a good way to establish credibility in the market.

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    noobs question,

    what quantity?
    pre or post workout?
    gym only workout or any sport? lets say 1 good hour swimming, or running
    is it intended for muscle build only or for repair muscle and improve performance?


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      Hey swings, all great questions.

      Although whey protein is often thought of as being something for just "Gym Rats", I believe and the science supports benefits for all types of athletic activity and lifestyles.

      Protein is primarily used for muscle repair, so if you are sore after activity, it is generally beneficial to supplement protein as you should experience faster recovery.

      A typical serving is one scoop (there are 33 scoops in a bag), which for most non-weight-intensive training is a good place to start. One scoop, with a shake, shortly after a workout (I have about 2 scoops after the gym).

      If you want to bulk your shake up plus fuel your workout, you can add some carbs to the mix (I often add instant oats) and have it before your activity. There are some studies that show mixing the right ratio of carbs to protein can help perform performance during the activity as well.

      I personally like to train on an empty stomach without my shake sloshing around in my tummy.

      I also find whey protein also useful to curb my appetite. I'm currently on the 5-2 diet, and on my fasting days, I look forward to my protein shake (chocolate flavour with water) to curb hunger pangs.

      There's a ton written on the net about whey protein supplementation and I would suggest doing some research. Some people's stomachs don't tolerate whey protein well, so I would recommend going easy at first.

      Hope that helps, but if you have any more questions please let us know.


        thanks, plenty of informations i'll do a bit of research.

        do i understand correctly, I should have protein plus the carbs and use pre or pos,probably for swim , run etc could work well pre right?
        should i get something more or these 2 are enough to start with ?

        btw the organic instant oat is sold out, any idea when will be back in stock ?


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    I'm really after a deal for a bulk amount of N.Z WPI - Any chance of a deal rep?


    I would like a deal on WPI too, would love to buy up another heap.
    Down to my last 200gr


    I third this. WPI deal please.


    Still haven't received my free samples from previous posts


    For someone who works out but never bothered with protein supplicants(always been good with food balancing), whats the difference with isolate and concentrate?

    23.9 vs 27.2 protein per serv?

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    awesome deal.
    I kind of stumbled on a coupon code 'LRPT10', just saying….


    Hi Hoselink,

    Great deal!
    I just ordered 6kg of the natural.
    If it's not too much trouble, could I be bold enough to request a sample of your chocolate flavour to try too please.



    Any deals on your new pre and post workouts??



      Also, if you're interested in picking up another deal to push you into the free shipping zone, we have our Pre-Workout and Post-Workout blends on sale at 26% and 30% off respectively.

      We're also going to launch our endurance intra-workout in the next few days with a big discount as well. Although it's positioned towards endurance athletes, I actually prefer it to the PRE-workout personally. I'll post the deal on OzB as soon as it goes live.


        Speaking of, no AMP Citrate/2 amino 4 methylpentane citrate in your pre-workouts? Any chance your lab guys are looking to develop one with it?

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    Bit off topic.. any chance you can match some of those $59 Hozelock reels from masters?

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    Received my order of unflavoured WPC.

    Very professional website for ordering. Better than most.

    Dispatched quickly, and reasonably well protected by packaging.

    The taste of the unflavoured WPC is good (IMHO). I first tried it with milk alone (no flavourings) and found it easily palatable. No chalky or chemical after taste. And even better in a banana smoothie ;) (Taste is, of course, subjective.)

    As with most WPC, you have to stir it well, or use a shaker or blender to mix it in, but it was still easier to mix in than something like Milo. No big deal as this is expected.

    True Protein also put in a few samples of flavoured WPC. Nice. Strawberry and Cream is delicious. Not a flavour I'd usually order, but if I wasn't such a chocoholic, I'd seriously consider it. Vanilla is tasty, and probably good for those who want something a little less sweet. The additives are generally safe, and far better than those added to some popular whey products I've seen. Nonetheless, additives like Xanthan Gum should be avoided by people with existing digestive issues.

    The only slight downside is that the bags were date-stamped expiry October 2015, not November 2015 as stated by the OP. This clearly falls into the category of "first-world problems."


    Tasty + professional.

    I’ll definitely be ordering again.

    Thanks, Hoselink.

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      Awesome feedback - much appreciated.

      I'll check in with the guys to see what is up with that expiry date as I was told Nov 15! Only a month out, but obviously a mistake on our part. It's the small things that count!

      Thanks again.


    I got my order of afew bags natural whey and one of the pre. The natural is great, mixes well no problem and will prob buy again but I really should have been paying attention when I ordered the pre, its apple(very sour)with coconut. Its so bad lol, any mixing/flavor tips? I just throw half a scoop into a 600ml water atm.

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