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Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse + Aussie Flag $37.90 with Free Shipping


There's a few steps requried to get these items, because they're supposed to be bought with the HP Laptop…

  1. Add the HP Pavilion Notebook to the cart
  2. Toward the bottom of the page there's a picture of the mouse and the flag - click Add for each.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the HP Pavilion.
  4. Click Update - the cart should now have only the mouse and the flag and you can proceed to checkout.

Here's the link to the the individual pages with info on these products:

You'll see that you can't add these items to the cart individually, so I guess this deal lasts only as long as the notebook, and I couldn't seem to get the mouse by itself. You can get 5 mice to one flag though.

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  • This is unfairly taking advantage of the retailer.

    • I concur.

    • yep

    • Unfortunately cotd might be banned from ozbargain if this gets too many negative votes so I'm going to leave it as neutral but this isn't a bargain, merely a flaw in their system :)

  • the v550 is a mouse only worth $30 anyway

    • Logitech RRP's thm for $129. Few would sell them at this price, with the possible exception Harvey Norman. Office works has them for $89.

      MSY however has the for $37, and I bought 2 from Fluidtek when they were discounted there for $29 a piece.

      Great laptop mouse.

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