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Samsonite Firelite Luggage (81cm + 55cm) $479.20 (Red, Charcoal, Blue) via Visa Checkout @ COTD (Membership Reqd)


Due to COTD's 20% off with Visa Checkout, this suitcase combo comes down to ~$480 (delivered). Excellent price for the two.

It's worth joining up to catch club just for this purchase - more than get back your membership cost. As far I can understand, this is likely to end tonight / early tomorrow morning, so I'd advising buying now not to miss out!

Original 20% off post here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/212536.

EDIT: Charcoal sold out, but there is 5 hours to go on the sale and:
BLUE still available: https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/48862/product/samsoni...
RED still available: https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/samsonite-firelite-se...

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    damn that is really good value..


      haha yeah this 20% off on COTD has put a big dint in my credit card… had a few things I've been watching.


        the 1yr warranty compared to what samsonite australia offers for local stock is worrying a little. But Id say it is still worth it


    how do you get the extra 20% off?

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    Good deal, to bad I've had some bad experiences with cotd.

    Can't see myself spending more than $10 yet alone in the hundreds

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    Just remember its catchoftheday warranty - 1 year I believe and not Samsung's 10 year warranty. I personally believe suitcases need more than 1 year warranty


      The thing I have experienced with samsonite luggages, their warranty does NOT cover wear and tear from baggage handlers. If the handle or wheel comes off or there is a major dent to the side of your case when you see your suitcase on the carrousel then you report it straight away to baggage services before you leave the airport and the airline will cover the cost for repair and it is repaired at an official samsonite repairer with original samsonite parts.

      So that is why I still went ahead with this purchase as I don't see the benefit of samsonite's 10 yr warranty.

      I had bought 4 suitcases total from MYER during their B1G1F sale and it has been 3 years since I got my first one. No warranty claims but had 1 airline repair when two wheels were pulled right off by the baggage handlers at sydney airport.

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      I bought Cosmolite 2 years ago at Myer. First warranty claim was the damaged TSA lock and second was the zip torn apart. Both times Samsonite repaired them. So for me the warranty is quite important. It is always zip, wheel and handle causing problem, never the "Curv" body. It is disappointed seeing only 1 year warranty on COTD.


    Can anyone confirm whether the Samsonite firelite luggage of different sizes nest inside each other nicely, like other luggage sets?

    I assume they would, bit couldn't find any reference to that feature.


      The two piece set definitely would just due to the large size difference.


        oh, yeah these two obviously will…i'm talking about the whole set (81cm/75cm/55cm).

        ie. if you bought this set, and bought the 75cm case separately, would they nest in each other like a proper nesting set?


          Not sure on that one ! Given they don't have much inside the shell, as long as the depth of the smaller suitcases also decreases (and not just the height/width) it should do.

          I'd probably grab it either way as they are going quickly - keeping an eye on it out of interest, and they are almost gone on the blue (was <5) and red has dropped from <40 to <30 in the last half hour. Can put it on ebay if it doesn't nest and at least come out neutral.


    I assume this is no longer valid? :(

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