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AMEX - 15% off $100USD+ on Amazon (Excl. Shipping)


Found this on Amex Connect-

When you shop between 1st and 31st October 2015 you’ll receive 15% off all eligible orders of USD $100 or more, excluding cost of shipping, when you use your American Express® Card and ship to Australia. This offer is limited to the first 12,000 redemptions.

Although the AUD has shat itself of late, there are still some good bargains to be had.

Simply go to http://amazon.com/global/amex and start shopping

15% discount on orders over USD$100 Terms and Conditions
This is a limited time offer. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
Offer applies only to products sold and shipped by Amazon.com through AmazonGlobal.
Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped to a single address within Australia.
USD$100 minimum purchase required. Shipping and handling fees, gift wrap charges, duties and taxes are not included in calculating purchase amount of the USD$100 minimum purchase amount.
Offer applies only to the purchase of eligible products made with an American Express Credit Card as your payment method.
If any of the products or content related to this promotion is returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies.
Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the promotion will be invalid.
Void where prohibited.
Shipping charges may apply to discounted and free promotional items.
Offer does not apply to digital content, Kindle devices and accessories, and gift cards.
Offer good while supplies last, limited to first 12,000 redemptions

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  • Awesome find. Thanks OP :)

  • Bit of pot luck though as you can't save it to your card. Who knows if you're in the first 12k?

  • As per Amazon terms, the discount will show up in checkout page

  • &$#^$

    I just spend 150 bucks a few days ago, to get the free shipping :(

  • Awhhhman where do I get one of these fancy AMEX cards?

  • Add this together with the great price on Toshiba OCZ 960gb SSD and win win.. $297.50!

  • So only AMEX issued card is allow?

  • i guess better select AUD as currency ? not USD ? otherwise the exchange rate and fee from AMEX will obliterate any saving made…

    • Amazon will also inflate the exchange rate. Question is - which rate is lower? I'm not sure.

      • looks to be pretty comparable.

        Assuming Amex rate is approx Mastercard rate plus 3%..
        Mastercard rate yesterday was 1.429797.
        1.429797 * 1.03 = 1.47269091.
        Today Amazon conversion rate is 1.4788888923
        (1.4788888923 - 1.47269091)/1.4788888923 = 0.4% difference

        if these numbers are accurate then amex conversion is approx 0.4% cheaper but YMMV

    • How do you set AUD as payment currency on Amazon?

    • dont do that. Depending on whether or not your amex card is bank issued, you may still be charged a foreign transaction fee even though you are paying AUD.

      So you will be hit with unfavourable exchange rate by amazon and also a foreign transaction fee anyway.

      I have an amex card with westpac and i know they will still charge the 3% fee even though you paid with AUD instead of USD

      • +1 vote

        i thought westpac only charge the 3% if you have used their currency conversion (ie. paid in USD). however, my understanding was if you got the merchant to do the conversion and thus accepted amazon.com's currency rate, then you'd be fine.

        also, is there anyway to find out what rates westpac will charge on their amex credit cards? currently im using their currency converter, and often it seems paypal/amazon is giving me a better rate and that is before the 3% kicks in.

        • http://www.smh.com.au/business/westpac-last-of-big-four-bank...

          This is from googling on the topic as I can't find the email they had notified me with.

          I'm pretty sure westpac is 3%

        • Googoogaga is correct. Been there done that.
          I have a westpac issued Amex card and used it to pay for the business shirts from a UK based online store. The website priced in AUD and I was billed in AUD, but still got charged the foreign fee. The reason is the merchase is based in overseas.

        • @googoogaga:

          They reversed this policy for Amex cards more recently


        • @Thrawn:

          Thanks Thrawn, had no idea they changed back. FEE still applies to master/visa though just FYI


          How will we charge the foreign transaction fee?
          The fee is calculated as a percentage of the Australian dollar value of the foreign transaction. The percentage varies depending on the card used:
          For overseas purchases or cash advances:
          Visa or MasterCard®: 3.0%
          American Express®: 3.5%

          Where the overseas located merchant or financial institution accepts payments in Australian dollars, the following charges apply:
          Visa or MasterCard®: 3.0%
          American Express®: 0.0%*
          *Use your American Express card to pay for transactions in Australian dollars where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located overseas to avoid paying foreign transaction fees.

        • @googoogaga:

          Oh my god! I wish I knew this ages ago. I've been thrashing my 28 Degrees card. Now I can use my new Qantas Discovery Amex card for overseas purchases who charge in AUD :)

        • @googoogaga: put thru an order this morning, and so far they haven't charged me a fee (yet!).

          Also put thru an order on eBay, whilst the item value was not subject to the fees, postage was. For some reason PayPal can convert the product to AUD but not the shipping.

        • @repair-pro:

          Thats Westpac specific fee structure. Other Amex cards are likely different

        • @repair-pro: Still better off using 28 degrees in the local currency. If you allow the merchant to do the conversion to AUD you'll get ripped off that way too.
          edit: unless yoú're talking about online purchases who allow you to choose currency.. they are sometimes decent.

        • @lolmao:

          Ozgameshop,Groupon and sportsDirect are perfect examples :)

        • @repair-pro: oh yeah fair enough

        • @repair-pro:

          Depends: is the price in AUD really better than the exchange rate from using 28 degrees? (Alternatively, is the difference worth it for the points? Probably…)

      • From CBA website: •Transactions made overseas but in Australian dollars - 3.00%.

        So yes if you pay Amazon on AUD with a Commbank credit card you will still pay 3% on top. So switching to AUD payments is a bad idea.

      • No love from ANZ, fees and charges updated 28.8.2015:

        Overseas Transaction Fee – American Express®

        • American Express will charge 1.5% of the value of any foreign or Australian currency transaction charged to your ANZ American Express credit card where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located outside of Australia.

        • ANZ will charge 1.5% of the value of any foreign or Australian currency transaction charged to your ANZ American Express credit card where the merchant or financial institution accepting the card is located outside of Australia.

        SOooo overall 3.0%…

      • Crossborder fees (typically 3%) were introduced several years ago, and how I despise them. They are in addition to about a 3% currency conversion fee. So the greedy banks and their greedy shareholders are stealing 6% of your money every time you make a transaction.

        There is a word for this. Capitalism. Capitalism is legalized theft, rich predators stealing from the poor. A good government would legislate to prevent this sort of usury, but our governments all serve the interest of the bourgeois class.

  • What are AMEX overseas transaction fees like?

  • Hey Amazon bring back free shipping on $100+ orders…that was great!

  • +1 vote

    Any items worth noting besides the Fire 7 tablet buy 5 get 1 free.

    Will need a mail forwarder.

  • Nice. It also works on Blu-Ray Preorders.

  • Thanks, just grabbed one of these toshiba 5tb hard drives at $119usd + shipping:

    Which isn't as cheap as I'd like due to the AUD :( but oh well

  • Possibly good for getting refurb Dyson stick vacs…

  • Saved $30 on a 4tb Western digital nas hard drive delivered

  • yikes, so nothing to buy…….still searching….

  • Is any iphone6s deal on Amazon ?

  • When the item says free shipping and you put the filter to ship to Australia, does that mean free shipping to Australia or am I going to get hit with shipping costs on checkout?

    • Free shipping would be in the US states. If you have logged into Amazon it should state the correct base international postage on the item pages.

  • Any laptop deals? Unfort not many ship to aus. Keen on a Yoga Pro 14

  • I wish I can find a nice AU house there…

  • The Nexus 6 64gb comes to $515 delivered.. not bad, 32gb comes to $451.

    • Amazon sells the US version of the Nexus 6. Which doesn't work with a lot of Aussie bands.

      Unfortunately a common problem with US sourced phones.

  • what's worth buying w our "fantasitc" aussie dollar? any suggestions?

  • Shipping still expensive.
    Couldn't believe my eyes when the $US conversion is about 1.45!!

    • Really? Shipping from Amazon is so cheap. Usually around $10 if you buy from Amazon a seller that does Amazon fulfillment.

      • $10AUD or $10USD? Guess it depends on the seller?

        • 10AUD. If you buy products where is says "sold by Amazon" or "sold by XXX and fulfilled by Amazon", the shipping charge is usually around $10AUD no matter how many items you buy.

  • I really want to buy the Nvidia Shield TV with the remote but the bundle price has finished!!!

    Damn our $$$ is shit!

  • The aussie dollar is f*&^%#, it's almost pointless shopping online from the US.
    Even with a 15% discount, it's not really a discount as we're 20-30% down from the usual $:$ levels.
    When you add the conversion fees you can wave your savings goodbye.

    This is what happens when you have a bunch of monkeys in the treausury

    • Depends on what you want. Depending on the product local prices might have increased too in line with the falling dollar, keeping a US based purchase an option.

    • Floating exchange rate is an automatic stabiliser…

      If you were an exporter you would be cheering!

    • "This is what happens when you have a bunch of monkeys in the treausury"
      Errr.. A low exchange heaps our manufacturers and exporters. Countries purposely devalue their currency to boost their economy. E.g. China, Japan. It sucks to be a consumer, but its good for businesses producing income.

      • If you're in IT, it's a little like outsourcing
        You outsource your IT department to save a few dollars in the wake of a deluge of shit service.

        Devalue the dollar to boost business export/import - screw up the citizens that PAY TAXES here from travelling, shopping overseas, etc

  • Can you use this more than once?

  • Probably stating the obvious, but purchasing in the US comes down to a few things:
    - Do I want a local warranty?
    - Can I wait for the postage?
    - Is the item small enough to be sent cheaply?

    Once you take these things into account, you check if you can get the item cheaper in OZ and if not ya buy!

    I know that's what I'm going to do with some DDR4 Ram.

    In OZ. ($357.00)

    In US with AMEX promo ($297)

    • Amazon shipping is usually faster than our oz local or online retailers. Yes, all the way from US or even UK is faster than within Aus.

  • Anything over AUD1000 will be taxed right?

    • +2 votes

      i believe amazon will collect duty on orders greater than A$1k. So maybe worth your while to keep the shipments under A$1k.

  • Sounds like a good time to pre-order a game, but which one?

    edit: was thinking Just Cause 3 CE which looked pretty good when I thought it was $102AUD but forgot it was in USD so works out to $150 odd.. It's $190 at EB so still $40 saving but meh.. I never considered it at $190 so $150 is still pricey.

  • +1 vote

    Some things are worth while getting from Amazon. I bought some ram for my gen 8 micro server that was substantially cheaper than anywhere in Australia.

  • If only the dollar wasn't so sh-t. Would have gotten an ergotron LX ($128USD on sale + $30 post = only $10 less than buying within Australia).

  • thanks OP

  • Thanks. The heads up is much appreciated

  • Is it still working?
    seems when i was adding to cart it existed. now gone!

    • Can confirm that the discount is no longer on amazon.com, or there is a limit of one per person per transaction.

      i guess its lucky i didnt waste anytime this morning when this was posted.

  • Just bought the Nest 2nd generation smoke and CO alarm on Amazon for US$99, add another item of $2 and get the 15% off using AMEX. Postage of the 2 items was just $9. Happy.

  • I'm not seeing the discount?

  • Yeah I can't get the discount to show up either. Deal's over guys, time to move on to the next bargain

    • nope still works

    • Still works for me. I just made a purchase. You cant buy items thats not sold by Amazon, even if items sold by let say xx and fulfilled by amazon. It has to be strictly sold by Amazon. If you have some items from Amazon and some from other sellers in your cart then the promotion wont be applicable as well.

      • +1 vote

        Ah I see. Thanks for setting me straight. Now to find something sold by Amazon…

  • It still works guys. I think your problem is the item can be shipped to Australia, but it's not being sold and shipped via Amazon.

    As per the terms and conditions: Offer applies only to products sold and shipped by Amazon.com through AmazonGlobal.

  • Thanks, just saved $50!

  • If you have a bike, check out this phone mount, it just dropped as it used to be $18: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OQJ5VPK/ref=ox_sc_act_t...

  • American Express sure are struggling to keep hold of the Australian market. If they just stopped ripping off Australian retailers with exorbitant interest rates, more companies would accept their cards.

  • I found a way how to get the discount and still use your 28 degree rate.

    Let say your total cart cost is $150 US, purchase $149 worth of Amazon gift card apply it to your account then use your amex to pay for the remaining $1 when checking out and the discount still applies!

    • Nice one. I'm trying to purchase an item on back order, so the order has gone through but not payment (when shipped). Do you think changing payment type to 28 degrees might work keeping discount?

      • To answer my own question, it removes the discount when payment method updated to 28 degrees card. Glowstix's method is the way to go it would seem

    • Thanks, the method works. I felt a bit sorry for Amex though :). Paypal charged the most in conversion fee. Amazon charged around 4% and is also a ripped off. I have read Amex charged 3% and 28 degrees is much less.

      • This is a hard one. 3% seems fair in exchange for 15% discount, but an OZBarginer should take 3% without a blink.

    • Nice find, it works!~~

    • This should be mentioned in the OP!