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Free Lunch in Martin Place (Sydney) - Wed & Thurs 11am - 2pm


The flavours of the world are coming to Martin Place, courtesy of the great City of Liverpool.

From Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine through to South American flavours and beyond, Liverpool invites you to taste what makes our city great, over four flavour-filled days.

So be our guest and experience a world of flavours and multicultural cuisine absolutely free at our unique food truck in Martin Place.

It’s the perfect entrée to Good Food Month and a warm welcome from Liverpool the Capital of the Great South West.

Wednesday October 7
* Indian Aroma's goat curry and malai kofta with butter naan bread
* Bariloche's Argentinian miloja (caramel cakes with apricot jam and white chocolate)
* Iraqi Bakery's dahena (date and coconut slice)

Thursday October 8
* Al Barakeh's Lebanese mezze plate (hummus, kibbeh, vine leaves, garlic sauce, pickles, falafel, fattoush)
* Bona Fides's sarma cabbage rolls with pork
* Bakelicious' Egyptian round bread
* Ablas Patisserie's Lebanese sweet lady's arms

More info: http://www.au.timeout.com/sydney/aroundtown/events/44004/wor...

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  • +5

    Nice! Please tell all the homeless people of Sydney! They need it more than professional ozbargainers with their thousand dollars in sydney property equity.

    • +7

      They need it more than professional ozbargainers with their thousand dollars in sydney property equity.

      Implying that a thousand dollar asset makes one wealthy? o_0

      • I did not imply that.

        • -1

          There's not such thing as a free lunch…

    • +1

      I don't think the homeless are fiscally minded enough to be checking ozbargain though ;)

    • I rent

    • +3

      I <3 ozbargain, because I am technically poor, but do not feel it, because I spend my money wisely and ozbargain helps me get maximum benefit, I do agree with your sentiment about letting the homeless know. Unfortunately i will not be able to make it today, and i lurve indian food.

    • Definitely a great sentiment. Fortunately there are daily food services for the homeless around this area, but there can always be more/better.

      Either way I had a look this morning and with the portion sizes on offer at these trucks, the homeless would still be hungry anyway.

  • +9

    over four flavour-filled days
    Oct 6-8


    • +1

      Four years and older…. :p

      • +1

        So you're suggesting the "days" are "filled" with the "flavour" of "over four"s?

        Liverpool invites you to taste what makes our city great, over four flavour-filled days.

        What are they getting up to in Liverpool!? O_O

        • Its Silence of the Lambs all over again…

  • -2

    too far for me…

    • +9

      Thanks for sharing…

  • +3

    tempting but i guess queue will be huge

    • get in early to get a ticket I guess…

    • +3

      Went past around 11…Maybe 25-30 people in the queue. Getting in early must be the ticket.

      I'd call it a big-ish sample size…It looked like maybe about 3-4 mouthfuls plus a small naan or something

      • +2

        Yep, it's sample sized servings of one savoury dish plus one sweet/desert (the caramel pastry thing is really nice according to a colleague) and although the line wasn't too long, around 10 mins when I was there 40 mins ago, I think it is a stretch to call it lunch.

  • +1

    When we had that last free food event at Martin Place I preregistered and there was no food by the time J got there. So you might want to have an early lunch.

    • +8

      Who is J? like a huge dude that eats tons?

      • Pretty much.

      • +2

        J made a big mistake. Fat fingers…

        • +3

          J spy with my little jay something beginning with……J

        • +2

          @clarky: A jPhone!

  • There is no such thing a free lunch!!! That's what I've always been told anyway.

    • +1

      This is OzBargain with heaps of free food (recently Oporto, new Red Rooster)

  • +1

    Queuing. Hope there's some left when I reach the front! :P

  • +2

    Any bargain on Imodium?

  • +1

    4 or 5 servings should be enough for a slim-build OL.
    Get a serving, run back to queue up again while eating. Put the leftover in take-away box or put the empty plate to trash bag so they can't say uou already have one.

  • Got this yesterday and surprisingly although queue looked long it was 15 minutes for the goat curry which was surprisingly very good (didn't even think it was goat until I finished it - usually it is more gamey). They had run out of the Argentinian miloja but the bahena was nice anyway. BTW - I did get there at 1:30pm (when I walked back at 2:15pm and was closed and food had gone by then).

  • I am gutted. I was so close to Martin Place today at those timings. I didn't check Ozbargain until I reached home.. So pissed at myself

    • I managed to get there at 10:30. There was no line up since it did not start until 11. So in Oz Bargain style, I ensured I was first in line. They ran out of desert by 12:15 and 2 of the food options, so they only had part meals left and after I had finished, the line was gigantic.

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