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Microsoft Office 365 Home 50% off ($59.50 Rather than $119)


In case you don't work for a school/uni and therefore can't get the free copy that was recently highlighted here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/214357), or don't work for an employer participating in the HUP (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/214028) - there is at least a 50% off offer on! :)

It is designed for those currently running Office 2010 who have recently upgraded to Windows 10

1) Install the Get Office app from the Windows App store (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/apps/get-office/9wzdnc...)
2) Run the app (you might need to close it and reopen it to get the deal to appear) - you should see a link that says 'You don't have the latest version of Office. Upgrade today and save 50%'
3) Click 'UPGRADE NOW' to open the purchase link in your web browser
4) Assuming you want the better value 5-licence version (Office 365 Home rather than Office 365 Personal that it defaults to), click on 'Continue shopping' to the right of where it says 'Cart', then add the Home version to your cart [ http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/Office-3... is the product page]
5) Reapply the personalised discount code at the checkout (the app prefilled this bit for you) and then remove Office 365 Personal from your basket
6) Complete your purchase and enjoy the 50% discount!

IMPORTANT NOTE - I found the app kept taking me to the UK website rather than the AU one (I used to be in the UK, my account is still set for that) - I couldn't get them to sort it via Live Chat so they told me to call instead. The phone team (1800 267 785) were very helpful, confirmed my account details and processed the whole order manually. To be honest if you have any problems with the above I'd say you're as good just going down this route! Just tell them you received the 50% off offer in the app and couldn't get it to go through and they should be able to sort it for you.

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  • Darn I got Office 2013 installed. Looks like I have to downgrade to 2010 first

    • For the app to work, probably. However if you call them there won't be an issue. He asked me near the end if I was using a PC or Mac, clearly forgetting the 50% offer was meant to be for those upgrading to Windows 10 ;)

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    thanks now that worked for me.

  • As office 365 is a yearly subscription is the 50% off for the first year only?

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      If you look at the history within OZB and Office 365, you will notice that $119 is the RRP and that you can buy it from places like MSY or equivalent for about $82 or so. Every financial year, M$ has cashback incentives to almost all of their retail products and you can get like $25 cash back from these taking it down to next to bugger all. In fact, the cheapest it fell to was from Big W where it was $35 after cashback and the promotional offers they were doing in store. As I said, even for $60, it is still very good value across 5 PC's within your family - only $1 a month per PC…

      • agreed - and the nice thing is you can stack the subscriptions too if you find a good deal, protecting yourself from future price increases

        the price in the UK is much higher than here so I'm stacking up on Aussie pricing regardless :)

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      50% off the first year only

  • I am a Google Docs user looking to transfer away from Google that's become the new 'evil google' to the once evil MS (evil tracking is what i do !) Looking to get a cheap 'in' to Office 365. Will this work for me ? IF not, any ideas ? (no student and em self employed small business)

  • Just to highlight that Office 365 is an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

    There's the Office 2016 @ $15 post on the right (under "Top Deals").

    Personally I'd rather pay $15 once ever 3-6 years (wait for following newest version of office) rather than annually…

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      That offer is only if your company has an Enterprise Agreement and have Home Use Program available for their staff. Unless you fit that, then you would not be able to get it for $15 "every 3-6 years"..

      • And even then, only for 1 computer.

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    I find office 365 home is good value only if you have two or more people taking advantage of the 1tb of OneDrive and Skype minutes. If you have 5 copies of office installed this works out to be great value.

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      It is meant for an entire family's use. If you think about it, $60 buys you a copy of office for 5 PCs- $12 per year per PC or $1 per month per PC. If thats not cheap, then I dont know what you'd call it. Not to mention that it also is available for your ipad's, Androids etc.

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    Thanks for the heads up. For me this works out well. My partner uses Google Apps, so I just need the one license for my desktop. My laptop is a Mac provided by work. So VLSC Office 2016 there, phone is also work, but I just use the free App.

    Just leaves my iPad, so the mobile license can be used here. The 1tb is the icing as my Acronis Cloud subscription just expired. Can use the 1tb for my offsite backups.

  • What happens after an year? Can you still use your current version with limited function perhaps?

    • After a year you have read-only and print access but can no longer edit unless you re subscribe (or downgrade to an older standalone version). The 1TB extra OneDrive will also cease.

    • pay to win

  • I have Home Premium right now; but I only really use it for OneDrive. Does anyone know if I can stack this for another year against my subscription?

    • You can definitely stack subs, the only issue will be whether the system will let you access the deal as an existing Office 365 user. No harm in trying though!

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        It does. I tried

        • I just did it too - plus got another 1 month free for switching on auto-renew :)

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    Worked with 2013 installed. Yay. Have been waiting for ages for a nice deal, now to load up onedrive and cancel my onedrive sub.

    • did this work by calling up or through the app?

      • Through the app

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        Calling works for me

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    Had the same problem with it redirecting to the UK store, also couldn't see any continue shopping button. A discount code gets generated but it's restricted to the regional store, ie if you copy the code to the AU store it doesn't work. Phoned them up, $59.50 all up inc GST for the office365 home yearly renewal, takes about 20min to apply to your live.com account.

    Thanks for the post, been waiting for a decent discount on office365.

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    I rang the 1800 number under Important Note in the OP. Got a guy who was the end of his shift, early hours US time and he sounded half asleep. I told him I wanted the Office 365 Home package but couldn't be bothered loading my version of 2013 Office Plus and doing the Get App thing etc. He said Cool, I'll process the 50% off right here and now and a few minutes later I was done.

  • I called them and they said it's only applicable to Office 365 Personal and the guy even confirmed that he even tried himself. LOL. Should I still go ahead and try?

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      Made another call and another guy processed it

      • What was his name?

        • I can't recall but if they refuse you can just call another time

  • how long are people spending waiting? I tried earlier today and gave up after ~10 minutes. Will try again but was surprised at the wait for a Sunday.

    • Generally they seem pretty good at answering <5 min when myself and when a friend tried.

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    Full marks to the poster! It worked with no problems all it needed was a quick phone call and the lady on the phone was very nice.

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    Works also if you've got Office 2007 installed, thanks OP :)

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    +1 for Office 2007. Thanks OP can't believe I almost paid full price for the subscription..

    Also didn't need to call.. It all went through the AU MS Store online..

  • What if I have latest office installed but call them and tell them I have not got latest office?

    • It'd probably work TBH - a colleague managed it despite running OSX, when the offer is meant to be for recent upgrades to Win 10! No harm in giving them a call to see.

  • has this expired?

    • Not that I know of, this might just be automatic expiry by OzBargain? If anyone has still had success let me know and I can unexpire.