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Office 2016 for $15 if Your Employer Takes Part


Thanks to cocobuying from hotukdeals.

If your employer is participating in this, you should be able to buy Microsoft Office 2016 for $15, which can be installed on upto 2 home computers (Mac/PC).

You can go to the deal URL and provide your work email to check whether you are eligible. Even if you do not know your "Program Code," you can still proceed.

Please note that if you go to the deal URL before 7th Oct, you will be able to get Office 2013 only. To get Office 2016, please attempt purchase only on or after 7th Oct.

Also Microsoft code for 15% off is vtf7znqg2 (not sure if it works but I'm including just in case)

Update 8/10: Available now for purchase/download.

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  • Damn I bought this a bit over a week ago!

    • Not to be a bit dim witted, what is HUP and what does an employer have to do for me to get it? I do not work in the IT department. We all use MS Windows 7 and Office 2010.

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        It your company has an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft and they opt into this program, then they can allow their staff to purchase MS Office at a much reduced price of $15 instead of whatever the RRP is. You get to put it onto two PC's at home. Not all companies are on the Enterprise Agreement (its stupidly expensive even on a corporate level), so you will need to ask to see if you are entitled.

        Legal too - the only real caveat is that the Office License "expires" after the termination of employment - meaning that you shouldnt legally use it (I dont think anyone follows this though).

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        Hup is home use program.
        Can buy the enterprise version of office cheap and use it while still employed.
        This has been around for ever 2007, 2010. 2013 and 2016. Whatever is the current version so no new news really.

      • Thanks guys for clearing that up.

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      Yep. You can now have two licenses of 2013 and two licenses of 2016 for 4 computers..

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        Hi, to get the 2 licenses of 2013 and 2 for 2016, do we buy 2 now and 2 after the 7th of October?

        • my question too, anyone can clear it up? thanks!

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          Yes, buy 2 now, and 2 after 7th.

          I confirm it works. I still have 2010 and 2013.

        • @mishmish:
          It may works but probably not legal because ms hup only allows 1 license/person (can install max in two PCs).

          If you have a previous version of Microsoft Office 2010 from HUP, you are legally obligated to uninstall that version before installing Office 2013 from HUP as using only 1 licence is allowed. If you have acquired Office 2010 through another source, you are not required to uninstall Office 2010 in order to install Office 2013 products from HUP. Please note: Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 will overwrite previous versions when the 2013 version is installed.

          Source link

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        why would you want both 2013 + 2016?

        • +1

          I have 2 pcs and 2 laptops at home.

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          @Jamesx: u missed the point.

          i'll help you out. u would want 4x 2013 or 4x 2016.

        • @Son ofa Zombie:
          I'm not sure what you're trying to say. You missed the point
          I only have one work email. so to get 4 copies on 4 PCs, I need both 2013 & 2016. I dont need 8 in total!

          BTW, we're asking a question, not asking for your comments without any answer, not helping.

        • @Jamesx: I don't know if this only applied to the 2010 version, but I seemed to install MS OFF pro. stud. multiple times over a number of laptops, ( installed on some, when one died etc.,) without issue. Of course this may have all changed with this version. I can update when the DVD arrives.

    • In the same boat. Cost me 180$.

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    "Even if you do not know your "Program Code," you can still proceed." Perhaps not, because I'm getting "Please verify that you have entered your work email address correctly. We are unable to confirm your eligibility without a program code."

    • Same here.

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      I didn't use a program code and got an email confirming my eligibility which I was not expecting @ all!

    • op talked about "program code", but you still need your Work Email Address. two things.

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      If you click "I don't know my program code" and just enter your work email on the page and it still doesn't work, it means you aren't eligible.

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    This is available via HUP, if your employer does not participate in it, you won't get it for $15.

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    $15 if Your Employer Takes Part

    You mean if your employer pays up?

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      employers usually take it up as part of an enterprise agreement, and then it costs them next to nothing. the word enterprise should give you an idea of the size of the companies that usually have hup as part of their agreement.

      hup is good for employers because people become familiar, with the new product at home due to motivation rather not " I don't know how to use this send me to a course "

      I recall even the dimmest of excel users becoming macro gurus when they wanted to work out their redundancy package, or returns on negative gearing and rising house prices , etc, prior to that they wouldn't try macros unless sent to a course.

      my employer went with office365, which isn't as good as office 2016 hup home use, expires after you leave employer.

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    The employer pays for this through their Microsoft license

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      They pay the same regardless if their employees take up the offer or not, and the amount that they part is pretty expensive so yes, it would cover the cost of the offer.

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        The $15 deal has been available for years and it's included in the cost to the employer. Their cost varies depending on how many licenses they subscribe to.

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          Well it's not the case that the Employer gets a special deal for $200 (for example), and then the employee pays $15 and the employer pays $185 towards it. No, the employer pays say $384 (for example) for each of their copies, and the $15 offer to employees is a bonus that does not affect their main agreement or cause any extra money to be paid by the employer to Microsoft.

        • @The Land of Smeg: If you ever saw the numbers behind a Microsoft Enterprise agreement (very expensive per annum basis), lets just say Microsoft can afford to give these away to their staff for free. Basically similar to software subscription like MSDN (but for official use) so a license to each user is a drop in the ocean realistically.

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    "Taking part" is not really an accurate description, you could replace it with "paying an exorbitant amount of money for an Enterprise License Agreement"

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    Awesome! Works for my workplace

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      it will work for people with @defence.gov.au emails

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    Does it still work for any @internode.on.net email address like it has in previous years? :)

    • +1

      That would be magnificent

    • +3

      GASP… you could just try it…. and see

    • +2

      Tried it with mine, got the same error as a lot of people about not being able to confirm the eligibility without a promo code :-(

      Didn't even realise @internode.on.net addresses ever worked!

    • That would have been useful to know in the past! :)

    • +2

      I tried @iinet.net.au and only office 2011 mac / office pro 2013 was available.

      • +1

        Can confirm @iinet.net.au works, office 2016 PC/Mac available

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        Wooo, I just tried my @iinet.net.au and it worked! That's awesome, I'm still running 2010!

  • I assume the Hotmail eligibility is still a no go

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      I got 2013 HUP with my Hotmail a couple years ago.

    • +1

      myspace email worked at one stage too.

    • Best deal ever, came in here to see if anybody had tried it again :P

  • Looks like I'm getting 2016 in a couple of days according to this post :D

    I was wondering when the new Office would show up.

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      It's clearly in the title on this one. It is a deal if you qualify. No different to the deals for students.

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        It's not a deal, it's always $15 if you qualify….

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          Office 2016 has not previously been offered under HUP before, and it is well below the RRP if Office 2016

        • @The Land of Smeg:
          Hup is always the latest version, when 2016 is released that will be the version you get, they don't give you an old version.

        • +1

          Incorrect. If you go to Harvey Norman, even if you qualify, you still won't get the bargain.

          You have to know to go through this specific channel, with this specific process, to get the offer. Do it any other way and you will pay a different price.

          Hence, it's highlighting the bargain so people can get it.

          And as before with the comments on getting it with internode and other site e-mails, it doesn't mean "it's your employer's fault" as you claimed if you don't get the bargain.

        • +4

          @PVA: Kinda. I can buy Office 2016 right now at full RRP, but can't get it through HUP until later this week.

          There is a delay between retail launch (which happened on September 22) and HUP launch.

        • That is kinda like saying Costco doesn't have deals because you can always get a cheap item if you "qualify" ie. pay the membership.

      • +4

        ozbargain jerks who don't appreciate company perks really gives me the irks

        • +1

          You were a poet, and didn't even know it! :p

  • This is a great deal except my employer used to part of the program and no longer is

    Very annoying as its prevented me from updating my mac OS due to having an old office

    • That's because they end up paying for your licence. It costs them s lot more than $15

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    +1 For accurate title

    • -4

      Invalid +ve vote.

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        -1 for invalid comment

    • +1 for this because tLoS likes the title.

  • +5

    Should we start posting staff discounts?

    • +13

      Is the staff discount available to a broad range of non-related companies across Australia?

      • +2

        What about deals that are available to only specific customers, such as the Telstra thanks program. Should we not post them just in case some people can't get it?

  • I used two different email address and both of them sent me links to office 2013 and not 2016. I'm assuming this is because of the enterprise agreement my workplace has with Microsoft.

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      No, it is because you have to wait until after the 7th. 2016 is available after that date not before.

    • +1

      Please note that if you go to the deal URL before 7th Oct, you will be able to get Office 2013 only. To get Office 2016, please attempt purchase only on or after 7th Oct.

      Helps if you read the whole post =)

      From 7 Oct - In 2 days

      Or at least the start date below the post

      • +2

        Indeed it does.. Its too early i need a coffee..

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    Does this come with the 10TB of Onedrive storage?

    • others experience may vary but offering that amount seems pointless to me… i uploaded 17GB of photos and it took over 24hrs on my high speed Telstra Cable connection.

      • +2

        Cable isn't high speed for uploads though.
        But I understand what you mean.

      • -1

        My cable upload speed is 1.5 Mbps on Optus. What is yours?

      • +2

        24 hrs isn't that big a deal, just leave it running.

      • Very handy for my usage case; I have 1TB of storage used thus far, none of which is pirated.

        Cloud storage comes into the fore when you have decent upload speeds available (ie NBN 100/40)

    • I'd like to know this as well?

    • +1

      Reply to mattlol> Alot of the services like Dropbox, Google, Microsoft storage are end user products and as such do not "give" you local CDN coverage, so when you upload, you're uploading to a US-website, which means it's slooow. Switch to Amazon CDN storage (more designed for developers), as they have a sydney hub, you upload at super fast speeds (I have NBN and it doesn't take long to upload a gigabyte)

      • +1

        When I download from or upload to OneDrive I get full speeds on a 100/40 connection. Single threaded downloads will often come close to, if not reach, my pipe's capacity.

        I do however have a decent provider with great international peering…

  • +25

    Select country as New Zealand. NZD $10 which equates to ~$9 AUD. Makes no difference to order or license.

    Possible to attract sharper pricing with other countries.

    • Are you sure its NZD $10 not US $10?

    • NZ and Vanuatu are cheapest at 10 NZD (9.20 aud). Then there's Malaysia 29 MYR (9.35 aud) and Brazil 26 BRL (9.38 aud). Sweden is getting ripped for 160 SEK (27 aud).

  • Thanks OP, I checked this last week after Office 16 launched, but was still offering 13. Good to know.

  • Excuse my ignorance, but will this also provide links to the Mac version?

    • It always has previously so cant see why not. This is just a normal hup program and offers the latest versions.

    • It does, my email had an option for Office for Mac 2011.

    • Yes it does.