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Office 2016 for $15 if Your Employer Takes Part


Thanks to cocobuying from hotukdeals.

If your employer is participating in this, you should be able to buy Microsoft Office 2016 for $15, which can be installed on upto 2 home computers (Mac/PC).

You can go to the deal URL and provide your work email to check whether you are eligible. Even if you do not know your "Program Code," you can still proceed.

Please note that if you go to the deal URL before 7th Oct, you will be able to get Office 2013 only. To get Office 2016, please attempt purchase only on or after 7th Oct.

Also Microsoft code for 15% off is vtf7znqg2 (not sure if it works but I'm including just in case)

Update 8/10: Available now for purchase/download.

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  • After receiving the email I click on Buy Now but when the url loads I get "We are sorry, but we are unable to complete your request. We are unable to find your user account for activation. We are unable to activate your account at this time."

    anyone else get this problem?

    *edit, used a different browser and it works okay ;)

  • anyone knows if this will conflict with the 2013 version on the same HUP licence? Since this is only single-use on one device

  • The problem with the MS Office 2016 is that Microsoft doesnt provide an offline installer which means you need to download for each PC.

    Not to fear as you can get one here - http://getintopc.com/softwares/office-tools/office-2016-prof...

    • +1

      To make sure the getintopc.com download hasn't been tampered with, you should VERIFY its authenticity using the SHA1 (checksum/hash) info from MSDN.
      This applies to any download from unofficial sources (including torrent sites).

      See my previous comment re verification:

      • hi as a newbie to verifying the checksum/hash. I downloaded the checksum software but couldnt see any extension in the shell/Windows Explorer.

        What file does the hashcheck look at?

        Thanks in advance.

        • The HashCheck utility adds a "Checksums" tab to the file properties dialog in Windows Explorer.

          One way to use it, is to Right-Click on the downloaded file, click on Properties then the "Checksums" tab, then copy-&-paste the SHA1 (or other hash value) into the dialog box and click [Find]. If the SHA1 matches, then the file is authentic.

        • +1

          thanks I learnt something ! I did do the check and can confirm that it is a match.

          (Note to others: MS Office 2013 and 2016 can probably co exist but I had troubles. In hindsight it would have been better to remove MS Office 2013.

          Downloading without an offline installer is awfully painful as if the install fails or sometime down the track you need to fix a corrupt file, you have to download 2Gb again !.

  • Can confirm License is for 2 PC's. Attempted to install on a third and was denied.

    • Only 2 as per description

  • +1

    My company clearly takes part. Used this to buy, and then used Word 2016 to update my CV for a job application :)

  • Dear all

    Is it worth getting the flash drive for extra 22 dollars ? What are its uses? I am being given option to add usb backup .

    • The software will be downloaded and installed over the internet.
      If your internet speed and/or quota is limited, then a USB drive can be used to install it offline. Otherwise, skip the USB backup and just install it over the internet.

  • +1

    Try using your Uni email address - my uni work email address worked but if it's just checking the @uni.edu.au, then it should work for alumni and students etc.

  • I got Office 2016 using this post. MS has installed full version without giving an option of customising the installation. Does anyone who how to uninstall Access, Publisher, Outlook etc from a personal PC?


    • In Windows 10, you can go to Start > All Apps > right-click on selected app then select <Uninstall>
      It may also work in Windows 8.x

      • Thanks. Will try that.

  • i tried my @iinet.net.au email and it said: "Congratulations! You may be eligible to purchase! You'll receive an email confirmation in just a moment."
    But i never receive the email and there is nothing in my spam mail folder.
    Any though?

    • +1

      Took about 15-20min for my email to come through, but I also have my @iinet.net.au address forwarded to my own Google Apps hosted domain.

      • can you tell me how to forwarded to gmail or hotmail?

        • finally got it :)
          i needed to switch off the antispam filter in toolbox

  • Are you guys sure that the producted can be activated on two computers? FAQ says only one device


    On how many computers can I install my Office product?
    Employees can download and install their Office product on one device.

    I am currently in the US so I don't know if the FAQ answers are directed towards US Customers based on my ip

  • There was a dupe of this post that included a list of accepted domains. I saw it in my RSS but can't find it again now 'coz it's been deleted and it redirects here. Can somebody point me in the direction of the list please? Pretty sure I saw @adelaide.edu.au there (but doesn't seem to work with @alumni.adelaide.edu.au unfortunately).

  • Excellent if you're with iinet business - with the 20 email addresses they provide you are getting 40 licences for $300 and its permanent!!
    If you were to buy 40 separate licences of Office Home & Student 2016, that would cost $7160 or Office 365 for Business over 24 months would cost $12,672!!

  • +1

    Doesn't look like the iinet email address work anymore.

  • @swin.edu.au works

  • Any domains like @telstra.com working?

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