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Office 2016 for $15 if Your Employer Takes Part


Thanks to cocobuying from hotukdeals.

If your employer is participating in this, you should be able to buy Microsoft Office 2016 for $15, which can be installed on upto 2 home computers (Mac/PC).

You can go to the deal URL and provide your work email to check whether you are eligible. Even if you do not know your "Program Code," you can still proceed.

Please note that if you go to the deal URL before 7th Oct, you will be able to get Office 2013 only. To get Office 2016, please attempt purchase only on or after 7th Oct.

Also Microsoft code for 15% off is vtf7znqg2 (not sure if it works but I'm including just in case)

Update 8/10: Available now for purchase/download.

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  • +1

    Still 2013………:(

  • Just to clarify Version 2013 showing on page, because of time zones the USA is still showing the 6th October. Would suggest waiting until the US ticks over to the 7th October. I bought 2013 and will buy 2016 tomorrow at that price.

    • Yup, it's still 9:30pm on the 6th in California, but it has already clocked over past midnight in Washington DC. Who knows what timezone they are using… obviously not Redmond.

      • +1

        I'm sure they wont run out of stock..!!!

      • Considering that Microsoft is located in Washington, it's probably a good guess that they're going by Pacific (West Coast) time

      • +3

        Microsoft is in Redmond, Washington state, not Washington DC!

        • Yes, so that means 3pm AWST / 6pm AEDST

        • I believe so, as per my post of 9:11am today.
          Only a little over 2 hrs to go now…..

        • @bonezAU:

          Still nothing :/

        • @Spackbace:

          Yeah I just checked too. I'll try again tomorrow :)

  • What if you need 3 PC's to install Office 2016 onto?

    • +5

      Then buy 3 PC's if you need 3 PC's

  • Launch time keeps getting bloody pushed back :(

    • +1

      Not really - the interpretation of when the launch time may be changing.

      Safest bet is tomorrow morning, but otherwise from the previous posts - 6pm tonight aussie time.

      • still says Office 2013 for me

        maybe it's tomorrow AU time?

        • May be its not gonna happen at all… However, I enjoyed the impatience of we ozbargainers..:)

        • Isn't impatience a prerequisite of being an ozbargainer???? ;-)
          Anyway, it will be interesting to see when/if we can finally download this.

        • +1

          @cappie: Maybe it's Hawaiian time?

        • +1

          Perhaps its Martian time!

  • Do you lose the license if you change jobs?

  • I am eligible (just checked now, 7 Oct 2015), but I still see Office 2013, NOT 2016 … Anyone who attempted today (7 Oct 2015) saw or downloaded Office 2016?

    • -1

      Out of curiousity, has anyone seen and verified where the OP Fozzie obtained this information about Office 2016 (hotukdeals)?

    • The icon is for office 2013 but the text says 2016. It looks like an error in the page. When you go to checkout it shows correctly as 2016

    • I downloaded today, it is 2016 (both icon and text)

  • +1

    Office 365 (5 PC licence) is free while you study or work at a school or uni. Works for some .edu.au email addresses, but not all.

  • +4

    Came across this while looking at the HUP site:


    Thanks for visiting the Microsoft HUP Marketing Portal. We' re getting ready for the Office 2016 HUP launch so the site is under construction until 10/14/2015 9:30 am PST. Please come back and visit us!

    So it looks like we may need to wait another week!

    Found when i clicked the marketing link https://marketing.microsofthup.com/

    • This equates to 3:30am Thursday 15 Oct for Vic/NSW.
      Another weeks wait :-(

    • Well done . Maybe the OP can add this to the Original post .

      • No, it's up now. There is an error in the page that shows the image for office 2013 but the text and the cart shows it as 2016

  • +2

    It's up!! 2016 now available.

    • Yep! It's there for me too.

    • Couldn't find a location for the code for the discount unfortunately.

  • Are there other software packages from other companies that are available for home download for employees? Or is Microsoft the only one that does this?

  • Office 2016 was available for me to purchase this morning.

  • +3

    For those that added their email address to the Australian webpage, you can reapply with the NZ webpage and pay the cheaper price as I did that this morning and it downloaded fine.

    Might as well save about $5 or so!

    • i bought on AU website then tried NZ web and said already purchased…

      • It had to be before you bought it. I added my email address but had not purchased it yet and it linked me to the Australian webpage. I re-added the address this morning after changing the country to NZ and it let me buy it for $9.00 AUD.

        • thought so…

        • Hi Can you please elaborate on the steps
          I am getting NZ $10
          All i did is select NZ and put in the email address gives me $10Nz (+ exchange I guess)
          In payment section
          With Aussie Address but Country drpdown was still NZ

        • @SlipKnot:

          Yep that's correct, NZ$10 = ~AUD$9.20

          And just proceed as Country - NZ, and it will go through fine.

    • +1

      You sir are a true oz bargainer. You saved me a few dollars :-)

    • But it asks for a New Zealand billing address.

      Did you provide a fake NZ address? That might upset the credit card verification.

  • +3

    Looks like Microsoft updated there HUP T&C's you can now only install on 1 device :(

    Q: On how many computers can I install my Office product?
    A: Employees can download and install their Office product on one device.

    Source - http://www.microsofthup.com/hupau/faq.aspx?culture=en-AU - Under: Products, Licenses & Options

  • Its up and i foolishly clicked on project as well! (I think my brain thought it was the mac version).

    Anyone want it?

    • -1

      what do you mean by project? I wouldn't mind a PC copy if that's what you mean.

      • http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/productID.324173300?s_kwcid=AL!4249!3!79261261997!b!!g!!%2Bproject%20pro&ef_id=U-QVWwAABEmuA8DZ:20151007225523:s

        Thats project.

        • -1

          LOL! no thanks!

  • +1

    a certain very large federal government department ended their agreement for the HUP back in 2013, but the program code still works :-)

  • Yup, just downloaded 2016 Pro Plus 64 bit downloader exe

    If anyone having install issues.


    Its for Office 365 though

    Could be because of 2 issues
    Most likely if you have recently upgraded your OS (disk clean)
    You have previous versions installed (uninstalled)

    • Hi

      I wish to confirm how did you get 64 bit version? The link that I get says it is x86 and not x64. :(


      Ok ! Thanks! Got it now…

      • Once you have purchased the product
        click on download option, gives you both 86 and 64bit to choose

  • How do you purchase? Not sure if there system is a bit overloaded and I am not seeing everything on the page?

    I see a button named 'Available Office Products' which does not do anything once pressed.

    Underneath I see a section 'additional products'.

    • Me too, I cant do anything, just see 'Available Office Products'

      I try IE and Chrome, doesnt work both.

  • Can anyone confirm if it allows multiple installs ?

    Not concerned with t&c I mean will it allow it to install on a second device and download updates.

    Edit: damn should have purchased via NZ site.

    • yes, conformed on 2 devices - PC & Lappy. I will also install third one on another lappy. Will let you know how I go this weekend

      • I'm sure it will install fine. But the question is - is it violating the T&Cs?

      • anyone know if it will work on one Mac and one PC?

        • U can only buy one.
          If you have 2 email addresses, then you could buy 2 I suppose.

        • @Overtime2000: I mean ignoring the T&C's, and assuming licenses work on 2 machines as per above comment, will it work on a mac and a pc - are the serials actually PC/Mac specific or would they work on both?

        • +1

          No I am pretty sure it wont work.

          You can install PC serial on 2 PC's (ignoring their T&C's)
          But not cross over the same serial to Mac

  • This is only for 1 PC, not 2 as mentioned in the OP.

    It says in the FAQ that you can install it on one device.

    • That doesn't actually confirm if its possible or not though.

  • Thanks. Got my Windows Office 2016 Pro. Any way to get more than one license with the one logon?

  • Thanks, got 1 :)

  • It only shows Project Professional and Visio Professional for me - no Office 2016 :(

    • Lol they are even more expensive than Office.

    • Yep same here :/

    • +1

      Might depend on your employers agreement

  • Thanks OP ! Got one too. Can anyone recommend discounts for an operating system or server too :P

  • Can anyone recommend how to get the file instead direct install to my system. It comes handy for future as well. Internet speed is an issue at my place and paying $22 for CD is rip off too when you get a software in $15. Thanks

  • Yeah, it would be nice to have an iso of Office 16, that's for sure.

  • So, like with Internode, is anyone aware of how to purchase an email address via iinet?
    I can see that they sell hosted exchange if you have a domain but I've not been able to find an individual email address option.

    • I have an individual iinet webmail/email
      Cost me $25 a year which is expensive, but I used to have them as my ISP, so the email address I just kept

  • +1

    When I tried in the beginning when this was posted I found out I was eligible, now I am not :( wonder why ?? Could it be because it was the older version what my company is approved for and not the new 2016 version.

  • I found my solution now… :)

    • So what was the solution?

  • Anyone have official links to ISOs instead of the web install thing ?

    • Yes this would be handy as having to download multiple times for each PC or if you reinstall is a pain on slow dsl.

  • Just finished installing the 64 bit version for my PC.

    One thing I noticed was that I was unable to open any email messages that I had stored on my PC (in explorer) as Outlook wouldn't recognise them.

    After a quick search and to save anyone else the same hassle of trying to figure it out (seems to be a fairly common bug), you need to 'Repair' Office 2016 by going control panel > programs & features and select office 2016 in the list and click on 'change' and select 'quick repair'

  • For those not aware, the 32-bit version of Office can be installed on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.

    Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office

  • FYI - you can only activate a few times, possibly three, but not 100% sure as I uninstalled once then could do it twice.

  • anyone know if u have to activate or use the key within a certain timeframe? I was thinking of buying a few just to keep as backup as I haven't upgraded to windows 10 just yet….?

    • Don't know about activation timeframes.

      In case you didn't know, you can install Office 2016 on Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10.

  • Is there any way to download the full installer file? (So I could save/install for future and doesn't have to download twice for the 2nd PC)

    • +2

      The official Microsoft ISO for Office Professional Plus 2016 includes both 32 & 64-bit versions (x86 & x64) and is 2.26 GB in size.
      Details can be found at the MSDN link below …click on the <DETAILS> tab for the checksum/hash value (SHA1)


      Because of the size, it may be quicker to download the 32 or 64-bit version twice rather than download the ISO.
      However, if you want to download the ISO, I found a copy below:
      (NOTE: To ensure the download hasn't been tampered with, you should VERIFY the checksum/hash of the downloaded file against the official Micosoft SHA1 hash provided above)


      I've downloaded the ISO file and found that it matches the SHA1 hash, however, you should verify this for yourself.
      After downloading, you need to mount the ISO or burn it to a DVD or USB drive. I haven't tested the ISO yet.

      The hash check utility I use on Win7 is HashCheck Shell Extension (there are others available)

      • Great! but I get the message "There is no subscription associated with your Microsoft account. Add a subscription to this account." This is bizarre as I am using my Office (Though MAC version) atm and that needed logging into microsoft account prior to starting them. Does that imply I need to install this (Win) as well first, configure it with my microsoft account first then download for future reference? Any work around?


        • Are you trying to download the ISO from the MSDN link? If so, you can't (unless you have an MSDN subscription). The link to MSDN is intended for info only (namely, the checksum/hash value: SHA1).

          You need to download the ISO from the 2nd mega.nz link (copy URL into your browser). After downloading, you then verify the authenticity of the file using the SHA1 info from MSDN.

        • @1bug: Thank you so much! I got it now.:)

      • I burned the ISO to a DVD and installed Office 2016 32-bit successfully.
        I also copied the contents of the DVD to a USB Drive and tried to install from USB, but the setup failed (program started then unexpectedly terminated).

        - The DVD automatically installs the 32-bit version unless you already have a 64-bit version of Office on your PC.
        - To install 64-bit Office, cancel the autoplay setup then go to the "Office" folder and double-click setup64.exe
        - On first run of an Office app, it prompts for the Product Key.

      • Mega.nz link is gone

  • I'm a pensioner so does anyone know if I have access to this?

    • +1

      You are in no way special. So no.

  • +2

    Thanks Op! I use my work email and was really only looking for Office 2016 to buy…but to my surprise, this offer applies also to the Visio 2016 which cost a lot more than Office. I am happy.

    • Nice one glad it worked for you.

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