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Office 2016 for $15 if Your Employer Takes Part


Thanks to cocobuying from hotukdeals.

If your employer is participating in this, you should be able to buy Microsoft Office 2016 for $15, which can be installed on upto 2 home computers (Mac/PC).

You can go to the deal URL and provide your work email to check whether you are eligible. Even if you do not know your "Program Code," you can still proceed.

Please note that if you go to the deal URL before 7th Oct, you will be able to get Office 2013 only. To get Office 2016, please attempt purchase only on or after 7th Oct.

Also Microsoft code for 15% off is vtf7znqg2 (not sure if it works but I'm including just in case)

Update 8/10: Available now for purchase/download.

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    Should this post not be in forums?

    • +3

      why? Its a 'deal'…… Its cheap.

      We keep having pages of BOGOF deals on the front page, its nice to see something different other than pizza vouchers, kfc vouchers and basically fast food voucher!

      • +2

        And yet another udemy course or ssd deal that is 5c cheaper than the last ssd deal. :-)

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    I had this offer once with a previous employer. Their agreement obviously ended because everyone was told they had to uninstall it from their home computers. Yeah right.

    • -3

      Did you PAY money? Cause if you did then they can't ask you to uninstall it.

      If you didn't pay money, then yes they can. There was a time a while ago, that MS gave office business users a 'copy' to use at home.

      • But, you're not actually buying the software.

        You're just getting access to use your employers license at home. (Hence the 'Work at Home' name). If your employer doesn't have a valid license any more… (If anyone actually read the EULA, it undoubtedly says that you are only being permitted to use the software for a limited period, and Microsoft can terminate at any time).

        In real life though, your Employer will tell you to uninstall. And MS -would- say that you're no longer licensed, but it's unlikely that anyone is ever going to know.

      • I didn't do it myself as I already had a copy but yes others paid for it!

        • Yes Gareth I think that is how it worked

  • +3

    This was more fun when it accepted Hotmail a few years back.

  • Just wanted to confirm that this is the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013(and I assume equivalent 2016) version we are talking about here. This is what I get with my work HUP.

    Also, I did not know that my single $15 purchase would work for two home PC's. Is this confirmed? I recently bought a second $15 licence for my wife as the first set of codes did not work.

    • +1

      Yep, have used it on 2 machines for years now..

      • Hmmm, strangely enough their FAQ is implying that I can only purchase one only. Weird as I have done it twice. once back in 2012 and one in 2015
        Here is the link to my work's official Microsoft Home User Program site:


        How many products can I purchase?
        Eligible customers are allowed to purchase a single licence for either Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office for Mac 2011. Additionally, if part of the Enterprise Agreement, customers may purchase one each of the other products available from the online store, usually Project or Visio.

        However, there is not a limit on purchases of Language Packs.

    • I recently bought a second $15 licence for my wife as the first set of codes did not work.

      You shouldn't actually have been able to. They're usually restricted to only one license per employee, which is able to be installed on 2 computers.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, my 2011 version of word just stopped working on my mac, very timely.

    As for whether it's deserves a post or not, I think the votes speak for themselves. Just as one local store in WA might have an amazing bargain which is not useful for anyone on the east coast, this was a very useful announcement for the many who work for groups that provide this benefit. I knew about it, but didn't know when 2016 would be available, so I really appreciate this being posted. This is exactly the kind of thing I come to this site for.

  • +20

    Can confirm @iinet.net.au works, I am an adsl user

    • +1

      Legend. My employer (enterprise level) is not a participant, at least I can use a mate's iinet address to secure a cheap copy…new lappy arrives tomorrow!

    • I tested it on a limb too, however only for Professional Plus 2013 on @iinet.net.au. 2016 doesn't show up so I'm guessing iiNet's microsoft license isn't updated yet.

      • +3

        2016 only available on the 7th, read post!

    • Nice ;)

    • Legend!

    • +1

      yay iinet! Tried it and it works! Just checked at Microsoft and Office Pro 2016 retails for $599 for 1 PC!!! This is $15 for 2 PCs.. SUPER BARGAIN! Does anybody know if the licenses can get revoked later on (since technically we're just iinet users and not staff :/

      • +1

        I have never heard of something like this happening. It will be yours for good IMO.

  • Ooh nice.
    Although I don't see where I can input the 15% discount code (might be blind).

  • @anu.edu.au works.

    • From their T&C:

      Employees who use the covered licences at work are eligible to purchase these Office applications for use on a home PC during the term of their employment. This temporary licence expires with the employers Software Assurance coverage, or upon termination of employment with the covered customer.

      You'd receive free access to the Office during your time in ANU, so you'd probably wouldn't need to buy one (unless you've gone over the 5 PC limit).

  • Oops should have read the post properly as I only have the option to purchase office 2011/2013. Hopefully the link will update on the 7th - fingers crossed.

  • How do you know they switch to the new version on the 7th?

  • +1

    This works for some Australian state and federal government, Australian university and overseas university email addresses as well.

    Be careful about the install. In previous years it automatically downloaded the very large install image and then installed.

    My advice if you are installing on 2 pcs is to download the image first and save it, then proceed with the 2 installs.

    I am not sure if you can install both the 2013 and 2016 versions at the same time - being a MS product, you might want to do some research first otherwise you will find yourself needing to reinstall 2013 again if 2016 doesnt work properly as expected.

  • got 2013 from my company (state govt) under the same agreement back then and this works just as well, HR/IT hasn't made any mention though :P

  • It's great! Thanks, mate.

  • Out of interest does anyone know if after the 7th 2016 will be available if you have applied it to your email address and not actually purchased it yet?

    I was not sure if my address was part of the deal so put it in to see and now it says I can get (As mentioned) Office 2013.
    I have not clicked on the email they sent me yet and will look at doing that after the 7th but was not sure if it will allow me to grab Office 2016 instead as I already have 2013.

    • i'd like to know this too as i shared it with my colleagues and they've all rego'ed only to find out it's 2013…

      would suck if we don't get 2016 on the 7th…

  • What improvements or features does '2016 offer over '2013?

  • I thought Microsoft wanted everyone to pay as subscription service, hence Office 365. Surprised there is a Office 2016!

    The hotmail deal 2 years ago was great. Will it happen again?

  • +14

    Thanks for the heat! I'm not eligible regretfully, but I still decided to share as some people Could benefit.
    For all the unneeded jealous comments, please just grow up…thanks

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the 2 installs can be moved around to different computers (ie. installed on 2 computers but want to change to new computer so uninstall on one old computer and then install on new computer)? Or is it permanently attached to the computer (ie. via motherboard code or something)?

    • +1

      It looks like literally only 2 installation (registration) attempts…irregardless if it is the same or different computer. Install twice and that's it.

      Edit: Actually it looks like you can reinstall on the same computer according to FAQ. But it doesnt say if you can roll your licence to a third pc if you uninstall one of the initial two.

      • +1

        I believe you can after 90 days.

    • You just call Microsoft support and they will give you another code to install.

  • +1

    Good deal for me as I wasn't aware of this program before! Will wait till 7th to get the 2016 copy.
    Thanks OP!

    • +1

      No worries, glad I could help :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    No more cracking my office version! lol

  • What about if you're subscribed to Office 365?

    • So what if you are?

    • You should be able to download office 2016 already if that's the case

      • Is Office 2016 just a marketing way to say Office 365 with a few patches?

        • No, Office 2016 can be activated either as part of a subscription (Office 365) or as a standalone perpetual license (what this deal is about).

  • +6

    For those of you having difficulty interpreting the self righteous comments above… most of them are not making reference to this deal at all. They are just trying to proudly demonstrate that they have known about this offer for a very long time. I had never heard of it, so it offers me Office 2016 for $15 instead of $179. That's a great deal in my book. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • No worries

  • -2

    This is totally off topic but does the guy on the landing page look exactly like Barbie from the show "UNDER THE DOME"? e.g. http://amityvillenow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/UnderThe... It's really tripping me up… because Microsoft is a sponsor of that show and the Windows Surface is plastered throughout the scenes… original landing page image: http://drh.img.digitalriver.com/DRHM/Storefront/Site/officeu...

  • Is anyone aware if I will still be eligible to get the 2016 version even after I have received the link for the 2013 version after having applied for it yesterday? Cheers.

  • Does anyone know what version of office this will be?


    • Professional Plus I believe (I assume the below FAQ will be changed to reflect 2016 tomorrow?).

      "What is included?

      Office Professional Plus 2013 includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, Lync."


      • Thansk just wanted to be sure, yeah I remeber last time was a Pro

  • Does the 7th Oct mean in USA or here in Australia? Given the time difference, we may well have to wait until the 8th!

    • From memory, the HUP (for Australia anyway) is operated by Microsoft Singapore. So try 3am on the 7th :)

      • Hmm. Didn't work at 1am in Melbourne

  • Is this a 1yr licence you get for $15 or is it perpetual?

    • This is not Office 365 its one time buy only.

    • Forever

      • +1

        as long as you are employed by the employer I believe is the official answer. Or at least this use to be the official answer. :)

  • Anyone get utas.edu.au to work?

  • Great find !

  • Damn, my work email didn't work. Now to find which friend has iinet………

  • Still comes up as 2013 version.

  • Yeah, I just tried and it's still the 2013 version for Windows or 2011 version for Mac. Not sure if this is my employer or whether the 2016 versions just aren't available yet.

  • Guess it's US time

  • +1

    Ditto, 2013 for me as well.

  • Same. Still 2013 for me

  • So it's the 7th, can anyone confirm if they can see the Office 2016 version? Side note, also, does that mean Mac 2016 too? (retail version is out). I chucked my email in a few days ago, didn't buy but when I go back to the link I still see 2013/2011 versions. Cheers.

    • As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe it's the 7th, but the 7th in the USA. This means it will be at least 6pm tonight on the east coast of Australia.

      • According to Google, Washington is 12hrs exactly behind WA, so it'll be midday for us

  • <removed> I saw what I said had been posted earlier :)

  • So try again around 12pm (midday) WST, or whatever you crazy easterners are on now :P

  • +1

    Still 2013 as well for me as of 1:15pm Sydney Time.

    • +1

      Singapore is on WA time which is why i think he said 12pm WST.. thats 3 hours after EST.. so 3pm for you if your in syd..

  • After 7 October, are you eligible for Office 2016 even if your employer only has a licence for Office 2013? My employer wont upgrade for years.

    • did work for me for 2013 Office Pro, still had the old legacy office at work.
      I am tipping it should

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