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MS Office Pro Plus 2013 or Office Mac 2011 for $15 or $30 with Hotmail Email @ MS HUP


Grab your copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Mac office 2011 for $8 - $15 depending on what country you choose($8 for NZ, $10 for USA and $15 for Australia.
This pricing is only for eligible email accounts with company/education emails.

Also works with hotmail accounts but will cost you $30, because you will have to buy both the DVD backup copy and then add the license (as per ozbargainers comments, plz read thread page 4 and after).
From teh comments, MS charges $15 for the Licence first and possibly charges the $15 for the DVD later after its shipped. It is possible then to contact Microsoft and cancel the DVD to save $15 as per here.
Also note that when using a hotmail email, you can only purchase MS Office for Windows. Not sure why they dont allow to buy MS Office Mac when using hotmail

To Use with Hotmail:

Use any @hotmail.com address and then Program code 05383F4FAC.
But you better be quick before they fix the hotmail bug
Please all thank methos for the tip

If anyone is interested in the pricing of Office 2013, i got it from here

So, how about the rest of the Office SKU's? For starters, the traditional Office Standard will cost $369, while Office Professional Plus 2013 is priced at $499. Undergrads and doctoral students may want to check out Office Home & Student 2013 for $139.99. Meanwhile, Home and Business is priced at $219.99, and Office Professional 2013 runs $399.99.

Similiar to the deal i posted here that was for the 2010 edition
Let me know what domains work and ill update the post

Works with the following domains (updated 19/01/2013 @ 2100 hrs)

  • @unimelb.edu.au
  • @sswahs.nsw.gov.au
  • @mfb.vic.gov.au
  • @mmi.gov.au
  • @dell.com
  • @rch.org.au
  • @nt.gov.au
  • @curtin.edu.au
  • @anz.com
  • @une.edu.au
  • @dhs.vic.gov.au
  • @curtin.edu.au
  • @riotinto.com
  • @bayside.Vic.gov.au
  • @dpc.wa.gov.au
  • @riotinto.com
  • @pacificaluminium.com.au
  • @au.pwc.com
  • @us.pwc.com
  • @ghd.com
  • @utas.edu.au
  • @ptv.vic.gov.au
  • @transport.vic.gov.au
  • @roads.vic.gov.au
  • @westpac.com.au works
  • @urbanutilities.com.au
  • @tabcorp.com.au
  • @globalskm.com
  • @canberra.edu.au
  • @ecu.edu.au
  • @kpmg.com.au
  • @sa.gov.au
  • @boral.com.au
  • @exxonmobil.com
  • @easternhealth.org.au
  • @health.wa.gov.au
  • @housing.wa.gov.au
  • @team.telstra.com
  • @adelaide.edu.au
  • @hsf.com

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