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Seagate Expansion Desktop 3.5" HDD 2TB USB 3.0 $49 @ Australia Post


Transaction code for this is 10096.
Please call 131318 to check stock levels.

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  • You could have told us a little bit more since you are associated.

    Is it a clearance with very limited stock or a sale?

    • It could be impossible to read
      (points to username: D1rt13rS4nch3z)

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    Sorry mate. First time posting. It's clearance stock as it's the "older" model seagate drive. The newer ones are textured. Stock will be limited. I did check this morning and a few of the inner sydney stores still had about 2-3 in stock at each store.

    • OK thanks, you put the post up 7 minutes ago, they are probably all gone by now.


    • Do you know if any WA stores have these?
      eg Perth CBD

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        None in Perth CBD (just come back from Forrest Chase who also checked for elsewhere).

        They did say that (at 2pm) there were the following, for anyone close (I hate to miss out, but live SOR):
        Osborne Park : 1
        Mt Hawthorn: 1
        Cottesloe: 1
        Hillary's: 4

  • Thanks OP.

  • How did you get another 10% off?

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      He looks to be "Associated" ;)

  • Is this at every Australia Post? I seem to remember another deal where they said that some Aus Post stores were privately owned and they didn't participate in these offers…..or something along those lines.

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      This will be for all corporate outlets. Not LPO or franchises.

  • I'm staff. Got one for myself and a colleague.

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    It will be all corporate outlets. If you look at the post office locator, if it doesn't say "LPO" or Franchise in the title it will be a corporate outlet.

  • Possibly indoorpilly or chermside west in Brisbane. Not GPO.

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    Good luck finding stock everyone!

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      Agree. It is a very good clearance price, but due to very limited stock, I think I'll choose "I snooze and I lose" option for this one.

      • Was in my local post office yesterday sorting out an international parcel issue, so decided to ask them for this external drive, was told none left but there is stock available at Cronulla. So popped into Cronulla PO at lunch time today and there is one left, I bought it. I guess "I wake up and I win" :P

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    There's something about your username OP…
    It's like that smell, but you don't know where it's coming from.

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      maybe it's right under your nose

    • Can't quite put your finger on it?

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    i remember the huge hdd selloff ages ago and i went to every one in the adelaide area… was fun, ended up getting about 5 hdds for about this price.

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    I just had my Toshiba Canvio 500GB crash… barely managing to pull my data off it but can… just…

    I'm getting sick of this crap, it's to the point now where I'm pondering buying a decent enclosure with a WD Blue/Black internal SATA drive and just using that to back-up. Why do companies cost-cut with peoples data!

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      I also had a drive die, WD 2TB portable and it didn't just get a few bad sectors to give me time to realise, it was just working one day and the next day it was like the movie Pixels attacked my drive because it was 10% bad sectors spread across every single file.

      I have ordered 2x 4TB from Amazon but instead of setting up RAID mirror I am just going to use an app called Syncback Pro and make sure it replicates every hour, I am not losing my data again.

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        Why wouldn't you just set up a RAID1 array? This means your disk is constantly backed up, not just every hour.

        • Because I can't afford a NAS and I have a laptop.

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          Why wouldn't you just set up a RAID1 array? This means your disk is constantly backed up, not just every hour.

          Because RAID is NOT a BACKUP!

        • @Maverick-au: Sorry poor choice of words.

          Though RAID 1 protects against the exact problem that zan5hin had - drive failure.

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    Yeah I'm not too optimistic about any stock at my lock Aus Post.

  • Urgh all my local ones that are an actual post office with electronics are not a franchise or LPO. FML

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      "It will be all corporate outlets. If you look at the post office locator, if it doesn't say "LPO" or Franchise in the title it will be a corporate outlet." ?? Doesn't that mean you are in luck?

      • Crap I derped. I am in luck then! Still busy stores so people will beat me to it or no stock…

  • any idea of supported transfer speed

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      It's just a Seagate Barracuda underneath, and with USB 3.0 having 5Gbps 'theoretical' bus speed, there's no way that thing saturates it. My 2TB Barracuda gets sequential reads and writes of around 100 and 90MBps respectively, so around that.

  • And I thought the last one at Moonee ponds for $69 was good. Damn.

    • Was that the 3tb one?

      • NO…..2TB

  • Interesting…

    My older 5 bay NAS uses 2TB drives (Samsungs) from, wait for it, 2010. I could get 1 of these as a spare. Interestingly enough those 5 drives have been perfectly solid, no errors, clean S.M.A.R.T and running a hybrid RAID6 I have double redundancy plus remote backup to another larger NAS. Hmmm probably don't need these afterall…

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      Must have jinxed myself. Just had a I/O error on one of these drives moments ago. Might look for a $49 drive afterall.

      • They are getting to the age where they'd probably need swapping out soon anyway :)

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          Yeah they are very old, uptime suggests a different story - only 5257 hours (219 days out of a possible 1825 days)

          Though I think sometimes drives will last longer if left running 24/7 rather than switched off a long time - these came out of a fileserver I'd stopped using for a long time and had no use for them until I picked up a spare NAS.

          I have another 2.5" WD Blue with LCC still enabled, it's count is in the millions (WD rates the limit at around 750k) and uptime of over 50,000 hours (almost 6 years) running at temps frequently nudging 50c, no ventilation whatsoever (Fit-PC2 case). So who knows…

          Either way, you're right I need to rethink my strategy with this NAS. Might be better to migrate to larger HDDs to be honest. Synology's SHR/2 allows that with ease.

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    These are just Barracudas, so once you rip open the chassis and (carefully) remove the PCB, this becomes a 2TB internal drive, and a SATA to USB 3.0 adapter, around a $110 value in total.

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    silly deal because a) not enough stock anyways, and b) looks like all the Auspost Employees get first priority anyways

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      A) it is clearance stock. So it is not as if there will be an over abundance of stock floating around

      B) FYI I had to look for this on my own lunch break on my own time. I was not given any special preference. I had to line up in the queue just like any one else and ask for it. The person behind the counter didn't even realise I was staff until I showed credentials.

      • People are thinking of older DS deals where the staff would rush to get the stock before opening, so it's all k.

        • or put stock at back of cupboard behind the coffee. Kind staff look for clients and sell the same lol. sometimes.

  • Hmm… Seagate.
    Doubtable given that their 3 TB Barracuda have 18% failure rate

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      Hmm… Seagate.
      Doubtable given that their 3 TB Barracuda have 18% failure rate

      What does the 3TB have to do with the 2TB drive reliability? Absolutely nothing so your argument is ridiculous.

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        Yeah I think it was the 1.5 and 3.0tb drives to avoid anyway, not the 2tb.

        For this price I'd certainly get one, just don't think I personally have a need for one.

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      That number comes from backblaze so can't be taken seriously, the drives are different sizes, plus its $49. Can't see how you could go wrong.

      • Haha - All arguments are moot because it's $49.

  • Blacktown and wagga wagga have some.

  • Here's the experience at AP nearly 2.5 years back… Australia Post - Seagate 2TB USB 3 $50. Almost the same clearance deal. Very little stock back then. Luckily the Post Office a short walk from home had stock of 2 & 3TB. Mine are still working fine.

  • No stock at Hornsby, and there is one left at Pennant Hills.

  • Hornsby Westfield have none in stock. Got told Pennant Hills have 1 left. I probably won't get there before lunch.

  • I called 131318 and the guy I spoke to said he can only see it listed at $129 (or did he say $139?), not on clearance.

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      Those $129 are the backup plus 2tb advertised in the catalog and not the expansion 2tb

  • I got a 4tb for $149 from Bunbury WA

  • 3TB have tickets for $69, tempting considering the price but my experience with Seagate hdd's hasn't been great.

    • Is that for the expansion or the backup plus?

      • The expansion. What's the difference?

  • This post should be closed, no HDD available anywhere… tried 3 posts…

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      Did you try doing what it says at the top and call the number to check for stock before driving around like a headless chicken?

    • I got one at 9:30 this morning…

    • The store I bought mine had one left at the time. For sure that one is gone now.

  • Hey guys I was wondering does this hard drive require external power?

    • Yes it does. The smaller 2.5" portable hdd runs off of usb.

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      Yes indeedily doodily

  • -1

    Got two from Warchope

  • Could you get OW to pricematch this ?

    • +1

      lets us know.

  • I just bought the last one from Double Bay NSW post office. Going to add this to my Synology NAS in RAID 5. I have 3 X 2TB at the moment so this will be the 4th drive. Will give me 6TB storage

    • I have 5 x 2tb (samsung not seagate) in my Synology DS1511+, SHR/2 (RAID-6) so that's 6TB also. Hard to believe I paid $187 each (was an OzBargain deal at the time)

      I jinxed myself last night commenting on how I don't need to buy one of these drives because my Samsungs have been flawless… Well today one just had a fatal I/O error and has since failed a S.M.A.R.T test. That'll teach me.

  • This seagate will help ease the pain :)

  • +1

    I think I got the last two in central Brisbane thanks to the very helpful, Scottish Fiona at Paddington Post Office who phoned all around for me to check if the stores listed as having stock on their system really did have it.

    I got the last one at Garden City Westfield and another at the Metropol shopping centre in Carindale. Their was maybe one more at the Metropol but they couldn't find it while I was there, and could also be stock at Inala and Chermside. But if you phone 131318 to check stock, get them to confirm that the post offices really do have and ask them to hold it for you.

    • Is there anymore at Carindale?

      • My long experience at that AP (around the corner from me) is stock may show on their system, but stock is never found. I did pick up a $70 3TB & 2 x $50 2TB there 2.5 years ago when other stores had no stock, but that was when the store first opened. So unlikely stock will exist, despite showing on AP system :-(

  • Would anyone know how much of a power draw your average external hard drive powered drive would cost to run per year? Because now I have a few of these Seagate, plus I have some 4TB WDs coming as well, I am wondering how much more it is costing in electricty vs having one four drive NAS.

    • Probably almost nothing if it's not in use (spinning).
      The power supply is 12V, 1.5A max, so ballpark maximum power it uses would be 0.018kW or 55 hours per kWh.

      • -1

        I think it spins all the time when connected to a router as I have - well mine does anyway connected to TPlink D7.

  • Thanks for posting this deal. I scored the last one from AP Southland Westfield VIC.

  • +1

    As soon as the staff found out about this deal, they pulled a Dick and started "putting them aside", for themselves. A couple stores I went to said that staff had them on hold.
    Great deal, but some dodgy staff.

    On top of which, office works refused to price match, even when presented with a printout from one of the Aus post staff computers with the listing price. Said they'd only price match an online store (where Aus post conveniently dont have hard drives listed).
    This was Castle Hill office works.

    So overall, I've been rather disappointed.
    But thanks for the deal OP.

    • Which aus posts did you try?

      • It was several
        Pennant Hills, Hornsby, Castle Hill, etc.

        • +1

          I got the last one from Kingswood that day. Penrith Business Centre & Riverstone were gone too.

    • +1

      Their moto should be "We'll price up it by 10%" especially bunnings

  • Has anyone had success with Officeworks price matching?

    • -1

      Yes againt Harvey Norman sale on Samsung S4 a few months back. Store Manager let HO know as I left. Purchased by phone hold and staff did check. Motto be nice sometimes win.