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Australia Post - Seagate 2TB USB 3 $50


So following a previous special, I had a mate go down and get one for me…
Unfortunately there are no 1TB's in however there were the 2TB models for $50…

Device Details:
Device Type: HDD
Device Interface: USB3
Brand: Seagate
Model: STAY2000302
P/N: 9SEAM2-572
Capacity: 2TB
Dimensions: 39mm(h) x 205mm(l)

Just been informed that the 3TB model is on sale for $70….

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    Surely that is a mistake by the PO…?

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      It's the old superseded model the one that had a heat cooling issue. Likely Australia Post is clearing out these old stock.

      • Old model is running USB 3.0?!

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          Yeah it's the older model USB 3.0 drive from last year. The new one has a different enclosure and comes in a white box with the word Expansion in green.

          See this is the new model Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 drive.


        • Ugh no it doesn't. USB 3 is due to get an update really soon but USB 4 hasn't been touched on. When the updated USB 3 comes out it will be capable of 10gigabits a second (roughly 1.25 gigabytes of data a second) in transfers. So we should be able to get flash drives capable of between a quarter of its maximum and half it's maximum (300mb - 600mb per second) fairly quickly. Hopefully by the end of the year.

          Once that comes out we will be a long way away from an update. USB4 shouldn't be here until atleast 2016 if we are even looking at using the same design by then.

        • they should develop on the speed of affordable mechanical drives first instead of upgrading the usb interface. even with the fastest ssd drive (around 450mb/s) cannot fulfill the sata 3 6gbits/second (around 750mb/s) not to mention the mechanical drives behind the usb 3 ports.

        • +14

          I should have marked that comment with sarcasm

        • Am I the only one who saw the sarcasm here?

        • +3

          I'm personally waiting for USB 5.0.

          • one for the LOL.
        • Definitely thunderbolt is a nono

        • If you transfer from two differant devices on the same side of the motherboard then you get transfer speeds up to 6gig… Like when i transfer from usb3 to ssd.

      • So these are most likely going to crap out on you? Or will they last longer when removed from the casing?

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          Probably. The older model drive has a heat cooling issue and it was reported some people had their drives crap out after a few months. That's why Seagate made a different enclosure with the new model drive.

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          I think at the price you can afford to put all your pron on it and if it dies get it replaced under warranty! :P

        • +2

          Then ends up being sold again by Dick smith? http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/complaints-moun…

        • @bazzaa.
          Lol. Seagate fans got ya. :P

        • +1

          I think at the price you can afford to put all your pron on it and if it dies get it replaced under warranty! :P

          But the pr0n won't be recoverable…

        • -3

          Meh, not my loss…

          I work in IT and I see the returns on a number of drives significant enough to raise reliable statistics. The failure rate on WD drives is a fraction of that for Seagate. To make matters worse, the failure rates of Seagates is increasing. Of course, Deskstars are worse than either (which is no great industry secret).

          To top it off, the Australian Seagate agent is now gone, so you have to deal with their Singapore office for warranty claims. If you've had experience of that, you'll understand the point I'm making.

        • +8

          you have to deal with their Singapore office for warranty claims

          Australia Post, as the retailer, have to deal with consumer warrany matters. Its irrelevant what the manufacturer wants, under Australian law.
          When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. … The retailer who sold you the product or service cannot refuse to help you by sending you to the manufacturer or importer. http://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/…

        • I work in IT as well. It depends on the model. There was a time where Seagate was rock solid and WD was terrible, there was also a time where Seagate was terrible (500GB, 1TB, and 1.5TB) and WD was just bad.

          The Australian Seagate agent is still there. You do not have to deal with their Singapore office. I just sent two drives to Sydney about three weeks ago.

          I've always had to send my dead WD drives to Singapore though. Expensive.

        • Of course that warranty condition does not apply to consumer units like these, under Australian law.

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          Correct, both companies have had issues over time, but bazzaa is right that seagate is currently experiencing major problems with a number of their lineup. Research BSY firmware bug as one such example which was originally thought to be restricted to earlier generations but has surfaced on even the latest models including the gen 12 and lp models that were specifically suppose to have resolved the issue.

          I'm about to return a number of Seagate LP units that have encountered the bug with total data loss. Right now I'd say be very careful with seagate drives.

          The new consumer laws introduced 1 Jan this year I think mean that retailer has to honour the warranty for the full stated warranty term, not just 12 months.. so hopefully this gets around the Singapore thing at least for new purchases.. please correct me if I am wrong.

        • This was very informative. Thanks. :)
          to bazzaa and eug too.

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    I wanna see more clearance stuff from Auspost, this is insane… lmao

  • Are these portable 2.5" ones or desktop 3.5" ones which require external power?

    • +3

      Desktop 3.5" with external power adaptor.

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    I would never buy a Seagate HDD. Ive had two go down in the past after 6 months or so. If you like to keep your data, avoid (IMO).

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      This can happen with any hard drive. I'm sure there are others that have had WDs fail yet great success with Seagate.

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        Absolutely. I had a WD 1.5TB Green internal drive die after a few weeks, but the replacement works fine. Also running a Seagate 3TB system drive which I've never had a problem with.

    • I've had a personal grudge against Seagate drives and OCZ SSDs since both failed within 6 months of a new PC build a while back got a refund and exchange respectively, and the replacement OCZ was faulty! . Got a Samsung SSD and WD green. No problems yet :)

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    I had one of these 2TB models just die on me last week actually!

    The good news is, the problems are all related to the enclosure and SATA to USB interface. So you can physically remove the HDD from the enclosure, chuck it in a dock or connect it to your PC via standard SATA and still get all your data. But if you want to continue using it as an external drive you're pretty much out of luck unless you go and buy your own external enclosure to put the drive into.

    Still, $50 for a 2TB or $70 for a 3TB internal HDD is a bargain :)

    • I think this is the one which officeworks once had for $99. I had one, and it died after a day-and-a-half, but I removed it from the enclosure and use it as internal drive now.

    • You mean, when it "died" just the enclosure is dead, the HDD AND the data in it is till safe?

      • Yep.

  • I have a 1 Tb samsung portable HDD, one time I plugged it in and Shock Horror it didn't work. Turned out it was the cable that died. Phew. =)

    • +71

      I have a biro pen, one time I used it and Shock Horror it didnt work. Turned out it was just upside down. Phew. =)

      • LOL!

      • +18

        That's why I always write with chalk, whichever end I use I can't lose

        • +13

          I just sharpen both ends of my pencil (never got my pen license in school, well into my 20's and still cant use them) :(

        • +1

          You're just inviting some joker to perform a magic trick though -_0

      • -5

        Why even buy a biro or pencil, true ozbargainers should just use their finger in sand! =)

    • -2

      This one time at band camp, I plugged it in and Shock Horror, It wasn't a USB port. Shock Horror, it wasn't a USB cable.

  • damn it's too late, the PO near me is closed already!!! :(
    Have to try in the morning i guess…

    • +3

      sometimes is great to be 2hrs behind eastern states!

    • +15

      If you don't have a backup, you don't care about the data.

    • +8

      That's why you store a backup of irreplacable data. Never rely on just one storage media.

    • +8

      Warranty will replace the drive if it's faulty. The data is your responsibly. Nothing for the ACCC to get involved with.

    • +2

      Read the manual and all the terms and conditions.
      I remember with all hard drives they do not cover data lossed. Which is why enterprises pay up to hundreds of thousands and millions on storage companies so they do cover if they "f@!#' up any data.

      Your mistake for not backing up on multiple disks, don't take it out on companies which provide you the possible solution to do it. e.g. go buy 3 of them, and mirror backup the 3 HDDs, if one of them fail, immediately replace it and mirror the data again.
      I've seen 2 fail very close to each other, however I highly doubt 3 will fail within the same day.

      Redundancy is the key, not brand name. Nothing is fool proof or break proof.

    • +1

      Wait you're telling me that an electronic item that has a Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) actually fails? OMG.

  • +2

    Price match at officeworks?

  • +2

    Want 4 to fill up the MicroServer :D

    • don't tempt me…i still have over 2tb free space…must. resist.

  • +1

    Visted 3 diff post offices… couldnt find any.. they all have the newer model.

  • Surely, it is the old model. Not worth it.

  • Seagate, why do you force APM on us? clickity click…..click.

  • Damn good price. Is this a further sigh the price of storage is coming down? Or just defective stock?

    • defective enclosure, been happening since usb 2.0

      these are great as internals, does anyone know if they are running @ 7200rpm?

  • My local PO had a 3TB, but they looked on the computer and told me it was $139 (? or similar).
    What do I say to get it for $70?
    Can they scan it to get a price?

    They also had lots of new model 2TB on sale for $89.

  • +1

    3TB and 1TB seems to be only USB2
    2TB is USB3. So that's the best deal.

    • It doesn't matter though if your going to get rid of the enclosure and put it in a computer/htpc.
      Personally the 3tb is best for me, but if your after the enclosure then go the 2tb.

      For those worried about breaking the warranty by opening the enclosure don't stress because since Samsung took over they have blindly accepted Seagate warranties, from my experience anyway.

      • +1

        You mean the other way round

        Samsung sold their hdd business to seagate

        • Sorry your right and my memory was incorrect. I had a faulty Samsung hdd and it was replaced. Thanks for the correction.

  • Thats cheap. What am I gonna do with all of my old 500GB USB2 drives :-(

    • +1

      I'll have them … :)

    • Get them out and RAID them.

    • hit them with a rock

  • Will upgrade my N40L if only I could find 3TB in my local LPO tomorrow.

    • LPO often don't have APost deals. (eg catalog deals) This was bought at the Parramatta CBD Business Centre.

      • Found one 2TB usb3.0 in my local LPO, but the boss was obviously not happy to sell at that price. I asked him to scan it, he did so but I didn't see the price. Also he insisted it won't be scanned at $50, the price is on the tag stuck on the box at $119. Anyway, I walked away and don't want to make him unhappy.

  • Do you know if they have more left at parramatta post office ?

  • +1

    yeah, I went to Melbourne City(3 stores), Chadstone, Malvern

    all without stocks :(

  • I just joined to ask, is Seagate better or Western Digital? Any advice?

    • With my personal experience, I have had 1 internal (Sent it back for repair and has not failed since) and 1 external Seagate drive die one me. As for the WD and the Samsung I have external and internal. Have not died yet, had them for about 3-5 years so far.

    • @SandraDee.

      That's an argument people will die over. :P

      It's best to search the specific product you want and add a comparison against another brand you're interested in and hopefully there's a result.

      I've got Western Digitals Elements range and I've never had any problems with any of them over the years. It's USB 2.0 compared to Seagates USB 3.0.

      I've read more horror stories of Seagate than Western Digital Elements range, which is why I chose Western Digital.

      I only use these for moving files onto it and playing them on my Western Digital live streaming media player.

    • When your not looking at high end drives all are pretty much the same, there's heaps of people who have their favourites but at the end of the day they've got the same warranty, the same odds of dying and so it's just down to price and personal preference.

      If you want a solid and reliable portable hard drive then avoid this one as its been superseeded by a model that lowers the chances of the drive overheating, for a cheapie though this is good and a great price. Even better if you plan on getting rid of the shell and using it as an internal hard drive.

      Hope that helps and welcome.

    • Also -
      Might be a tad late SandraDee, but I'd watch that Troy Donahue, if I was you (has questionable intentions)

    • sure, plenty will offer advice, but few are based on a statistically significant experience.

      There's no clear answer any more than iphone vs android, or windows vs linux.

  • I had the same seagate HD (old version) and it died on me in less than a year, made me hate Seagate, paid extra for the WD elements and so far so good,we will see how far this one goes.

  • Has anyone picked one up this morning?

    • Yes!

  • -1

    FYI my WD 1TB ext USB3 HDD failed after 12 months. Could not recover any data. Not sure what Seagates are like as I only have 1x 1TB ext USB2 drive which I never use. Pretty good price, would work well as a backup drive.

  • +1

    Got two! LUCKY! (Hopefully) My PVR (3TB) & PC (2TB) will be pleased. Will add old PC fans under case to cool.
    Walked to my new PO around the corner in Brissie & had 2TB ($50) & 3TB ($70)!! (Had 1/2 the stock in SEQld)
    Receipt for 3TB states DSK SEAGT 3TB EXP x 1 69.99
    Asked them for a search of stock at other Post Offices (Wrong stock levels at Carindale)…
    2TB (AP#24540) at Helensvale (1) Sunnybank Hills (1)
    3TB (AP#26153) at Mt Ommaney (1)
    and thats about it for SE Qld!

    • +4

      Still 1 2TB USB3 $50 at Carindale, Brissie. Also 1TB portable $50.
      (Moved to cnr Pine Mountain & Creek Rd - not at Westfield any more)
      Don't forget your ING PayWavew for 5% off!
      Thanks OP!!

      • Great info Bruce. With all of your useful ozpost info in this thread - and the other one still on the go - you should change your username to 'brucefromaustraliapost' and change your avatar to one of those red 'Zing' things!

        • Thanks, but I was just lucky the PO just moved to around the corner. Because of that, they could not find the stock to sell until I got them to rummage into their back room.

          BrucefromAustralia is pretty well trademarked in travel already, thanks.
          But there has been a suggestion to use the term "Bruced®" to refer to too many posts (90+%) by the one person in 1 deal… http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/104254#comment-1408179 ;0

        • +1

          I've been on a roll myself on occasion, but that is a doozy.
          Still, do you really want to be in the same dictionary as broden - let alone alphabetically adjacent?!!

        • Never feed me chocolate!@!
          Surely there are other contenders for the OBers hall of infamy than just those starting with "Br…"??

        • speaking of which, $4 for 5 cadbury bars in woolworths.

          when is easter ?

        • Coles had $2 Cadbury 220gm blocks on the weekend!! $9/kg

        • +1

          Bruce, infamy-wise, did you by any chance mean those who start with 'j' and end in 'v'?

        • See - forgot about JV since I have given a few + lately.
          …and this is how I get a rep for so many off-topic posts!!!

      • No worries :)

  • North Sydney - none!

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