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Celestron C70 Mini Mak Angled Spotting Scope for $169.95 @ OZScopes


Get this portable and versatile Celestron C70 Mini Mak from us now, zoom up to 75x and compatible with 1.25" telescope eyepiece.
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  • Valid until 25 Oct 2015

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    Any specials on AP scopes or mounts?


    Probably a fun little scope…

    But my first search found I can get for AU$166.55 from B&H as a regular price (very trustworthy US site with 4-7 days delivery).


      AU$166.55 from B&H as a regular price

      How much is delivery ?


        Should have made it clear: AU$166.55 "…[including] 4-7 days delivery"

        Exchange rates from B&H site. US$79 for the scope + US$42.51 delivery (+ free cleaning tool)

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      You mean this.

      This one is more in my price range.


    So does anyone know anything about these things? Is it any good? Im half interested in something for when going bush. No euphemisms.

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    how about a special on the bushnell hd legend ultra 20-60 spotting scope?


    I just negged, as 'Associated' the OP should at least try to answer any of our questions. 2 days and nothing…


      Hi IG88,

      Sorry for the delay, there are plenty of options for AP scope and Mount, would you mind to give me more details on your requirement so i can narrow it down to the products suitable for you.

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