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Apple 12inch MacBook 256GB - Silver/Gold/Space Grey $1620 @ TheGoodGuys (or Price Match at OW)


Apple seems to have moved the price upto $1999 today with the launch of new products - http://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-mac/macbook/silver-256gb

Officeworks price is $1692 - http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/SearchDisplay?searchTerm=...

Worth the price match to get this at $1539!!!! Close to $500 off RRP at Apple

I personally have one of these, they are great for general usage, no hardcore graphics etc. If you suits your needs grab one! They are nifty for travel and good shape/size!

Link to Silver - http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-12-inch-macbook-256gb---...
Link to Gold - http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-12-inch-macbook-256gb---...
Link to Space Grey - http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/apple-macbook-12-inches-space-...

Intel Core M processor
Intel HD Graphics 5300

256gb Flash storage

Up to 9 hours of battery life
802.11ac Wi-Fi
Force Touch trackpad

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  • Nice find OP.

  • Debating. I shouldn't, I have a 2014 MBA. Just so pretty!

    • Just so pretty!

      That's what computers are about. Reminds of Jobs' documented insistence that internal layout be symmetrical - something his engineers couldn't understand.

      • I'm a designer, so the inside of the device is just as important as the outer, hence the iMac G3 (first computer I ever used in junior school). The new MacBook also physically feels like a different eeroemce from the MBA, also a little easier to do work on long haul flights.

  • -2

    It would be good to list the speed of the machine, how much memory it has and that it is a macbook air for people doing a search. ^^

    • +3

      I have a feeling you have no idea what this machine is. It has got nothing to do with the air.

      People wanting to get any computer at this price should be doing their own research; I think OP has listed a sufficient amount of information.

      • I see. Apple have bought the 'Macbook' line back again.

        "People wanting to get any computer at this price should be doing their own research"
        Not really. Regardless of what the price is, if it helps ozbargainers pin down what is being offered it should be listed. Just because something is cheap doesn't mean less information should be listed about it to make ozbargain readers do extra legwork.

        "I think OP has listed a sufficient amount of information."
        Not really, considering theres more than 1 speed for this laptop and listing what it is can help people in future doing comparison research and checking historical prices.

        Anyway, to help others the speed is 1.1ghz with 8gb of ram.

  • FYI too, if you work or know someone who works at Coles, K-Mart, Target or Officeworks, you can get staff discount which is another 5% off the $1539 price, bringing it down to somewhere in the region of $1463.

    • The staff discount doesn't work with price beat.. Well at least it didn't work the last time I tried which was a couple months ago.

      • I've priced matched a few things at Officeworks before and still managed to get staff discount, but it probably depends on the staff member who serves you.

  • +5

    wow .. Intel Core M processor laptop for over 1500.. yikes!

  • -2

    new MacBook for people who like to read book in a café and publish a book…

  • +2

    Better of getting the surface 4

  • Unsure if to jump on it now or wait till the new model that is rumored..
    Anyone have an idea at all? :)

    • This one was released on April 10, i.e. 6 months ago I think we are around another 6 months before a newer model will be released.

      • Oh okay thanks - was just unsure cause of the rumors that have arisen

  • Back to normal price ….

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