This was posted 8 years 1 month 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Secure Parking: $2 Evening or Weekend Parking


Hi guys

Been a while since I submitted a deal.

I am a monthly parking customer at Secure Parking and received this deal, which looks generic: $2 evening and weekend parking when you book online at

Coupon code is THANKS1115

Enjoy… Not sure if it works in all States (nothing in the terms).

Valid until 30 November.

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    Isn't this one still a better option for free parking at the same times?
    If you don't have a Frequent Flyer membership then you use this one first first

    • +24

      True but only until end of Oct which is next week. This one is until end of Nov

    • Yes, you have a few more days for that deal… and then you'll have to pay $2, but on the bright side you get 10 QFF points.

      • +2

        can u pls elaborate? I parked free a number of times fine

        • -4

          Ok so i enetered the carpark at 11AM and wanted to leave at 1Am the next day
          I could not book this as the system did not let me as is set to 2 periods of weekend day parking (till 6PM) and then weekend evening parking after 6PM till 2AM
          I booked it till 6PM as it would not let me book till after this.
          Given it said free weekend parking you should be able to use it all weekend not on their predefined times.

          emailed customer service and they said in a nice way to "f**k off"

        • @tuzii:
          if you booked till 6pm and left after 6pm, you'll be charged more. they wont do much for you I'm afraid.
          you can specify the time of entry and exit, I'm sure there's a choice to pick leaving next day - early hours I think.
          Please check your booking, if not sure, call them first to avoid hassle.
          I AM sympathize you but you MADE the wrong booking.

      • +1

        It is free. If you can only book/use it til 5 pm only and you go over, it's not their fault to charge you

      • I recommend you check your booking details, if you arrive or leave outside your booking period, then you'll be charge normal rates which sounds like your case.
        I too, parked free many times or at promotion rate, never been charged extra in Melb, at different SecureParking places.

      • I've never been charged extra. If you stay within the period you book for then there is no problem. If you don't then i think it's pretty fair for them to charge you.
        If you check your booking period, they actually extend it to the whole eligible period (even if you select a shorter period) anyway which is often from 4pm through to close or 5am for 24hr places.

    • THANK YOUUUUUU for the free parking! Awesomeness.!

  • I want something for my Christmas Party in town around mid Dec…

    • +3

      Will you be driving home?? what xmas party has no booze. I need booze just to cope with my coworkers

      • No, will pick up car on the next day. They can only book 30 days in advance. Keeping my eye on the deals in December.

    • +1

      I think you might be stuffed with these deals though. The evening and weekend parker usually ends very early the next morning. So unless you plan on going back at some ungoldly hour after a big night out then you might need to either pay the overnight fee or find an alternative.

  • Thanks!

  • Woww~~~ Thank you! This one deal came just in time after the FREE QFF parking deal finishing on 31/10.

    • They normally do :P it 's just code after code :)

  • Code not working for me? Vic

  • Obviously preferred the free parking deal, found myself using it a few times and it was really good! As much as I hate paying for parking I would consider forking out the $2 if needed (still cheaper than the train into the city).

    • -3

      Not if you take into account the cost of petrol and wear and tear of your car.
      But yeah I also like the convenience of driving into town on Weekends for work.

  • Code doesn't for me for Brisbane parking. Not sure about other states.

    • Worked for me. South Brisbane this Sunday 1/11/15.

      • I tried it for Wintergarden. Will try for other carparks and see if that works.

    • I am in Brisbane so I would be surprised if it doesn't work for QLD.

      There's no terms and conditions so I can't say for sure, but maybe only works for parking from 1 Nov.

  • Code works for me in Melbourne CBD, thanks a lot buddy!

  • Stupid website! Didn't work first time, then started again, same date and time and it partially worked, until I confirmed it and received a "Technical error"

  • +1

    Worked for me, brisbane CBD evening parking tomorrow night.

  • +1

    Works for me in Brisbane.

  • Thanks Knightelf, perfect timing when the free parking deal is about to finish. I'm on their mailing list but never received this email.

    • No worries. I am a monthly parking tenant, I think this only went out to people with a parking account.

  • Also just booked for South Brisbane on Nov 1. Thanks Knightelf.

  • Great deal~

  • +3

    Hey thanks for all the votes guys.

    This just popped my century cherry!

    • +1

      Congrats Benny, you just hit a double century! :P

  • Tried booking for Sth Brisbane SW1 for Nov 1 - not working for me. Any hints

    • Finally booked, had to log in & out several times, but it finally worked. Thanks

  • +1

    "The Promotion Code you have entered has reached its daily maximum usage."


  • +2

    Booked And parked in Sydney tonight without any hassle. First time ever on entering a parking station I enter my 5 digit passcode, and on the colour screen it welcomed my by my name, and raised the boom…how cool is that for $2.00! Its the little things in life which sometimes are so satisfying :)
    Remember you code for the exit boom, as there's no ticket.

    • Haha, that is the exact same thing I thought!

  • Worked for me, South Brisbane 1/11.

  • Awesome works at Post office square in Brisbane CBD!

  • Worked at 123 Albert St for Friday night.

  • +1

    Bummer: 'The Promotion Code you have entered has reached its daily maximum usage.'

  • +1

    Not working at westralia square perth. Tried many times.

  • +2

    Reached it Maximum daily usage today.

  • Reached limit for today too

  • Not working in the Perth car parks

  • Thanks worked for Sydney.

  • In Brisbane… didn't work for Macarthur but did work for Cathedral Square. Thanks op.

  • Still working at Valley Metro Brisbane :)

  • Worked for King St Sydney :) Thanks OP.

  • Thanks, just booked for Saturday night! :)

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