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Star Wars Battlefront - $68 + $0.99 Delivery - Pre-Order @ JB Hi-Fi (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


JB have Star Wars Battlefront on Pre-Order for $68! Delivery is 99c.They usually honour a better price if it comes along prior to release also.

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JB Hi-Fi
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          My external hard drives are already filled with recordings and media. Why would I backup 2tb worth of games onto external hard drives I use for recordings and media?

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          @Dagmar: Just grab an external 4TB drive for ~$160 next time they are on sale? Besides if something happens to your computer normally your hard drive would be fine, just take it out and connect it to the computer you are using to replace it.

    • GMG have sent you a code already??

  • Hmm get it for xbox or pc ?

  • Not going to pull the trigger on this one right away. Got my purchase of FO4 to cover me for a few months. Might be worthwhile to keep an eye on how the servers hold up at launch (burnt by dice's bf4 release) and the player base a month or two in. These seem like the core issues with most fps these days unfortunately.

    • I like your plan, however, if you leave it too long most other players will be rank 100 and you'll last approximately 5 seconds in game before getting killed

      • Yeah that is a good point to consider. Personally though that's not enough for me to invest straight away into this. There is just so much coming out this season who knows if I would ever sink enough time into the game to reach lvl 100 anyway.

        • That's my concern too, I doubt realistically I can dedicate much time to this until the new year and even then not enough to level up to anything great, may as well see whats going on after the next price drop. It's a good enough franchise that there will always be new players and not so entrenched with only the hardcore players.

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    Another 5% off if you get a Wish eGift Card and buy JB Gift cards from Woolworths.

    • This works??? ahh!!

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        Yes. I bought a JB gift card with my egift card, and then pre-order online with the JB gift card. No problem.

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    For those that don't want to buy retail, has it for $64.35. You can get an extra 5% off with a Facebook like.

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      Thanks for this @Dagmar, I think this is where I'm going to pre-order. One question though, I'm logged in, liked the page on FB - but no discount, how did you get that applied? Cheers!

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        I worked it out, you can go to their FB page here and throw in your email address and they'll give you a unique code -

        It'll reduce the price to $61.13AUD - every cent saved makes my wife that little less angry/disappointed! ;D

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          Glad you figured it out! They work off UK time, so in the worst case, you wont get your key until the afternoon of the release day.

          That's worst case though.

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      cheers mate

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    its DICE.. don't Pre-order to save yourself some disappointment.. otherwise good deal..

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      This is true. I think most of us have been burnt by pre orders to have learnt this. Wait, read reviews, check the state of the game, then purchase.

      • This is true, but as a sheep I know I will still buy the game and enjoy it regardless of what the review says.

        Source: I bought BF4 when it was first launched. LOL

  • Does this work if you've already pre ordered?

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      If they price match their online with in store then yes. JB Hifi have a policy that if you pre-order and the price drops then you pay the lower price.

  • With unsure games you can try before you buy at EB

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    you can get Star Wars Battlefront from MIGHTYAPE for 64.95 if you use code MOREPLEASE Delivered

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    Pffft. C'mon JB. We all know you can do it for $59.

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    $10 too much. Try again JAYYBEE

    • $20 too much. Another 25% off ebay Target sale in Dec will bring this down to $49.

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    Makes me sad this game has been carved up the wazoo hence the cheap price. Prepare to buy lots of DLC to stay current

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      and of course a whole new version every year a new movie comes out.

    • The … cheap price? The cheap… price. How the (profanity) is full priced game "a cheap price"

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    This is the Battlefront 3 we could've gotten before EA cancelled it and made this new version missing 90% of the stuff that was in the old games. It probably wouldn't have had a season pass either =/

  • I was hoping for about $64, but this will do..
    Just wish need for speed price would come down.

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      you can get Star Wars Battlefront from MIGHTYAPE for 64.95 if you use code MOREPLEASE Delivered

      • I have a jbhifi voucher otherwise i would use that, thanks

        • if u have a jbhifi vouncher why you complaining, you get battlefront cheaper then anyone else then. think about

        • @Dr4gonkiller96: because the cheaper it is the more i have to spend on something else, yep im cheap lol

      • I tried the code and it didn't work. :(

    • Dionkn
      you can get Star Wars Battlefront from MIGHTYAPE for 64.95 if you use code MOREPLEASE Delivered

  • good deal, paying for 12months with the 100$ i had in ps store (my mum noarmaly pays 10$ a month, so she saves 120$), and getting my mum to pay the 68$ for the game at JB, (which means i have 30$ left on ps store, and my mum saves 50$ on psplus considering the game is same price as 12 mths ps plus)

    and i get to keep those 4 ps4 themes already out, also dont need to wait for downloads. :)

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      does your mum play ps4?

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      And your Dad doing all the houseworks ?

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    Just buy from the Mexico Origin store if you are on PC. It is 39.99 USD which is approx $56 AUD + bank fees. Ultimate edition is $80 USD.

  • I enjoyed the beta but have been holding out for a cheaper price for retail. Ordered.

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    While multiplayer gives a game longevity, I value a story in my games. Without an immersive ~8h campaign this game is a budget title at best and should really be $50rrp to start with. A story is expensive, script, acting, direction, etc. They saved a bucket load of cash cutting out that whole aspect. Opinions will vary naturally, but how ripe is this universe for a tale to be told? Not cool, and not a precedent I can support.

  • Will JB match the $63 now offered at Big W?

  • My PC and XBOX One copies got dispatched today from JB

    • Both Arrived today

  • Dispatched today! Hopefully it makes by thursday

    • Mine are Christmas Presents, So wont be getting played for a while

  • well doesn't look like i will be receiving mine today :(

    • Mine arrived today :) There is hope.

  • well the weekend is approaching and i yet to still to receive my game and a response from jb. First and last time i will order from them online.

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