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Star Wars Battlefront - $68 + $0.99 Delivery - Pre-Order @ JB Hi-Fi (PS4/Xbox One/PC)


JB have Star Wars Battlefront on Pre-Order for $68! Delivery is 99c.They usually honour a better price if it comes along prior to release also.

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      Pretty good effort for a game not even out yet…

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      Why? Quite a few faults with it, and with no single player mode.

      • The demo had single player mode mission, will the final release not?

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          Okay no traditional single player modes like the other two battlefront games. Just a wave after wave survival.

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          @Venom_TAG: Well given the IP has been sold to Disney and all canons are removed. Including the secretive story line of the force awakens, it is simply not possible for some actual story about the Star Wars universe.

          Disney probably only gave them enough permission to use the asset but not allowed expanding the story.

          But I hate the fact that it is sold at full retail price. This is like another Titanfall and the only reason why this game will be selling is because of Star Wars.

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          @Letrico: How is it not possible when prior Battlefront games recounted battles that happened in the movies?
          The game is clearly set between 4-6. It has nothing to do with force awakens.

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          @Venom_TAG: Well as I explained how Disney is not allowing any sort of canon or even slight alteration to the story or just expanding on existing story and was never told.

          I don't see company is allowed to do it without Disney's approval when they just acquired Star Wars at that time. Probably in the written contract that they cannot do anything. Not to mention I recall reading something about how this Battlefront should provide something for the new movie. IDK what happens now but it is their business decision so I don't really care. I'll be waiting for a sale or at least 30-50% below RRP for day one purchase via VPN.

          I paid full price for Titanfall and I'm regretting it.

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          @Venom_TAG: Did anyone really play much of the old single player mode? It was realy just the online game with bots. I remmber playing it for about an hour then going "geez might as well just play online" which is what I ended up doing.

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          @SirFlibbled: I remember spending lots of time in the campaign. It was more than just a bot fest.

        • @Where's_That_Cake: Modes like Galactic Conquest and the campaign were fantastic. Especially that one map with the Acklay attacking! AHH SO SPOOKY, big scary spooky spidars.

          Scripted events, unique dialogue, and canon to the films! It was a great addition to the game, that looked like it actually took some effort to make. Galactic Conquest was my favourite, especially with 4 people on the same console on opposing sides, pushing for control of the galaxy and having big space fights with each others main fleets, an epic, tense space conquest!

          What modes does the new on have? Online multiplayer or don't play. Capture the points or escort the not-even-controllable giant walker. 0/10.

          At-AT's were controllable in the old game. I'm still salty about that.

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        Trust me, you don't want DICE making a single player mode.

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          Bad Company 2?

      • I haven't read much into this game, what is so good about it? The last critically acclaimed Star Wars game I know of is the Knight of the Old Republic, since then all Star Wars are just mediocre.

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          The original Battlefront games were great fun! Unfortunately EA have gotten their dirty filthy mitts on this so expect a very buggy game that has 1/10th of the content of the original games with the rest to be provided as paid DLC.

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          They plan to release 4 DLC's, the first which is already announced as the battle of Jakku.

          If you don't own any DLC's and just play the base game you're gonna have a tougher time getting servers because you don't own the maps in the server map rotation list.

          EA expects you to fork out another $59.99 for the rest of the DLC

        • @scrimshaw: The first isn't the battle of Jakku, the 4 Expansions in the season pass are different from the free battle of jakku dlc

        • @scrimshaw:

          Called it already. What a scam & a joke.

        • Republic Commando is not only the best Star Wars game I've ever played, but one of the best games I've ever played. Easily the best squad-based campaign shooter.

          There are more great star wars games than there are bad ones. Althought the recent kinect entry and tablet games are trying to prove me wrong!

        • @FrankMcFuzz: Republic Commando gets my vote! Haha great game. Will probably get this anyway, looks fun and if it's a real disappointment then I'll happily bag it like the rest, who've only played a demo.

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        WTF no single player? Man what is wrong with Dev these days, some people don't have time to play online and just want to play a bit of a story at 23:00hrs with a glass of whisky.

        I was so looking forward to it, and now I'm crushed… I guess I'll just have to re-play "The last of us" on hard.

        • The original Battlefront 2 had no real SP campaign to speak of. you just played in skirmishes with some tutorials, story related objectives and there was a voiceover. But other than that it was just you versus a bunch of bots…

          I played the Beta and there was a relatively fun, albeit short survival mode that can be solo'ed. This could be very enjoyable if it had a bit more depth to it.

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    PC version is also $68 if anyone is interested in a physical copy.

    • Thanks. "your online pre-order will leave our Vic warehouse via Australia Post one business day prior to the official release date. Please allow standard delivery times on top of this". vs first minute if bought online

      • Pre-order is a week access before? or if this means the official release date one day before then that's not going to be a big benefit.

  • God darn it. I'm still addicted to BF4. Should or should i not get this ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    • This is not the game you're looking for.

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      I'm still addicted to BF1943

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    People complain that there's no campaign, but who plays Battlefield (or this) for the campaign? That's like going to Maccas and ordering a garden salad.

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      Lots of people enjoy both, nothing wrong with that.

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      Garden salad for me then I guess.

      I don't play enough of the games to play online and "level up" to skill and attributes of those in the same match, so use single player campaign as primary focus.

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      I only play the single player campaign. Multiplayer is so much repetitivly boring in any game.

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        True , I enjoy missions and stories rather than multiplayer shoot em down games

        I choose story oriented games like The last of US , Tomb raider , uncharted , Crysis , Arkham series etc

        • I think that's kinda the point tho, most dev's have realized people don't play FPS games like this for story-line so they just focus on online multiplayer gameplay. Meaning if you want a good single player game buy one of the above you mentioned @kamban and not this. It's kinda sad really I remember playing through a fantastic COD 4 campaign and awesome multiplayer, both aspects of that game were highly enjoyable, you just don't see that anymore.

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          @yacman: But why not both? CoD has always had single player. Uncharted and TLoU has both brilliant single and multi. This is just taking advantage of the Star Wars fans.

        • @yacman: I feel like people dont though because they've jus t become such lazy stories.

        • +1

          @Where's_That_Cake: That why I said it's sad and that the developers are lazy. They have most likely done research that suggested (and I would have an uninformed inclination to agree with) that if they spend for example 2 million on developing a campaign mode they will only sell to 3% more copies yielding $100, 000 more profit, with a loss of $1.9m. Therefore making a better game for the satisfaction of it but taking far less profits isn't something the developer would be inclined to do.

          This is just my thoughts and could be complete non-sense.

        • @yacman: yeah this is sad for me too because the story front is what keeps the game franchise memorable and brings more people in ..

          I just bought witcher 3 second hand that will give me at least 80 hours of good gaming and replayable as well, guess I'm one of the dying breed when it comes to game preferences

        • +2

          You will find that, with big games like this, it has nothing to do with the "developers being lazy" - game devs are an extremely hard-working bunch of people in general. It's all about funding - all about your publisher. The publisher (an investor) does the research and gives the final yes/no as to whether a feature will be included. I can tell you right now that EA will not fund a "better game for the satisfaction of it" - they are in the business of making money. This is why we need indie developers, making games that aren't hindered by suits.

        • I really used to like online, but I'm time poor and now every time I go to play something online I need to DL 5GB of patches.

        • @johnno07: Sorry, you are reaffirming exactly what I meant I just didn't use correct terminology to distinguish the difference between the developers and the publishers. I'm aware the majority of the people developing the games love them and want them to be the best they can be, I just din't realize the people who make the big decisions aren't called developers but in fact publishers.

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      Playing online sometimes requires a part-time job dedication, that's why I give it a nope and stick to the old-style campaign game.

    • Your analogy is like comparing a burger to a salad. -_-||

      One game is based off a movie, the other is not.

      If it isn't released via dlc the game will die like Evolved has.

    • +1

      ok if they saved money on not having to produce a campaign and the voice acting for it then why does this game still cost as much as other AAA title that do have both singleplayer & multiplayer modes?

      • Because they want to make money and people will pay for it.

  • Nice work
    I got Halo 5 on Tuesday and Ordered Fallout 4 the other day
    JB you done it again….LOL

    • play those - trade in & get this for free

      • Oh I cant every trade in Halo…………. :)

        • +1

          No split screen in halo 5 though :(

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    Great price, cheapest I have seen it for an Au copy has been around $79.

    Game includes 7 days early access for those who pre-order Star Wars™ Battlefront which is the main incentive for preordering.

    • How do you gain early access if the game doesn't ship until release date?

      • 7 Days Early Access to the Battle of Jaku DLC.

        I was thinking of EA Access which gives you early access to Battlefront.

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    no removable battery or expandable memory.. when will they learn?

    • Wrong post?

      • +1

        I think he was being funny lolol

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    I would have thought most Ozbargainers were smarter than wasting their money on pre-orders? It only guarantees you'll get an incomplete broken buggy game on release, with a chunk of it's guts pulled out and sold back to you on or just after release date as DLC.

    • +4

      huh? What? it means you are paying in advance for the full retail version of the game. They released an open beta which already looked very polished (assume it was finished and they wanted to stress test servers and game), so really i think this is very low risk.

      Or at least exactly the same risk as buying games on launch.

    • +3

      Believe me this game is not broken. EA/DICE Have done an amazing job on making this. It's extremely well optimized, a lot of effort was put into that specifically.

      Source: I get insider info from a cousin who works for EA. He did the animations on this game / I played the Beta before it was public

      • +33

        It's very broken.

        Source: My dad works for the Emperor. He was in charge of purging the galaxy of the Jedi and is now trying to retrieve stolen plans for the Empire's secret battle station.

        • +5

          But I… But you… But he… Oh fine.

        • +1

          The emperor being the CEO of EA of course..

    • +4

      This exactly. If you don't know what is wrong with pre-ordering games then please use google to find out. Especially from the likes of EA!

      • +2

        If you want the game on day one, you can save money by pre-ordering.

        If you want to wait until they patch any early issues that they uncover, then you shouldn't pre-order or buy the game on day one.

        • +4

          It is about supporting game companies' (like EA) bad business practice of releasing unfinished games. Need to think beyond yourself sometimes mate for the betterment of the gaming industry..

        • +1

          If you want the game on Day One, you can save money by waiting until a few days beforehand and price-matching whoever has the best advertised release day price* instead of pre-ordering.

          *Exceptions being rare occasions like JB's Fallour 4 Pre-order price.

        • @Scipio: I'll stick my neck out here and say you won't get a cheaper price.

          Plus why shop at somewhere like EB - I'd happily go there if they had the lowest price but when they price at retail and match….to me it's just taking the piss out of people who don't know any better.

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    Saw this today in store, god its tempting….but fallout 4….destiny taken king….Just Cause 3…..

    • +1

      I've been waiting all year for some good games!

    • +1

      This is for some quick fun, those are for a long sitdown play session. All depends on how much time you have, that's how I decide :P

      • +3

        Just Case 3 would be quick fun, just play and take over a base or two quickly then quit. Destiny is good for quck fun, just jump on and quickly run a strike mission then quit. Fallout 4….good luck doing anything quickly 'just one more sidequest!…just one more perk!'

        • Can't argue :P

  • Lol I checked JB HIFI only last night and they've dropped the PC price by $21 today… not bad!

    • +1

      I paid a $10 deposit i store but they couldnt tell me how much it will be on launch day, even though online it is $68, is there a possibility i could pay more than that in tital on launch day in store even though i preordered?

      • I don't work for JB directly, but I would assume if you took a screenshot of the online price and showed it to them they wouldn't charge you more than $58 on the day. EDIT: It does say pre-order for delivery only. Still be surprised if they asked for more than $68.

  • is this single player? or must be online

    • Read other comments above.

      • +1

        haah im lazy, but saw it now, thanks

    • I am sure I read you could play offline single player and split screen. But no campaign, just some missions with bots filling the other spots.

  • <redacted>

    • +1

      This is how ■■■■■■■■ should be. :)

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    I used a code a friend of mine had emailed from Greeen Man Gaming to pre-order it for PC at 25% off the price of $60USD. It's about $64AUD so if you use Green Man Gaming make sure you check your spam folder. The game comes in the form of a download code you can use with Origin.

    • -1

      US$60 is currently AU$84.50

      That said, you can get it for about AU$64 from a few other key sites.

      • +3

        He meant that the 25% was taken off $60. USD$60 - 25% = AUD$63.37. Though for $5-$6 more, I'd go physical copy. I've pre-ordered the Amazon Steelbook edition for the PS4. That set me back about $100 for delivery.

        • +2

          That makes more sense.

          Yep, I like the physical thing too.

        • Though for $5-$6 more, I'd go physical copy. I've pre-ordered the Amazon Steelbook edition for the PS4.

          Sure on consoles you go physical because you can trade it in when you get bored, on PC the disc is just a glorified preload and what you are really buying is the one time use activation code. Once you activate it on your Origin account the physical copy instantly becomes worthless. That being said on the console i'd go digital to save $6 because you have to install every game off disc anyway and you may as well just swap games without having to get up and change discs.

        • @Agret:

          If physical is roughly around the same price of digital, I'd always go physical. I'm not going to wait hours, days, or even a week to reinstall/redownload all my games if something happens to my computer.

        • @Dagmar

          Then why not take 2min to just backup the game to an external drive like all PC players already do?

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