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Breville 34L Touch Microwave $149.25 Delivered @ Target eBay


Original CTARGET25 deal

Not sure how good this microwave is, but isnt the first time this microwave has been posted on ozbargain.

$199 normal price at Target, ~$149 with discount code.

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    The one you compared with HN is different

    HN - BMO735BSS - $299
    Target - BM0634 - $199

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      BMO634 is a discontinued model. Been on sale for $199 for the past the months. I purchased one three months ago as an engagement gift from David Jones for $199. Read reviews before buying: this model has a tendency to rust out due to condensation. I purchased mine with a 3yr extended warranty so if it does wear out I'll be covered for the next 3 years.


        Have the bmo735… Is good, but the lettering wears off the start button (not a biggie) and it can steam up inside so when it does I leave the door open for a while to let the moisture out to reduce the risk of rusting….. Otherwise am really happy with it.


    bought it last tuesday , just receive it today..looks good for the price…hopefuly last another 15 years like my "just blow up" microwave


    Was this the same one that target had for $99?

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    Not sure how good this microwave is,

    So, if you don't know if the item is any good (and comments above seem negative) how do you consider this a "good deal"?

    Only on the basis of a 25% discount that applies to EVERY item that Target sells?


      Essentially if everyone did that then maybe 50% of the deals on ozbargain would remain. People also look at it and judge it as a good deal by comparing it with others. I compared the normal price and price that others were selling it for, and it looks like a decent microwave made by a reputable company.

      It is generally recommended that you do not keep food in the microwave for extended periods of time especially after heating it up as the steam can damage the components and rust. Usually thats not a problem with white microwaves as they have been coated in paint, however with stainless steel designs, you ought to expect something like that to happen.

      Stainless Steel does not mean rust-proof


    Why bother with these white labelled microwave. Get a work horse Japanese brand ones like Panasonic or Sharp. They will set u for the next 15 years


      Gotta be careful even buying some Japanese brands. We had a sharp once that didn't even last 3 years

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