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25% off Target eBay Store


Hi Guys,

25% off the entire Target eBay starting today and ending next Tuesday. Notable gaming deals as follows:

  • Halo 5 - $51 ($68 less 25%)
  • PS4 1TB (new C Chassis) with Uncharted and Stan - $411.75
  • Wii u Premium with Mario Maker - $299.25
  • XB1 500GB with FIFA 16 - $321.75
  • XB1 1TB with Halo MCC and 12 month EA Access - $374.24
  • PS4 dual shock controller - $59.25
  • XB1 Halo 5 Console - $418.50
  • Lego Dimensions - $99.75
  • New 3DS XL Consoles - $186.00
  • New 3DS Consoles - $164.25
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate - $51.00
  • Guitar Hero - $81.75
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Packs - $44.25

The offer entitles you to a 25% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at the Target store on during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

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  • Hope its really 25% off

    • +2

      I can assure you there are item with marked up, if not all. I just looked at some toaster and other white goods and found the price is higher (or gone up?) in Target eBay store at the moment.

  • XB1 500Gb with Fifa 16 -$21.75

    I wish. :D

    • Fixed! Sorry mate!

  • +3

    Can't actually find Halo on there

    • +31

      Halo, is it me you looking for?

      • +1

        I can see it in your eyes

        • -2

          3:23 is what you looking for from what I can see from your eyes

      • Lol

  • +9

    Just a few things to note:

    • 25% discount is off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage).
    • The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
    • Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from this offer.
    • Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher.
    • so im guessing this wont work when we get our ebay vouchers?

      • Our ebay vouchers are in the form of a coupon. You can't use 2 coupons together.

      • -4

        which part of the 4th bullet point did u not understand?

  • +2

    Why you do dis, OP? How can I resist the Halo 5 Limited Edition XB1 console at that price?

  • +1

    Get paid tomorrow, nooooo shakes fist don't ozBargain the XBOX consoles :P

    • +1

      You can make the purchase now and pay tomorrow with the code

  • Xb with halo 5 is looking good…… how many shoppingdays to christmas ? Actually get the mcc and halo5 seperate is almost same price and no download times

  • +3

    no halo 5 on there

  • Can't see anyone Xbox One consoles on there.

  • +1

    Halo 5 game and the XB1 consoles will be live shortly…deal only went live at 10am so we are pushing through more skus for sale now

    • +1

      Any chance of the limited edition coming back in stock?

    • -8

      rubbish you are adding SKUS
      deleting all the good stuff!!
      bait and switch
      should ACCC complaint
      where did all the lego go?

    • +1

      Hey there are not many Lego available in Target Ebay. Is it possible to have the newer one like Frozen Lego available in Ebay? (which is seen in store)

      • -8

        they pulled them all


    • Please let us know if more stock of the xb1 limited edition will become available. Thanks

    • +5

      Next time please limit things like the consoles to one per customer. Two people buying 7 each and one guy gloating about it doesn't really benefit your customers.

    • Has Halo 5 come and gone or are we still waiting? Thanks

      • Halo 5 bundle was sold out asap. Two people bought 7 each. Might get lucky and they'll get more stock before the deal ends.

        • I'm just after the Halo 5 game for $51 but haven't seen it come online yet

        • @squinly:

          Ah sorry

    • Please list Halo 5 with free shipping or at least click and collect/store pickup

    • I've been refreshing and have not seen Halo 5 come up, only the LE console (while it was available); in this still happening or did they all sell out between refreshes??

  • +1

    Xbox One, fifa 16 and 12 m EA access for $321.75 seems pretty reasonsable.

  • +2

    awesome time for lego

    • +4

      most have been removed :(

      current listings
      completed listings

      • bait and switch

        • bait and switch

          Maybe you should learn what bait and switch actually means before repeating it over and over again looking foolish.

        • @Maverick-au:
          bait and switch. n. a dishonest sales practice in which a business advertises a bargain price for an item in order to draw customers into the store and then tells the prospective buyer that the advertised item is of poor quality or no longer available and attempts to switch the customer to a more expensive product.

          baited customers in and then lego was not available now sale is over guess what lego is back who looks foolish now hmmmmm

        • +4


          baited customers in and then lego was not available now sale is over guess what lego is back who looks foolish now hmmmmm

          Except they didn't advertise the lego at 25% off, there was no store to be drawn into and there was no bait and switch with alternative products. Talk about clueless.

        • @Maverick-au:
          All the Lego was there for the first 2 hours
          Digital store
          You could buy mega blocks/ defunct old stock
          I'm glad we agree you are
          Case closed

  • +1

    Xbox One NEW Limited Edition Halo 5 Console Bundle $418.50 -…

    • +1

      Ouch sold out already

      • Can't say I'm surprised…

  • +1

    This is going to be good :)

  • SAD - No click n collect like the Good Guys recent promotion , Does not make it cost effective!

    • +2

      Good Guys e-commerce system is a joke, just like Harvey Norman where store stock is poorly updated. I bought 2 identical items on their 20% sale and when turned up at the store, apparently they only have 1 in stock and staff couldn't locate it. End up cancelling the order but the bad guys noted on eBay reason for cancelling was buyer not picking up. Very poor form. What's worse with their ordering system is they automatically sending email for pick up as soon as transaction is complete, at least at HN they put the item aside for you then send the confirmation.

      • Perhaps they've got their act together. Last week I purchased GG via eBay at 11pm. The ready for pick up email didn't appear until 11:23 am the following day.

  • +2

    I just added the DC44 Animal and popped the code in and it came down to: $AU $276.75 Delivered.

    • +2

      yep i saw that too.. what do you guys think? is it a good price?

      • +2

        Seems to be, hovers around the $300-350 mark generally…

        I bought one…

        • Thanks. i bought one too.. Plus fifa 16($59.25 delivered!)!

        • Yep I grabbed one as well - $270ish from a store I can return it to if it blows up is way too good to pass up. Also grabbed a kettle, so I'm full of exciting purchases! First time using cash rewards as well, after all these years. v6 is a hot bit of gear, but it also isn't $270 so I'll pass (we have only hardwood floors too, so don't need the v6 benefits).

          Now talking myself down from the 'buy cheap gaming stuff' cliff.

    • How does this compare to the V6 animal?

      • You can't compare, V6 in another league, and much better and suck better too :)

      • +1

        V6 has about 35% more suction and has a 40% better turbo head in my opinion. If you dont regularly use it on carpet then the dc44 is still a pretty useful device. Though the first time you use a v6 you'll want to ditch it instantly. It's a bit like fast cars you pay twice as much for 20% more go. But its worth it when you plant that foot or do those corners…

        • Thanks for the reply, I will be using this mainly on carpet to replace my old cleaner. Think you have convinced me to wait for a good sale on the V6, thank you

        • @tassieeagle:

          I think the V6 Animal are on sale at the moment from all major store for $499.

        • @kevin22: Thanks mate, am holding out hope an awesome deal comes along that breaks the $400 barrier

  • Awesome, thanks for posting. Picked up a Halo 5 controller for $66, free postage. :)

  • +1

    Great deal on this doona, king size only left.…

    Comes down to $51.75 with the discount code. Its currently on sale for $82 at spotlight. At target on saturday the price was $149. Its even $125 on tontines website.

    • Out of stock :(

    • Anyone else order this and target gave them something completely different?

      • I ordered the doona before the sale from targets website for click and collect. It arrived today, going in to pick it up soon and Ill let you know!

      • What does your packing slip say?

      • Picked up the order, they sent me the same one as you. Really glad i click and collected so I could open it infront of them and sort out the problem right away. Took a while and a bit of negotiation with the lady and she price matched the right doona (which they had in stock at target bondi) for me and all sorted out.

  • XB1 1TB with Halo MCC and 12 month EA Access -$374.24 - Awesome !!!

  • thanks for sharing :)

  • +1

    Went ahead and bought the PS4… forgot to check if it was the C-Chassis version though… by the looks of the image it should be though.

    Cheers OP

  • Will we be able to use the ebay voucher we received or click and collect?

  • +3

    Someone with 5000 feedback bought 7 of the Halo Consoles them haha. Me thinks they going to sell them for a profit.

    • I wonder if they'll actually go up in value? It's possible but… I dunno?

      • Not even that - they buy at $418 and then sell at $500. Seems like a bargain, but really, the seller (assuming they sell) stands to make $82 x 7 so a nice profit of $574, or better yet;

        They buy 7 with the plans to keep 1. Sell 6 at $500. Make $492 profit ($82 x 6). Keep 1 of them and they have effectively got the console for free and them some.

        • +1

          Looked at that too…damn them to hell!! I've been waiting to buy one, hoping for a sale…

        • +7

          Paypal fees suck, ebay fees suck and customers trying to scam you / or even genuinely faulty consoles, suck :/

        • Or about $100 profit after eBay and PayPal fees are taken out. Not worth the time or effort.

        • +2

          Actually once you add in ebay/paypal fees, they will make $9.5 profit for each sale, not $82. They'll make a total profit of $66.50 after selling all 7. On the other hand, eBay gets your profit. So for the time it takes to package and drive to the post office and fuel, you would make more money working one shift at Maccas.

        • @Orpheus:
          Unless they flog it off gumtree

        • @Orpheus:

          I should have specified that I meant gumtree. No point in selling on eBay as the fees would eat into potential profits.

        • @mmd:

          This is what I meant.

        • @Orpheus:

          If they get their listed price of $619.95 + $30 postage, the profit is much higher than that

    • +7

      was the username broden?

    • Pity there wasnt a limit. That guy has one listed on eBay for $619.95… And will no doubt relist if it sells.

  • +1

    might regret getting the 500gb but at $321 couldn't resist, thanks OP

  • +11

    Link to the entire store with the proper categories here]

    • Probably by those who missed out on the $349 Console only from Kmart.

    • It's gone since last Sat …

    • This isn't a bad deal either…

  • ordered 3x PS4 white controllers for $59.25 each :)

    • got two!

      • SOLD OUT .lol we got in quick

        • four left before I bought. I can see you were the first to buy and I was second last.

        • @spawnpoint:

          ozbargained those things lol

  • -2

    If you get your $100 voucher from ebay in time (from the other deal) you could get a Wii U for only $199,………. damn

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