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Samsung Promo: $50 Back on Wireless 360 Speakers, Bonus Presto & Popcorn with Selected Microwave


Samsung Promotions

Get $50 Back When You Purchase A Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Speaker @ Participating Retailers(From 2ND Nov - 24TH Dec)

Terms & Conditions

Buy A Selected Microwave @ Participating Retailers & Receive Bonus 3 Months Presto & 12 Packs Of Popcorn (From 2ND Nov - 31ST Dec)

Terms & Conditions

Samsung's New Wireless 360 Speakers Info

Participating Stores For Speakers. For Microwaves it's Any retailer trading in Australia which sells new Samsung whitegoods products to the public (Excluding ebay)

2nds World
Appliances Online
Radio Rentals
Betta Home Living
Bing Lee
RT Edwards
The Good Guys
Harvey Norman
Video Pro
JB Hi-Fi
Winning Appliances

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    Any experience with Samsung microwaves? :)


      We have a Samsung microwave in the kitchen at work and it gets a good workout everyday and is stll going strong after 3 years which for me is quite impressive

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    Harvey Norman has a eftpos card bonus on the speakers (model 1500/3500/5500 only) on top of the cash back. I haven't checked their prices vs anyone else though or have any idea what these speakers can do, but I thought it was worth mentioning for those interested.



      Its their new range promising 360 degrees listening experience compared to their previous gen multiroom speaker range (m3, m5, m7) which although were directional-based, provided much better value for money over thte past few months when they went on clearance if you were in the market for these type of speakers. Since samsung updated their ios app over a few iterations ago, these speakers have been stellar to use imo, especially comparing it to the atrocious LG music flow app.

      Tl;dr: potentially reasonally good speakers but too expensive for now.


      Myer has the R7 (model 7500) for $700. The price is excessive but the reviews have been very good.

      I was very keen on the LG music flow but i wasnt too impressed by the sound quality of the lower models despite reading several glowing reviews. The top spec H7 sounded the best and it was great value at $180 during the sale.

      As far as wireless speakers goes the samsung 360 looks the most interesting in terms of sound quality and the 360 effect.

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