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2x Collapsible Sunshade for Car or Window, Pickup For Free $0.00.


2x Collapsible Sunshade for Car or window, Pickup Welcome, For Free.

Pickup Address: 7/28 Vore St Silverwater, NSW 2128

  • Collapsible sunshade
  • Folding instruction
  • Easy to open and easy to fold
  • Fit all cars windshield
  • Suction cup mounting
  • For side or rear windshield

pickup is welcome (FREE) but the following conditions do apply:
—One item (1 order) only per pickup customer;
—First come first served, come to pick up as soon as possible before they're gone;
—You must reserve your order online before pickup, and claim your order number when pickup(just ignore the payment part in checkout).

Option for posting.

Limited Stock.

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  • +1

    that around a 860km walk to pick up 2 sunshades !!! (7 days, 8 hours…)


    I hope they're good quality ones to make the trip worth it… :O

    • i'd probably be closer to a year if i walked :p

    • Well, you would only get these if you had a car.
      So you'd probably drive rather then walk wouldn't you?

      Which makes it a 2 day round trip :p

    • don't forget the return trip.

  • Shipping&Handling: 3.90 - pretty reasonable really.

  • I dunno… great deal but i was thinking about the difference this item will do to the temperature of your car.

    Once you leave your car parked for more than an hour or 2.. i dont think these things will do a difference.

    Anyone agree?

    • i have the sunscreen shade thingo on the windscreen and if u have ur car parked for more than 2 hours in the sun either way its gonna be hot but having things like leather gearknob and steering wheel…..i think they arnt as hot, but the temperature definately still is….whereas these are more like cheap flimpsy alternative to window tinting….on long trips where suns going though the rear passenger windows and u give them the other sunshade that i had, it completely blocks ur blind spot….so this is a great freebie….if ur anywhere within a few kms…..
      cuz mate bought one of them foil like windscreen ones for 2 bucks yesterday at sams warehouse warrick farm….if people are looking more for something like that…

  • Got one on the way to work. They got other freebies on the website too. Just write down the Order number without going through the whole process of payment.

    Their openning hour is between 9:00 to 18:00

    Good for someone living nearby. Good find thanks~

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